The Satanic bloodlines

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the two ruling Satanic bloodlines. The Rothschilds have over $100T, the Rockefellers have over $10T. They control all the central banks and Western media. They created Israel. They also are behind 9/11, Lincoln/Kennedy Assassination and the Japan earthquake. There are several reasons they did 9/11. For one it caused a selling climax on markets which I estimate the Rothschilds made approximately $2T+ off of. Secondly, they wanted to grab the central banks in Muslim countries. Third, they want to get more support for Israel. Fourth, they want to turn Christians against Muslims.

I’ve personally dealt with the Rothschilds. They have zero ethics and are Satanic trash. I can confirm that. Basically, they want me CRUCIFIED and I want them CRUCIFIED. That’s our relations.

The reason the North Tower WTC collapsed at 10:28 AM was because it was detonated by the Illuminati at that time. The reason they choose 10:28 as the time is because it has Bill Gates’ date of birth in it(October 28th). Bill Gates by the way is the Anti-Christ written about in the Bible and Quran.

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