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The extermination of Satanists is coming soon…

I feel gravely insulted when people say I have a future like Bill Coward Gates or Mark Coward Zuckerberg.

Bill Coward Gates: Works all his life to be among most worshiped person ever. Becomes the most admired man for a long time. His family becomes the most hated family ever and suffers among the most in Hell.

Mark Coward Zuckerberg: Works all his life to be among the most worshiped person ever. Is the most crushed on guy in modern history. His family becomes among the most hated families ever and suffers among the most in Hell.

My future: I work 28 years of my life to be the most worshiped person ever. I become the most worshiped person ever. I and my family live several hundred thousand years in eternal youth. And travel the Universe. Along with that we have all the pleasures of technological singularity. Making our bodies however we want, making our wives virgins as many times as possible, having super intelligence.

You guys take your vote…. what sounds better?

The 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines have invented the crudest lies against Allah and his most important Messenger. Accusing me of being a rapist, urine, fool, shit, ape, monkey, dog, fabricating mental illnesses for rejecting Jen Coward Gates despite threats of torture, imprisonment and killing of me and my family and having all of my work and money stolen from me. Using Allah’s protection of me. Against me. They threaten and mock me and my family on TV, newspaper and Facebook, and then remove it from my family member’s memory with black magic(but can’t from my memory because I have the strongest spirit ever) and then use psychiatric torture on me to convince me it never happened and convince my family I am schizophrenic. Using Allah’s signs for me. Against me. Using the fact that I am the strongest minded, strongest spirited person. Against me. Using the fact that I can build a trap with a probability of more than all the subatomic particles in the visible Universe. As a sign that I am schizophrenic loser that has psychological/mental breakdowns that always makes wrong moves. Casting more black magic and voodoo dolls than anyone has ever gone through. And then using that against me. They steal hundreds of millions of dollars of my work, ideas and money and then expect me to apologize to them. They send fake friends, brokers, investors, programmers, false authority that try to act like they are friends helping but have the intention of reducing me and my family as much as possible along with every God loving person. They use the fact that I subject myself to years of psychiatric torture, mocking, insulting, rejecting trillions of dollars, taking the virginity of the (currently) most respected man in the World so that my family and every God loving person is guaranteed their future as being either selfish, mental/psychologic breakdown or going after $2.5K a month disability benefits(which I never took by the way, even though I could).

I have been speaking for the truth since the age of 15 when I have been worshiping Ahmadinejad. The truth about the Holocaust and 9/11 particularly. But later the truth about central banking, speed limits, wars and earthquakes. These Satanists are very filthy characters. Speed limits don’t save lives, they actually kill people but are made for insurance companies to make more money. Central banking doesn’t create price stability and prevent financial crisis, it actually creates price instability and more financial crisis. They fly planes into buildings and then make it look like their enemies(the Muslims) did it so that they can get more support for Zionists(who they support) and take the central banks and rights of people in Muslim countries along with killing and injuring millions and setting countries behind in economic development for decades. They start World Wars and then fabricate genocides so that they can get more support for Jews. Satanists have all been cursed by Allah. They are created by Allah to hate Allah. For Allah to be worshiped more than ever when they are defeated by Allah and me.

Satanists still maintaining 100% backfire rate….

The Satanists are still at their games. They are casting black magic more than ever. Although their black magic is more limited than ever they are rapidly casting demonic possession on my parents more than ever. Using voodoo dolls more than ever. This shows they have a fear of me. They are sending people to turn my family against me and sabotaging my mom and dad’s work. They are also doing waves of uplifting and degrading on Facebook faster than ever to test if their black magic is working and it is having the opposite effect on me. They had Melinda Coward Martinez from the Department of Mental Health call my mom July 18, 2018 to talk about concerned emails and my website. She fabricated that she saw me in March at my house. Which was an utter lie to either fabricate I am schizophrenic, a liar or have a bad memory. For one thing, the fact that these bastards would even care about me mocking them in front of Team Google and the World through emails and my website also shows they have a fear of me. Honestly, I’m not fucking scared of anything. I fully expect they will do a fourth mental health hold. Look these people are total idiots, they have blown off a ton of resources for the opposite effect to happen. I get worshiped more and the Filthy Cowardly Satanists hated more and suffer vastly more in Hell. But this was all setup by God. God is controlling the Satanists do things that backfire. God knows every decision, how much money we make, every calamity we go through and how long we live before we are born.

