Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest….

If you can think of the filthiest thing like a rapist, dog shit, monkey, ape…. Bill Coward Gates is infinitely filthier than that. Satanists are pieces of fucking filth cowardly trash cow dung shit. Bill Coward Gates targets Allah loving people and acts like he loves Allah. I target Allah hating people and I admit to this publicly. I am just doing Allah’s work… Allah prescribed that those who reject him are supposed to be raped for eternity in Hell. Allah prescribed that those who love him experience eternal bliss in the Kingdom of Allah. Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Allah controls everything Satan does. The Satanists are blasting black magic to make me hate my parents, hate Bengalis, hate Niv, like Satanists, like Jews, convince me I am worthless, convince me I am schizophrenic, hate Allah, love Satan along with many other things. But because I have a stronger Allah spirit than ever it is backfiring on them and they suffer more in Hell. The “homeopathy” medication they give me to make me calmer is satanic trash shit that when put into my body actually make me angrier. It is also used to cast voodoo dolls. But they use black magic on my parents to give them the rationalization them that it makes me calmer. The only reason I am growing calmer over the last year dramatically is because I am becoming a much stronger Allah spirit and expelling Satan out of my body. It’s funny seeing the Satanists continue with 10,000+ things on a 100% backfire rate on everything. And then say… “Satan always wins….” WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

The collapse of the bridge in Genoa, Italy is a sign to the accelerating black magic. For one thing it is 2h 10 minutes, 173.7 km from where the last Bilderberg meeting was. The bridge was constructed on Google anniversary and had an ordered restrengthening to it within 24 hours of the end of the Bilderberg meeting. It was within 24 hours of Melinda Coward Gates birthday. Also, the time in London time and local time is the dates Bill Coward Gates ordered my humiliation and imprisonment in Los Angeles and Melinda Coward Gates sent FBI Coward Agents to intimidate me from being religious. The bridge is 210 meters long. Niv is 210 days older than me. Ritika is 3 years 17 days younger than me. Ritika is the modern day Mary Magdelene. She is the female for the potential with the strongest Allah spirit before Judgement Day. Niv is the 26 written about in Mayan scriptures 5000 years ago. Global events are primarily concentrated based on the time of where I was born, where Niv is born and local time. For one thing these events prove numerous things the geography, time scale, distance scale, traffic engineers, speed limit lobbyists, automative technology, Google maps/distance calculation and Google anniversary date is based on Christ descendants. These are all conditions based on things from millions of years ago.

They have continued the uplifting and degrading on Facebook. Uplifting aliens and then comparing aliens them to monkeys. Mocking me for being lazy. Yes, I took the much harder path because I want to dramatically increase global productivity and end human suffering, deception and poverty. Along with not giving into extortion, lies and stealing and preventing World War III. Also, their medication torture and black magic and voodoo dolls sedates me. Satanists are pieces of fucking filth. Think about all the money and time wasted on shitty cancer treatments, speed limits, World Wars, War on terrors that could have been used for much better things. They give the society the rationalization that it is helping when in reality in lowers long-term total productivity and brings in much suffering. My number one job is binding Satan which is the source of deception, sickness and poverty. An hour of me praying is worth at least $10B an hour because I have such a strong Allah spirit. The binding of Satan is absolutely critical for making this World a better place. Satanism is sick to the core and has to be annihilated. I am going to have to thank the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines for their services in making them hated more, suffer more in Hell, laughed at and me and Allah worshiped more.

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