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Illuminati accelerating my prophethood by 10-15 years

Based on the Bible, my prophethood begins at the age of 43. Based on the Quran my prophethood begins at the age of 33. I believe my prophethood can start anywhere between the age of 28 and 33. Jesus in his initial life his prophethood started at the age of 30-31. Muhammad and Moses’s prophethood started at the age of 40. This is the thing, at my age, no prophet in the Bible or Quran exhibited magical powers yet. I believe my prophethood was going to start at the age of 43 during 2033 at the 2000th anniversary of Christ CRUCIFIXION. However, my faith in God and amount of praying has increased dramatically at an earlier age because God has revealed me to the Satanic bloodlines. I believe there is a high chance the Satanic bloodlines can start my prophethood this year by doing something rash. They can’t pull off September 3, 2012 again without starting my prophethood. But even just taking my free will for several weeks is enough to trigger my prophethood.

On another note, some people like T Chase and Ahmadinejad have been making comments on my prophethood. T Chase first came up with a mention of my prophethood on July 24, 2016. Then there was an imam who mentioned my prophethood on July 21, 2017. The 25th birthday of Santa Barbara shooter Elliott Rodger and 4th anniversary of death of Dante Rothschild. T Chase had also said many things that I referred to years earlier like genetic engineering on humans, aliens killing millions of people and an imminent nuclear war. Ahmadinejad has been talking about my prophethood since 2005. He has been constantly saying that a USA attack on Iran would trigger my prophethood but after 2012 he has been saying my prophethood will start without a war against Iran. But at any case there is a high chance of October 22, 2018(on another note, this is the 25th birthday of a person who holds very strong Christ blood and may be the modern day Mary Magdalene who is also a Biology major at Stanford like Jen Gates) and definitely by the age of 33. The thing about the Imam who mentioned my prophethood, the dates are really interesting July 21. My Mercedes license plate has 721 at the end and 721 is 7 years 21 days after October 1, 2011(the date I met Rothschild) which is October 22, 2018.