Calculating the suffering of Satanists in Hell

Last year Allah struck back 5M times harder on innocent people compared to what I had to go through. I believe the strike back will be at least 1000 times harder in Hell for wicked people than innocent people(at bare minimum, it may actually be much higher than this). However, my powers weren’t anywhere close to what they are now. Now I am at least 2000 times more protected(I still haven’t matured in protection and powers yet it is going up exponentially with time). So that means Allah would strike back at bare minimum 10B times harder on innocent people and 10T times harder on wicked people in Hell. When my work is stolen, that amount of stolen work is done in damage to innocent people. But the Satanists are cursed to suffer 10T+ times more than those innocent people. It mainly goes to the cowardly masters at the top and a little bit to the coward pawns involved. So far I have experienced 6-7 years of massive mocking, insulting, voodoo dolls, black magic and psychiatric torture. Along with $10B+ in work, money and ideas stolen from me. Based on these calculations at bare minimum everyone in the Satanic bloodlines should suffer at least 1T CRUCIFIXIONS per head on average(I am including what they have done to other people, not just me and this inflates the figure by 100%). That’s a fuckload of suffering. And the longer I keep this running, the more they will suffer. Most of the suffering will be kept for Bill Coward Gates’s family and high level Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bilderbergers.

The Satanists have been treating me like trash for me to give up my belief in Allah. But I just keep on believing in Allah even more. Allah keeps sending signs through natural disasters, bridge collapses, plane crashes, train crashes, mass shootings and many other things. Allah has been sending me visions since I was a young kid of traveling in space ships and Muslims worshiping me. I have been keeping this a secret for the most part. These massively accelerated after July 2012. The device the aliens put in my brain senses prayers. At night my energy levels fly through the roof and I think very hateful thoughts about Israel and Jews. The reason is is because the number one thing Muslims pray for is the destruction of Israel. Since I was a young kid I have been worshiping Hitler and desired to destroy Israel. I always sympathized with Palestinians despite all my classmates sympathizing with Israelis. By the way, the Hurricane Florence is happening because of me and this is alluding to the accelerating black magic. I expect Hurricane Florence will eventually cause at least $70B in damage to the East Coast. Also, Typhoon Jebi is happening because of Japanese people being involved in casting black magic against me. I am estimating damage from Typhoon Jebi to be about $20B. The acceleration of floods in South India after Melinda Coward Gates’s birthday leading to 500+ deaths and $3B+ damage is due to South Indians being involved in black magic against me.

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