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S&P is headed above 3200, richest in World by 33

The recent down move this week is just a shake out. People are way too bearish for this to be a major top. We should see bullish sentiment at the top on stocks to be more so than the 2000 and 2007 top because this will be a more important top than those 2. This top can start a generational bear market easily and maybe even have a crash like 1929 or worse. However, the crash will most likely follow a long distribution phase of several months. I’ve been bullish stocks since the Trump election actually. When the market close up that day, I realized the election move was a shake out. I even told Justin Le Blanc this and he didn’t understand and just replied “You have no clue where the S&P is going.” He doesn’t make a cent through trading. He’s 41 and he doesn’t have a single public track record and makes outrageous claims. One day he says he makes 5% a month, the other day 100% a month. One day he says he trades a billion dollars a day and makes $50,000 a day. That means he makes .5 pips a trade. Lol. He says he never has more than 5% drawdown. Anyways, he’s a total joke.

I think chances are high we see a major bear market in the next bear market, even worse than 2008 crash. Look at stock market to GDP ratio. It’s obscenely high and will be beyond 1929 and 2000 and 2007 highs at the top of this bull market. However, what’s allowing this market to continue higher is the constant bearish sentiment. Retail money keeps trying to call the tops, especially through the ETF’s. I think this market through is running out of juice and we should flip to a bear market within a few years. On the issue of bitcoin. I called the top pretty well writing “Bitcoin is a short to zero” on December 18, 2017 on my Facebook. But we can make a new high. However, on the long-term I see bitcoin as junk. It’s nothing but a big pump and dump scam. I’m super bullish on the yen over the next few years. I see dollar/yen going to 70. If I were to park my money into an asset over the next 3-4 years. It would be yen.

Also, I am now looking to be richest in the World(number one on Forbes) by the age of 33. The Quran says my prophethood starts at the age of 33. The Illuminati is backing off recently after seeing that everything they are doing is backfiring. On the issue of what has happened in 2017. In light of everything that has gone down over the last 6 years. The minimum I will settle with the Illuminati is for at least $500B. That’s about how much I expect to make over the next decade without my prophethood and how much damage God has done for me protecting me. This is how I am looking for my portfolio to perform over the next several years. Everyone can watch it up to $100M on my forexfactory account. Anyways, Mark Zuckerberg won’t make it to number one on Forbes until after age of 34, if ever. Bill Gates didn’t make it till the age of 39. And my number one on Forbes will be much more important. It will be all cash after taxes paid. Not value of shares.

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