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  1. Aneesh Perumbal says:

    Hi Rahul,
    At the outset I would like to congratulate you for performing well in Dukascopy Traders’ Contest. KEEP the performance UP.

    I am also very involved in FOREX trading, BUT I feel the lack the performance consistency, the level I desired to have.

    Now a days I don’t rely more trading styles, rely only on few and major priority given to preserve the equity and at the same to have a steady growth in equity, in other words risk-free trades.

    And though needless to say that my trading styles are subject to constant refining to weed out the potential flaws.

    Now I would like to share my trading style with you in order to have some improvement in my trading as I feel seemingly you are much better than me.

    Dukascopy published one of my articles in their article contest (Jul 13).

    Looking forward to have your willingness to have a TRULY mutually beneficial long term knowledge sharing association.

    HOPE to hear from you SOON.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Aneesh Perumbal
    Dubai – U.A.E.

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