Monthly Archives: March 2018

Aliens are landing this year

The Satanic bloodlines are continuously casting Jinns on my family members along with other people I know. The amount of mass shootings is rocketing through the roof and we will see much more mass shootiungs. If my free will is taken, it will trigger an immediate natural disaster such as a meteor strike causing trillions in damage. Right now all of the opposition to my prophethood will only speed it up. Now is the time. It very well could be that within 8 months we already witness a extermination of Jews along with mass CRUCIFIXION of the most powerful people in the World. The Illuminati keeps doing things backfiring everyday. The medication they have me on is to cast Jinns on me and reduce me in hopes that I will give into marrying Jen Gates and worshiping Satan. Everyday that passes I am becoming more immune to Jinns and black magic. For one thing, on the issue of Jinns. The Rothschilds use Jinns to tell them the future. If that’s the case, why is it that everything they are doing is backfiring on them(the Rothschilds)?

Anyways, I have come to expect the least. I have modified my trading. I am no longer aiming for outsized returns but more stability and staying afloat. I will admit I took way too much risk over these past few months. Right now, on low risk, I see my cash amount crossing $100B by the age of 34. This is cash amount, not value of shares. The value of my trading if it were IPOed in a company would be a lot more and give my net worth a 5-10 year boost. Markets should continue rising and we will see 3200 on the S&P. Anyways, the latest my prophethood can start at this stage if 33. Maybe surprisingly the Illuminati can delay my prophethood again. But they can not stop it. Nothing will. I can however confirm I am related to the shooting at the Kentucky school and Florida school. I don’t know really if they are setup, not sure. But the mass shootings are showing signs from the date of births of the shooters and addresses along with dates.