Satan wants to tame Allah

The Satanists have been trying to tame Allah by pissing on Allah as much as possible. This is their route to getting to paradise. Now if you read the Quran, pissing on Allah as much as possible isn’t quite the route to paradise. That’s the route to hell-fire. Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan and controls everything that Satan does. Satan is really controlled resistance for Allah to be worshiped more in the future when Satan is defeated by Allah forever. Satanism is sick to the core and there is no way that a bunch of filthy 10,000 people will get to paradise to deny the billions of Allah loving people over human history their future. This is an utter joke. You know violating Allah’s commandments such as rejecting him and his messengers, using black magic, stealing, extortion, murder and many other things is the route to hell-fire. Anyways, the more that I think about it Satanism is a big joke. They keep doing the uplifting/degrading on gmail and facebook to see if their black magic is working and it isn’t. It is getting more and more ineffective as time passes. I estimate I am now 20,000 times more protected than 2012 and it is growing exponentially with time. On another note, whenever I am on “medication” since 2012… on average within a given year an extra 2 people die per week in mass shootings for every week I am on medication. This is why mass shootings have been rocketing since then. 2014 was the only year I had absolutely no “medication” and that had the least amount of mass shooting deaths. 2016 was the most, and that was the year there was the most mass shooting deaths.

There is some misinformation Allah has given about me through the Quran, Muhammad and Hadiths. For one thing, Allah is incarnate in my body, even though this is denied under Islamic doctrine. Also, my prophethood isn’t at the age of 33, it’s at the age of 28. Also, my prophethood isn’t 40 years, it’s at least several hundred thousand years. Also, I won’t kill the Anti-Christ by a spear but instead CRUCIFIXION. There is also some other misleading things. Anyways, the reason this misleading information is given in islamic doctrine is so that when I prove it wrong I am worshiped even more. Anyways, I have been growing much calmer over recent days as I have been expelling Satan out of my body. I have been praying excessively to bind Satan along with many other things. Anyways, it’s just so funny seeing my enemies throw 100+ things a day with a 100% backfire rate and insisting “Satan always wins”. Yes, that’s because they hide behind anonymous names, coward pawns, fabricate things, use black magic and steal. I keep thinking about the movie Dumb and Dumber in relation to the Satanists…

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