Things are being played exponentially

My protection is going up exponentially. In 2017 I was 50 times more protected than 2012. Right now I estimate I am 10,000 times more protected than 2018, Prophethood is very much imminent. This hurricane will cause at bare minimum $100B in damage and is due to a rapid acceleration in black magic but the black magic is far weaker than ever and more limited than ever due to my praying. They have been casting black magic very heavily. I have no idea how many people are involved in this operation but it appears at least 20,000 people. It seems that the Satanists are getting dumber and dumber by the day at an massive exponential pace. They do 100+ things a day, with 100% backfire rate, and then say “Satan always wins.” Now the chance of a 100% backfire rate on 100+ things assuming 50/50 chance it works or not is 10^30. That’s quadrillion quadrillion or million million billion billion or thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand. Now something one in a thousand chances is pretty rare(imagine being asked to guess a number between 1-1000 that a random number generator generates about and getting it right), but multiplying that 10 times itself…. that’s really really rare more than all the visible stars in the Universe. Another way of conceiving large numbers is thinking about counting the number of seconds in a year 86400*365=31.5M(the chances of me arriving in Cerritos after being tortured and humiliated and the Innocence of Muslims video being released from there within 24 hours is even more rare than this). Imagine picking seconds out of 24/7 for a year and getting the proper second correct. The chances the video was also uploaded within a day of Richard Coward Ha and Lynn Coward Le’s wedding with that pushes that number to 10,000 years. If black magic continues to be casted and my protection is going exponentially higher we will see far greater things against the United States of Filthy Cowardly Satanists. I believe we will see a Tunguska-like event over an American city before my prophethood. A Tunguska-like event over an American city can cause up to $150T in damage and loss of life if it is over a major city like New York City. But more likely it will be a smaller city.

The Illuminati has gravely violated every line in sand I set. I told them back in 2012, stop the medication torture, black magic, voodoo dolls, mocking, insulting and stealing. Yet they just do the opposite and accelerate it to the maximum point Allah would allow Satan to do. When they have me visit a psychiatrist/therapist, I either say nothing and they fabricate things to my family. Or I say something and they respond with an utter lie. The whole idea that a psychiatrist or therapist who is far from Allah can make the person who is closest to Allah(out of 100 billion people) born on this planet hate Allah is a total joke. Or even for that matter, a filthy FBI Coward Agent, Secret Service Coward Officer, LAPD Coward Officer, Filthy Cowardly Satanist or Coward Pawns. I hate the idea of false authority. They intimidate me with the idea that I’ll be in restraints in mental health facility force fed medication(to torture me to give up my belief in Allah). The psychiatrists talk about coincidences being signs of paranoid schizophrenia. Let me tell you one thing, based on the fact that I am 50 times more likely to look at the clock when it is 11:11 and have been doing this for 2000+ days, the chances in that is 10^2000+. That’s like multiplying all of the subatomic particles in the Universe 22+ times over. Is this their idea of a coincidence? The shit that went down in September 2012, based on my previous history, locations, times and dates. The chances of that being that way is 10^24+, more than all the visible stars in the Universe. People don’t really understand big numbers like I do. Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with really high numbers and trying to conceive the number infinity. In fact, that’s why I’m obsessed with Germany, the only country in the World where the maximum speed limit is infinity. Plus they were the ones in the past who fought Jewry the most and nearly tamed the wild filthy cowardly beast of Jewry.

Satanism and Jewry is insulting and sick to the core. Israel is the greatest insult to humanity ever. They terrorize, deceive, enslave and cheat everyone else. Yet they play themselves as the victims and innocent and label their enemies as “terrorists”. Muhammad said that in end times those most dishonest will be worshiped and those most honest will be persecuted. The leader of the people will be the Worst. But based on the scriptures, those that stand up for the truth and Allah will be rewarded in the afterlife and/or at Judgement Day. Those that invent lies and act unethical or piss on Allah, though they may be worshiped now they will meet their reckoning in either the afterlife or at Judgement Day. The descriptions and my visions of Hell is that people are tormented for a very very very long time by having their skins burned at a temperature far higher than the surface of the sun or any fire on this planet and this torment will last a very very very long time. The Satanists and Jews seek their own destruction. They are a danger to themselves and a danger to others. They think they can tame Allah, by pissing on Allah as much as possible, when Allah determines everything they do long before they are even born. If you understood anything about psychology, greater the pride, greater the fall. The Satanists have a sense of pride beyond any reasoning because they have been terrorizing, deceiving and enslaving this World for centuries with what appears to them as impunity and the belief that they can get me to worship them in the end giving them Allah’s paradise and send Allah lovers to eternal torment and suffering. Now if Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan, limits Satan’s powers, controls everything Satan does, how exactly can Satan beat Allah? Is this some joke they are running? Why would Allah give his paradise to those that piss on him the most and give his hell fire to those that worship him the most(the Muslims).

I keep thinking about how filthy these Satanist characters are. They send coward pawns and anonymous names that mock me, my family, Muslims, Indians on TV, Facebook and Newspapers(comparing us to fool, shit, dog, monkey, gorilla, ape, rapist, urine). They steal $10B of work from me. Put me on “medication” and witchcraftery that makes me unhappy, sedates me, alcohol addiction, weed addiction, makes me angry, causes pain, ugly and a lot of other things. Then they accuse me of being angry, fool, lazy and not working hard. They send dozens of hot nice girls my way, many very nice and virgins(and some very famous) and in some instances offer exorbitant amounts of money to have sex with them. I refuse to even touch them, kiss them or take their numbers when they offer it. They then accuse me of being a rapist, incel and/or molestor. When I have said since my teens I would have only one sexual relationship in my life and don’t believe in pre-marital sex. By the way the average marriage age in the United States is 28 and successful people get married at a later age typically(Bill Coward Gates didn’t get married until the age of 38). I have decided this. Every instance of mocking through anonymous name or coward pawn, double times suffering. Every instance of medication torture 10 times suffering. Every instance of witchcraftery, double times suffering. Every instance of false authority, googol times suffering. Every instance of fake friends, googol times suffering. Every instance of stealing, number of people dead and injured and googol times suffering. Cruelty commands respect. I have the higher ground, Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Allah doesn’t want the people that piss on him the most to be loved. I don’t have to love my enemies, in fact I have to hate them. I’m not a suffering servant anymore, I’m a conquering king. Judgement Day marks the change of hands between oppressors and oppressed. Allah wants the people who piss on him the most to suffer. The more I hate my enemies, the more protected I am and the more of desire I have to live forever. High level Satanists are being prepared for 10^100000+ CRUCIFIXIONS worth of suffering.

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