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Parents back on demonic possession, Las Vegas shooting

Anyways, on October 1, 2017 there was the largest mass shooting ever in the United States. Around 60 people killed and 600 injured. If you look at the time it started, it was 10:08 PM, Rothschild’s date of birth. Taking into account the leap year effect the shooter has the same date of birth as Justin Le Blanc, Bill Gates’s and Rothschild’s front man who was used to discourage me. In the days before the shooting, Justin Le Blanc was trying to turn me against my parents through text messages. Also the shooting happened on the six year anniversary of Rothschild adding me on Facebook back in 2011. And it happened from the 32nd story, the only time I lived separate from my parents was in London Pan Peninsula on the 32nd story. The chances of all of the things being this way is about 1 in 20 billion. Anyways, I believe this shooting is a sign from God just as the Power Ultra Lounge shooting that my family is back on demonic possession. Again my parents are irritating the shit out of me, particularly my mother. They’re acting like crazy bitches threatening mental health holds again. Anyways, it seems like the Satanists don’t learn lessons at all. This didn’t work in Summer 2012, it didn’t work this last Summer and it isn’t going to work now. It is just showing that they are desperate and have something to fear about me in the future. Also I am building up hatred against the Satanists and Satan for this, not my parents. The mere fact that God would do something like this shows I still have a path to my prophethood and am more protected than ever.

The more black magic the Illuminati uses the more they are motivating me to go towards my prophethood and the more they suffer in Hell along with the more I will lash out on them and Jews…. Looks like they haven’t learned lessons at all from the last 5-6 years. The longer amount of time I am made to live an unhappy life because of Satan the more motivation I have to live a life of God because that is eternal bliss and more power than anything. Also when I am pissed off I crave more power. Anyways Justin Le Blanc was texting me “Satan always wins.” What a joke. Everything they are doing is backfiring and God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Look, the Illuminati can’t do much to me anymore. The longer I delay them, the more protected I get. If they pull off September 2012 again, 99% chance it will kick start my prophethood. If they excessively take my free will to an intolerable amount, that will kick start my prophethood. Not to mention if they take my free will I would be spending more time than ever praying. Which is Satan’s number one weapon. Anyways, I have decided I am going to execute the 10,000 most powerful members of the Illuminati by CRUCIFIXION. They want to flaunt their power by fabricating mental illnesses, okay then let me show how I flaunt my power. By the way, it is very dangerous for a single person of the Satanic bloodlines to even exist. Even having them live as slaves on 99.9999% tax rates is too dangerous, that will just motivate them to even more plot their rebellion against me. It is just way too dangerous letting a single Satanist live.