Authority is currently in the wrong hands

The Zionists currently control practically all the power on the planet as of now. They have control over practically everyone in the courts, legislatures, entertainment, media and many other things. They do this through threats, money, black magic and sex. People at the top of the World(for now) know the truth about 9/11, Holocaust, World War I, World War II, Russian revolution, 7/7(London terrorist attack), 7/14(Nice terrorist attack), 2/23(New Zealand earthquake), 3/11(Japan earthquake), 12/26(Indian Ocean earthquake) and many other things. The 10,000 most powerful and respected people in the World are all slaves of the Rothschilds. They have tons of other coward pawns and false authority. The Zionists have an earthquake machine, I am not sure exactly how it works but studying market movements and dates of events they are behind this. One thing to note, in the time before Rothschild tried enslaving me the people I hung out with the most was Areo and Ronit. Areo’s date of birth is 3/11(Japan earthquake date) and Ronit’s is 9/11. 9/11 and 3/11 are among the top 2 things the Illuminati has done in recent history that has pissed me off the most. Also the Japan earthquake is exactly double the distance between Jenn Coward Gates birthday and when I was arrested for 10 felonies at the age of 12 years 363 days old. Satan is right now deceiving and terrorizing the World. The people at the top should be charged for crimes against humanity, terrorism, treason, espionage, rape and many other things. They will be brought to justice very soon.

On August 22, 2018, Bill Coward Gates sent 2 Secret Service Coward Officers(they lied about who sent them by the way by claiming that some 80 year old on social security benefits sent them) to intimidate me because of threats I made against Donald Coward Trump. For one thing, Donald Coward Trump is a piece of satanic filth that should get the death penalty based on the laws of this country. Based on the Bible, Quran and Muhammad he’s a piece of satanic filth that should get the death penalty and be raped by Allah for eternity in Hell. Anyways, the main Secret Service Coward Officer was a African male that was tall and muscular. Based on the demographics of LA and the fact the Secret Service is known to not like Africans the chances of this is about 1% or less. But the reason they chose him was to show authority over me by what I saw as a weak-minded person. The Secret Service Coward Officer suggested I cooperate with a doctor and take “medication”. By the way the medication, is totally anti-medication. Medication is supposed to improve you, not have the intention to make you infinitesimal of what you’re supposed to be(along with every Allah loving person). By the way, the medication is based on very crude lies against Allah and his messenger. To be honest, practically all the medication produced in the World has some sort of satanic influence to it. I notice this that even having an OTC painkiller makes the voodoo dolls stronger. Since I was a kid I always had fear of medication when getting sick, I wanted to get better the natural way.

One thing to note, the Secret Service Coward Officer had very strong Satanic possession that I was able to sense by talking to him and shaking his hand. I’ll admit I felt a little down for the rest of the day for being intimidated by what I saw as a very weak minded person. But overnight I sensed Muslim prayers and felt far greater than ever. So again the Illuminati did something that backfired. Satan puts some numb-skull with a $2 badge above me, the Muslims put me as supreme authority on this planet. On another note, the Satanists are casting black magic more than ever but it is more limited than ever as Satan is rapidly losing strength due to my prayers. Anyways, I personally believe that as of now I am at least 1000 times more protected than 2012. On an issue about this event, I asked for an apology, cessation of “medication” and cessation of black magic. Not a fucking numb-skull with a $2 badge to intimidate me and cast black magic on me and my family. On another note, they sent numerous other people earlier including French Rothschilds to cast Satanic possession on my family over the days prior to this. Anyways, I am assigning death penalty and nonillion CRUCIFIXIONS for this idiot(I wonder how much he got paid for this shit). I am also pushing for top level Satanists to get to googol CRUCIFIXIONS per head due to this.

On another note, I am becoming much calmer due to the fact that I am expelling Satan out of my body and becoming a stronger Allah spirit. The reason Rothschild has been able to inflict somesuffering on me in the first place is because of me worshiping Satan and the presence of Satan in my body. The main sources of the Satanic influences were initially Kjetil Solberg, Giulio Frigo and Vasily Harasymiv. Kjetil Solberg within 24 hours of him setting up the corporation for my trading, the biggest terrorist attack ever in Norway happened killing 77 people and injuring hundreds more. By the way, that man was a very bad influence on me, he kept pushing me for making 1000% a month and took all my ideas and work with the hopes of getting Roman Abramovich to invest $100M. The IRBL trap, satanic possession, along with black magic for lottery addiction, alcohol addiction, marijuana addiction, liking white girls, sexual/rape addiction, liking Satanists, liking Israel, liking Jews, hating Allah, aliens don’t exist, worthless, schizophrenic, hating Muslims, hating Bengalis along with many other things. However, the effect of black magic on a person is determined by Allah. Some of these curses work at some point in time while other times it totally backfires. But right now the black magic is more limited than ever and totally backfiring on practically all the things they want. The alcohol addiction slightly works still but I will be able to eliminate this soon with more prayer.

Anyways, the Illuminati is still at their games with uplifting and degrading on Gmail and Facebook primarily. Literally, everything they are throwing at me is backfiring and they still continue at it. Everyday they do 100+ things with a 100% backfire rate. The number one argument they make against me is either “What are you smoking?”(when I’m not smoking anything except for 500 cigarettes of nicotine a day which makes people strong minded) or “Do your parents believe you?”. I don’t care if my parents believe me or not(they will in the future though). But my parents believe speed limits save lives, that AI will never reach human levels(I believe it can go 10,000 quadrillion quadrillion times beyond), the Holocaust took place, Muslims are behind 9/11, election results are real, taking mood-stabilizing medication(that makes me angrier when I ingest it, but I only take it to make them happier) helps, visiting a therapist to calm me down(when every time I come back I get angrier). One thing to note, my parents are just misled by Satan and have much weaker spirits than me making them more susceptible to black magic(everyone has a vastly weaker spirit than me, and I know this because of spirit measurements of my family from a machine at the Church of Scientology).

I’ve dealt with the Satanists for 7 years and have found them to be absolute utter trash filth. They steal $10B+ of work, ideas and money(which I have spent 30,000+ hours on and $3M+ on) from me and then make fun of me for being poor. I’ve made at least 4 trading models that can produce $1B+ alpha over 5 years that they have stolen and sabotaged through fake investors and fake programmers. I have given them ideas about creating trading contests and trading against consistent under-performers which they steal for themselves and saturate the market and then sabotage my algorithm for it. I reject taking the virginity and unlimited amounts of money of any young girl they throw at me and also show desire for someone older than me. Then they accuse me of being a pedo rapist. Look I am not giving into a cent of extortion by a bunch of fucking cowards which can’t show their faces. They steal billions of dollars of my life work, sabotage it then send big fat hispanics from the Department of Mental Health to mock me asking me if I need “help”. They make accusations that I don’t respect my parents when I go through a much harder path so that my parents come out living lives pretty much infinitely better(and not just them but every Allah loving person). The only person in the Illuminati to have contacted me acts like a broke con man on felony probation living with his mother. These people take pride in being filthy cowards that terrorize, enslave and deceive others. But what they can do is most limited against my family, because we are protected by Allah. My dad and sister are about 1/100th as protected as me, my mother about 1/20th as protected as me(she believes in Allah). However, they haven’t inflicted much suffering on them as their plan is to put everyone else(including my family) above me and also they don’t want my family to know about them.

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