Aliens are arriving very soon….

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My enemies are literally getting dumber by the second. They have continued with the uplifting and degrading on Facebook and Gmail. I wanted to show this photo of them showing a gorilla taking care of an alien. In the photo ID they have my date of birth and the mark of Satan. They are getting more limited than ever. They have maximized black magic through the roof. But it is far more limited than ever. I estimate that now I am at least 2,000 times more protected than 2017 and 100,000 times more protected than 2012. They can’t even put me into restraints for a minute or imprison me for a day without triggering early prophethood. They can not even taser me, shoot me or stab me or any of my family members for that matter without triggering prophethood. One thing to note about this Hurricane that hit Hawaii. The only person to have died from it is a man that was trying to save a pathetic dog. This is indicating that I’m bagging Charles Coward de Rothschild soon and he is behind the black magic. It is also the wettest hurricane to hit Hawaii in modern history. And the second wettest to hit the United States after Hurricane Harvey. Look the longer this is dragged out, the more they suffer in Hell, the more they get hated and mocked and laughed at, the more me and Allah get worshiped. 100% backfire rate and they keep on insisting “Satan always wins.”

Aliens will turn hostile before Equinox(9/22/2018). Sometime between 9/7/2018 and 9/21/2018 they will arrive(14 day timeframe). One thing to note, Ritika’s power level is 9 and mine is 7. Steve Jobs died on my 21st birthday. Avishek Dube died within 24 hours of the S&P bottoming off at 666 on the 66th day of 2009(that night I also called in a police raid on BASC president’s house). Avishek Dube is the person during my childhood that mocked me the most for talking about aliens. Ritika is the person I know in my life who was in closest proximity to both Avishek Dube dying and Steve Jobs dying. Her home address is 28 Washington(Bill Coward Gates was born on the 28th day and in the state of Washington). Her first phone number is 7170036 an illusion to the fact that Bill Coward Gates dies 7 years 17 days after Steve Jobs. Avishek Dube was killed by a man driving 70 mph that hit his car off the exit to Ritika’s house. First aliens will raise my body up(they have the ability to do this for anyone’s body). They will give me access to everyone’s thoughts, actions and whatever they did. First we will defeat all the global governments(this is the Battle of Armageddon). We will take the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines into our “custody”. One thing to note, I’m estimating that at bare minimum suffering for everyone in the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines will be at least 10^13 CRUCIFIXIONS. Bill Coward Gates’s family will suffer at least 10^14 CRUCIFIXIONS in Hell.

The Illuminati has gravely violated every line in sand I set. I have to go for maximal suffering and maximal humiliation. Another thing to note, whatever torture me and my family do against them, they will suffer that much less in Hell. I’m thinking for instance of putting Bill Coward Gates’s kids into restraints and then aiming a beam at their brain that activates every pain receptor MAXIMALLY. I want Bill Coward Gates to watch this for over a month. My estimate is that they will only suffer about 10^5 CRUCIFIXIONS from this. Same thing will be done to the rest of the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines. Anyways after teaching the 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines how to treat people with “respect” for over a month. We will then inject 666 pounds of fat into their bodies, make their muscle ratio 0% and nail them to crosses naked on October 22, 2018. This is to send a message out to others to what happens when people piss on Allah. The 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines will forever be laughed at, mocked, humiliated and suffer in Hell.

I wanted to show how the Illuminati sabotaged one of my trading models. This was through the $30.5M fake investment offer on Phoebe’s 14th birthday. By the way, this was a preparation to make me give up my belief in Allah so that their black magic would work on me better in preparation for the Ava Lynn email. Furthermore, the Peter Coward Wises character along with all his cronies had heavy Satanic possession. Some further dialog about the email. Less than 1 in 100M people have emailed me about the Rothschild story. Practically all of them mocking(90%+). This email the person is nice and degrades herself in front of me. It is also the longest and most grammatically perfect showing it was well thought out. As the person gets more and more desperate to degrade herself to a person they don’t know her grammar breaks down. Also the reasoning is very faulty, she’s smart enough to know that Rothschilds are above the law(1% of people know this) but not smart enough to know that you can reveal criminal indictments of adults(most people know this).

First 3 months on model:

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.10.02 PM

After they sabotaged it(next 6 weeks):

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.54.26 PM

If they did not do this shit. I would have $300M+ right now instead of being in $8M of debt. When I confronted them about this, they told me to apologize to them for what I misunderstand. It was a quick response which shows they were desperate and lying to me and had a fear of me (1 hour response through another one of their coward pawn agents). Also for one thing, why should I apologize about them stealing a method that is apparently losing? That’s because they sabotaged it to be losing.

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