Illuminati stealing my work

Okay so I’ll talk more about the Illuminati stealing my work through fake friends, fake investors, fake programmers and fake brokers. The Kjetil Solberg person, because he was casting Satanic possession on me and stealing my work the Norway shooting happened on 7/22/2011 within 24 hours of him applying to set up a corporation for me to trade through. The damage from the Norway shooting was about $2B(Norway is a place with GDP per capita double the USA and the people killed were mainly young). We were approved for the investment management account with Dukascopy within 24 hours of Ritika’s 18th birthday. On another note, my soulmate at the same time started crushing on a guy with named George Sethia who is exactly 5 years older than Ritika. I believe by the way that this was due to black magic. Then about the Giulio Frigo guy from Italy. He had a very strong Satanic spirit and I felt a lot of anger talking to him. Anyways, the Costa Cruise accident in Italy happened when I turned 7770 days old on January 13, 2012(4 years before FBI Coward Agents came to my house to intimidate me from being religious). The damage from this incident was about $3B. Then there was this Vasyl Harasymiv algorithm programmer guy who came into try and code all my ideas. The reason the MH17 flight shootdown happened 6 days after my website came up was due to him casting satanic possession and stealing my work. The damage from this incident is about $3B. There were numerous things I talked to these 3 people including things about volume surges, lack of volume, accumulation/distribution, mark throughs, crowd psychology and trading against bottom performers on trading contests. The value of these ideas should be at least $8B based on the alpha they can produce over the next 5 years(in reality much much more than this).

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.57.12 AM

I wanted to show you the phone numbers for all the people involved in the corporation. They are Jennifer Coward Gates date of birth.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 3.00.13 AM

Then there was the fake investment offer on Phoebe Coward Gates’s 14th birthday. This was alluded to by Allah 3 months before during the Pulse shooting on my dad’s 61st birthday and at the end of the Bilderberg meeting. Anyways, if you look at the damage from the Pulse shooting it is about $700M. That’s just about the value of the work stolen from this. One thing to note, they disconnected the account on Melinda Coward Gates’s birthday when the returns were negative her birthday and Rothschild’s power level. Then they decided to do the third mental health hold through casting excessive black magic. The address of the Pulse shooting club is Phoebe Coward Gates’s date of birth. Anyways, this Peter Coward Wises he setup a $30M demo account on a “live feed” at his metatrader broker on the promise he can invest billions more with a prime broker. I knew it was a demo account because the swaps on all the pairs were the opposite of what they should be. And there was absolutely no slippage on very large orders and no market effect. Also, these trading amounts you can get direct access to the market through a prime broker. Anyways, this Peter Coward Wises had this co-trader “Methavee T” who was a disabled man who had this skype name “Never Back Down” and girly profile picture. Anyways, they chose him because I would see him as innocent and share my work with him. I did, and they decided to contact the brokerage giving me position data on losers and reverse the data for me. And then saturate the market with my ideas so that they can make more money. Then they hired dozens of people to mock me when my trading went the opposite.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 3.12.08 AM

On March 9, 2012, Rothschild conned me out of my remaining money $200,000 on the promise he gives me $21M. On May 14, 2012, he forced me to give an algorithm to Jennifer Coward Gates to return my money and invest $1B. Anyways it was a trap, they wouldn’t be willing to invest anything or return any money unless I would be willing to take the virginity of Jennifer Coward Gates. This was alluded to 16 days(Jennifer Coward Gates was 16 years old by the way and by the way the code was stolen on Mark Coward Zuckerberg’s 28th birthday) later in the God’s Favorite Beefcake shooting at the start of the Bilderberg meeting on May 30, 2012, Rothschild’s date of birth is exactly halfway between the shooter’s date of birth and Bill Coward Gates. The shooting started at my date of birth and power level. The damage from the shooting was about $50M which is the value of the algorithm stolen. Also, the stolen code was alluded to in UCLA shooting on June 1, 2016. The person went to the institutions me, my dad and Jennifer Coward Gates went to. His code was stolen from him in 2010. But also one thing to note, the code was programmed on April 16, 2012. The Virginia Tech shooting that happened 5 years earlier caused about $350M in damage. And initially the algorithm was made to trade larger intraday time frames, the alpha it could produce over 5 years is around this value.

On October 1, 2012, there was the shooting in Las Vegas. The value of the shooting is about $1.4B(young people, mainly Californians). The shooting started at my date of birth 10:05 and lasted for 11 minutes, the number of letters in Jesus Christ. It was also the 6 year anniversary of me meeting Charles Coward de Rothschild. The first person injured in the shooting was security guard named Jesus who tried to stop Stephen Paddock. The room numbers for Stephen Paddock were 32-134 and 32-135, Rothschild euthanized his dog Dante on April 13, 2012 and I first started talking to Jen Coward Gates on May 13, 2012. Afterwards, they sent this Lars Coward Jorgensen who is exactly 25 years younger than Charles Coward de Rothschild. Anyways, he wanted to help me code my ideas. He stole about $1.4B in work and then they reversed the data for my ideas. Anyways, I don’t care because the events of 2017 show that I’m vastly more protected and the recent events show I am even more protected than ever. Anyways, I have decided after this incident with the African American Secret Service Coward Officer on August 22, 2018. I am pushing for minimum 7 GOOGOL CRUCIFIXIONS for each and every person in the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic Bloodlines. Every coward pawn, false authority, fake friend that comes my way gets minimum undecillion CRUCIFIXIONS. Every Israeli Jew gets minimum decillion CRUCIFIXIONS. I am not giving a red cent into extortion by a bunch of filthy wicked cowards. I estimate that right now I am 5000 times more protected than 2012 at bare minimum. They can’t even imprison me for more than 2 days or put me in restraints more than 5 minutes without trigger an early prophethood.

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