The Quran says that those closest to God will make the best decisions. Bill Coward Gates is the farthest from God out of 100 billion people born on this planet. Mark Coward Zuckerberg is also very far from God. Charles Coward de Rothschild and Melinda Coward Gates also is. The Satanists are all very far from God. They live a very deluded life. They work all their life to be worshiped the most. The Filthy Cowardly Rothschilds are Satan’s family and they have the elite of the World worship them. Then in end they end up being hated the most and suffering a ton in Hell. I am the closest to God out of 100 billion people on this planet. I am not sure how the Satanists think they can battle God if God controls what every Satanist does and limits their powers so that he wins. Anyways the more that I think of things it’s just a big joke. Satanism is a big joke.

One thing to note anytime after Google 20th anniversary is prophethood. It will happen before October 5, 2018. I keep thinking about what I’m going to do to the Satanists. Look it’s not just what they did to me that pisses me off but to the whole World and what they are planning to do. Anyways based on the Bible and Quran I have to show forgiveness and absolute minimum punishment and restraint. After prophethood I will pray maximally for minimal suffering in Hell and then give them instant painless deaths. Bill Coward Gates will die at the age of 62. I expect the date will be October 22, 2018. Bill Coward Gates will never reach the age of 63. He will die 6 days before that. These Filthy Cowardly Satanists. Using their coward pawns, fabricating things, hiding behind anonymous names, backing off as broke con mans, using voodoo dolls and black magic. Filthy trash shit.

Satan is rapidly losing strength

The Satanists have been reading that my increasing hatred against Bill Coward Gates, Mark Coward Zuckerberg and the Filthy Cowardly Rothschilds as a case of jealousy. That’s not the case at all. It’s because I keep feeling greater everyday and more insulted about the last 7 years. Obviously they must be ignorant of the things that I have been writing. I’ve gone from being 3 Zuckerbergs to 10 Zuckerbergs to 100 Zuckerbergs to 1000 Zuckerbergs to million Zuckerbergs to billion Zuckerbergs to quadrillion Zuckerbergs to quadrillion quadrillion Zuckerbergs. They say things like “Satan always wins” when they do 10,000 things with a 100% backfire rate. What is the probability of 10,000 things with a 100% backfire rate? 10^3000, way way way way more than all the subatomic particles in the visible Universe. I don’t know what the Satanists will do next, but given their track record over the last 7 years the chances it will backfire on them is way way way way way more than all the subatomic particles in the Universe to one. Anyways, I have been reading into what people have been saying to me over the years. The Satanists have been using black magic to wipe out my memory, convince me I am schizophrenic, convince me God doesn’t exist, like Jen and Phoebe Gates, convince me aliens don’t exist, convince me I am worthless, like Satanists, like 6 and 13 and like Israel. But because of the fact that I have the strongest spirit ever the black magic is actually backfiring and having the total opposite effect.

If the Satanists are so powerful why do they have to be such fucking filthy cowards? Hiding behind anonymous names, backing off as broke con mans and fabricating things. Anyways they are bombarding me with more black magic than ever. And it is having the absolute opposite effect. These people never learn their lessons. They are doing waves of uplifting and degrading even faster than ever on Facebook. They are testing to see if their black magic is working. God is controlling them to do things that backfire. Everytime I reject Jen Gates they have to degrade me by accusing me of being a rapist, fabricating mental illnesses, using voodoo dolls or having people mock me. This is a sign to me that they fear something about me if I am not with Jen Gates and actually uplifts me and shows that they are desperate. Look these people are more desperate than ever. These people have proven to me that they are utter filth and can not be trusted. They sent Richard Ha and Lynn Le to Texas at least 3 times for their fucking surrogacy filth. Each time it failed. They have tried to have a baby 4 times and each and every single time it failed. The chances of this? 1 in 100,000. They truly chose the worst couple. Also they proved to me that I am the reason Zuckerberg’s wife had 3 miscarriages.

Anyways, I am putting a value to my prophethood and that is at least quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion dollars. Nothing the Satanists can do will stop it or prevent it. Even if they spend $200 trillion in resources, each and every single thing they do will backfire on them. Anyways I feel so lucky to be me. Looking back over things the Satanists never stood a fucking chance. It’s a joke how they thought they could win. They try to get me to like Israel, USA, Satan, Satanists, Devil and Anti-Christs and hate God. Yet everything they have done has led to the opposite.

Anyways I am going to make a brief list of some people more powerful than every Israeli Jew and Filthy Cowardly Satanist.

FBI Coward Agent John Coward Bauman
FBI Coward Agent Jess Coward Cugno
Melinda Coward Martinez
Ronit Coward Mukerji
Ankur Coward Chugh
Roy Coward Wiborg
Ali Coward Khan
Neda Coward Javaharian
Peter Coward Wises
Justin Coward Le Blanc
Ion Coward Pairelli
Juan Carlos Coward Zuberman
Lynn Coward Le
Richard Coward Ha
Stelu Coward Olar
Lars Coward Jorgensen
Zoltan Coward Varga
Nagaraja Coward Adiga