Prophethood is imminent

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I’ve decided I’m going to set 10 times extra suffering for the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines for every intimidation by having FBI Coward Agents and LAPD Coward Sheriffs that visit my website. I’m not scared of them for one second. My parents and sister are, but I’m not. Because I’ve seen my enemies literally do 100,000 things with a 100% backfire rate and then say they… “Satan always wins.”(and that I am making the wrong moves) By the way, they are accelerating black magic even more but it is having a more limited of an effect and Allah is doing far greater damage for me. My hatred of my enemies is far higher than ever, my intended punishment for them is far higher than ever, I feel far greater than ever, my desire to live forever is far higher than ever and my protection is far higher than ever. This trend over the last 6-7 years has been on a constant upward path and keeps accelerating at a faster and faster pace. I’m going towards infinity and so are the rest of Allah lovers soon. Satanists are headed to nothing and eternal torment and suffering soon along with a large portion of the Jews. To be honest, I can do whatever punishment I want to anyone I want and have my family still lives forever. The end goal is to have Allah worshiped as much as possible. Tell me, why don’t these fucking FBI Coward Agents do their job and investigate terrorism, treason, espionage and a lot of other things done by Satanists. Same with the LASD Coward Sheriffs why don’t they do their job and go after corrupt government officials. Rather than arresting people for victimless drug, gun and speed limit laws. These actually bring chaos to society.

Prophethood gets triggered by the end of this month. It will be started by the Iranians attacking Israel, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally(Allah will command the Iranians to do this) and response from Israel. This will cause a sudden rocketing in markets. Aliens will arrive. Markets will shutdown globally forever with the USA markets at an all time high. The USA made a very bad decision to move embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018. The Israelis made a very bad decision to shoot and injure thousands of Palestinians grabbing fences when they could have used tear gas and/or water hoses. This was a sign of flaunting power by them. This has sent Muslim prayers to destroy Israel through the roof and my spirit to fly through the roof. The Rape of Israel will take place between November 5, 2018 and November 11, 2018. But first we will keep them in fear for several weeks by amassing an army like they have never seen around and above them. The CRUCIFIXION of the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines will be on October 22, 2018. But first they will be taught how to treat people with “respect” over several weeks. I’m not going to bother watching high level Satanists see their families be tortured in front of them, I’ll focus on much better things with my time like making Bengal the super power of the World. To be honest, I don’t want to see Bill Coward Gates’s and Mark Coward Zuckerberg’s face until I nail their filthy cowardly satanic morbidly obese dwarf bodies to crosses on October 22, 2018. I’ve decided that after the Rape of Israel for 6 days, we take the 666,666 filthiest Israeli Jews and nail their filthy cowardly dwarf morbidly obese bodies to crosses. This needs to be done to send a message out to others as to what happens when people Piss on Allah. Suffering for wicked people will be very very vast in Hell.

Bill Coward Gates, the Coward of Humanity. I am clocking his suffering at 10^1000000+ CRUCIFIXIONS. Same with Mark Coward Zuckerberg, Charles Coward de Rothschild and Melinda Coward Gates. I’m pushing for 10^100000 CRUCIFIXIONS suffering for Israeli Jews. Everyone involved in this operation minimum 10^100000 CRUCIFIXIONS. Cruelty commands respect, Allah wants those who piss on him to suffer eternally.

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