Monthly Archives: November 2017

Heaven on Earth, Kingdom of God

The existence we are living now before my prophethood starts is very shitty compared to how it is after my prophethood. We will experience Heaven on Earth, the Kingdom of God. People’s intelligence will be far far far more. We will have things far better than sex, like virtual reality that will be trillion trillion(really infinitely) times better. We will be able to eat whatever amounts of infinitely better tasting food and not gain weight. Everyone will live forever. We will be able to artificially produce kids rapidly. The planet will be able to maintain this kind of lifestyle for several trillion people. We will be in contact with numerous alien races also. But this is only for those that stick with Team God. Team Satan is all going to Hell and going to experience the opposite. God hates wickedness. The Satanists love to reject God along with doing many unGodly things.

This year has been quite possibly the best year of my life. I didn’t have a relationship or didn’t hang out a lot with friends. But I lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 20 pounds of muscle. I learned a hell of a lot in trading. I have more faith than ever in God. I feel greater than ever. It’s so funny, at the start of the year the Satanic bloodlines with over $150 trillion and unlimited credit and all the governments at their disposal were hiding as broke con mans living with their mothers. I now know exactly what they are after. They can’t excessively take my free will or hurt me without triggering or speeding up my prophethood. That was evident after September 2012. I am still maintaining that my prophethood starts on October 22, 2018.

It’s clear more than ever that everything the Satanists are doing is serving God’s desires. They don’t realize this but Team Crescent is in full control of the situation. Always has and always will be. For the last several years they have been peddling that Ronit Mukerji, Varun Iyer, Justin Le Blanc, Ion Pairelli and many other people are above me. Even without my prophethood I will still be able to make $30B a year by the age of 29. Way blowing off everyone else. Anyways, they can’t stop my prophethood. Everything they are throwing at me is backfiring on them. This is just way too funny. 6 years of trying to reduce a person as much as possible and I expect I will be quadrillion quadrillion times Bill Gates at the age of 28. The fact of the matter, they are still doing things backfiring every god damn fucking day.