Full mobilization of Team Crescent soon….

This operation against me started in June 2011 when I broke the record on the Dukascopy Trader Contest unleveraged and total equity pips within 24 hours of the end of the Bilderberg meeting. I joined Dukascopy Trader Contest within 24 hours of Microsoft buying skype. Dukascopy is the biggest brokerage in Switzerland and by the way the Bilderberg meeting was in Switzerland. My performance over 27 months ended up being 12.6 standard deviations above the mean, 10 years underaged. To give an idea 11 standard deviations is like getting a perfect score on the SAT 10 times in a row or winning the lottery jackpot 5 times in a row. They have stolen billions of dollars of work and money from me through extortion, fake investors, fake brokers and fake programmers. It has involved at least 10,000+ people casting black magic, voodoo dolls, posing as fake friends, fake brokers, fake programmers, family friends turning against my family and false authority. It has involved billions of dollars to degrade me and my family but I keep feeling greater and greater. Everything my enemies has thrown at me has backfired. Literally my enemies are getting dumber by the second. They have done 30,000+ things with a 100% backfire rate. And keep on insisting that “Satan always wins.” The chances of this is 1 in 10^9000. In the meanwhile I have binded Satan by 99% since 2012. I am 100 times at least more protected than 2012. They can imprison me 1/100th the time without triggering prophethood. They can torture me with weight gaining medication a lot less without getting cursed(in this World). Allah’s best revenge is in the afterlife though.

The Satanists have been misled every step of the way thinking they can fight Allah when Allah controls everything they do. They have been mixing the blood of girls I have been crushing on throughout my life with Jen Coward Gates and Phoebe Coward Gates. I have decided since the Satanists want to “help” by making my family, the Bengali race and Allah loving people infinitesimal of what we are supposed to be. Why don’t we “help” them by inflicting infinite times the suffering on them as they have inflicted on Allah loving people. Bill Coward Gates will suffer at least pentillion CRUCIFIXIONS in Hell. His filthy trash shit kids will suffer at least 100 quadrillion CRUCIFIXIONS in Hell. Everyone in the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines is suffering at least quadrillion CRUCIFIXIONS in Hell. Every Israeli Jew will suffer at least trillion CRUCIFIXIONS in Hell. My childhood dream has been to destroy Israel and eliminate Jewry. The reason Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler sent expeditions to India was to look for the main bloodline of Jesus Christ cause that is the key to defeating Jewry. One of my favorite events in history is Kristallnacht. We’ll see something infinite of Kristallnacht this Fall. The RAPE of Israel will be the highlight in 200,000 years of homo sapien history. Israel is the greatest insult to humanity.

They have decided to spike their black magic through the roof. They have bought out all the houses in the neighboring blocks to cast black magic. But it just keeps making me pray more and more to bind Satan. The Bible, Quran and Muhammad mentions that the Devil can cast black magic and can put his satanic powers into other people. The Bible, Quran and Muhammad says that everyone who is involved in black magic and sorcery will go to Hell. I have seen Rothschilds black magic at action. One day my mom says you’ll be far greater than Zuckerberg, then the next day she says you have full blown schizophrenia. One day she is asks me whether I want to date Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, then the next day she asks whether I want to date some ugly fat girl going to a crappy university. And she doesn’t remember saying either thing. The thing is I am most immune to Rothschild’s black magic because I have the strongest spirit ever. I’ve had the city, state and federal government intimidate me from being “religious”. What’s so wrong with being religious if freedom of religion and free speech is at the start of the Bill of Rights. In fact this keeps bringing to issue about my case at the age of 13. If the government has an issue with me being religious by Allah am I doing something right.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.52.01 PM

I wanted to show this photograph of Satanists mocking aliens with my dad’s first name. Aliens are at least 10,000 quadrillion quadrillion times more intelligent than human beings(in fact it is probably much much much more than that). Ray Kurzweil’s book notes that the limit to Moore’s Law will eventually be at least 10,000 quadrillion quadrillion times what human levels are at, and this is at bare minimum. And they accuse aliens of anally raping monkeys. The Universe is actually a simulation in a computer and aliens are “Angels” that serve Allah. Everything thought, action, calamity, destiny is already known at the start. The only reason Allah and his angels would allow people to reject them and his messengers is so that when Allah’s enemies are defeated Allah and his party is worshiped more than ever. In fact, the more Bill Coward Gates gets worshiped and the more I get rejected and mocked and persecuted the bigger the opposite reaction will be. Muhammad and Jesus said that in the Kingdom of Allah roles will be reversed between the oppressors and oppressed. The filthy people will be tormented forever and ever in Hell by Allah. The righteous will experience eternal bliss.

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