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Team Crescent is in control of the Illuminati, improvements

The scriptures say that eventually satan serves God. And that is exactly what we are seeing in the case with regards to me. Everything the Illuminati is doing is gravely backfiring on them. Yet they keep pushing. Oh well, the only reason God allows me to live a life like this is to build up hatred against Jews and Satanists for my prophethood. God has the power to reveal me any second to my allies, he could do it any day any time. But he wants to continue this test of me, cause it is moving me closer towards my end goal, the extermination of Jewry and Satanism. I have discovered the power of prayer in the last few months. I’m no longer scared of medication that makes you eat more. Because my testosterone/estrogen levels are hundred times the average man due to me taking aromatase inhibitors. Whatever extra calories I consume go solely towards building muscle and I can’t really gain any fat. Also, I am on the Atkins diet and am having very very good results on it. So all in all, things are going good. And with my trading I have made some very big breakthroughs. Combining mean reversion with trend following methods on the same account means a massive boost to risk-adjusted returns. I’m now confident without my prophethood I will be the youngest self=made billionaire from trading by the age of 29.

I’m still maintaining October 22, 2018 as the date of my prophethood. Nothing can stop it. Nothing can prevent it. Nothing they can do will. But even if it doesn’t happen or if it somehow gets delayed I am still in an awesome situation. A better situation than Zuckerberg is in in my opinion. When I reach Zuckerberg’s age I’ll be earning a much higher cash flow and have a higher cash flow growth rate in my trading than his Facebook shares. So effectively I will be richer than him(the only problem is that traders don’t generally count future profits as net worth as corporation share values do). I keep thinking about how pathetic Ronit Mukerji is. He thinks he is all that getting his MBA. Big deal at the age of 31 he earns $150K a a year. When I turn 31 I’ll be making multi-billion a year easily. Like without my prophethood I expect to make at least $50B a year at the age of 31. LOL. What a fucking loser. Anyways, I thank all of the recent improvements and great routine due to the fact that I have been actively praying everyday for several hours and that has a value of easily $1 million an hour if you count increases in future income.

Honestly, I’m perfectly happy with the way things have turned out. They just had to send Justin Le Blanc to piss the shit out of me. They had to get Ronit to tell me all the crude insults and shit over the years. And to top it off they had to send the FBI to deny everything that happened and make it look like my act of saving the World is a mental breakdown. If they didn’t do these 3 things. I actually wouldn’t have been as interested in religion and God and rejecting Satan. The dates they did these things proved “magic” in the Universe. And I also would have been willing to marry Jen Gates and have a baby with her. So it’s absolutely apparent that their long-term goals go completely opposite and they they are serving God’s goals. They’ve made it so easy to resist temptation. This is just way too easy. To top it off, I know they are always using cheap shit satanic black magic on me to get me to like Jen Gates and her family. I can completely block off this black magic with my prayers and it is actually getting less effective over time. I believe my prayers will make all Satanic black magic less effective over time from the act of praying to bind Satan and from me becoming more Godly.

God is attacking “Big Satan” and Satanists

The last month has been the biggest failure for the Illuminati ever. The last 6 years is a total joke. Everything they are doing is a joke. Fighting the greatest prophet ever through fabricating mental illnesses. They were basically holding me to have me give up my belief in God and it terribly failed the absolute opposite happened in the end. When I heard about the Philadelphia train crash I immediately knew God was stepping in. Then the other events were taking place. By the way, I just looked up, Zuckerberg turned 12150 days old on August 19, 2017. My sister’s husbands date of birth and the date of my first Facebook photo that has Jennifer Gates’s date of birth in it along with the time of the Philadelphia train crash time. I have been praying since early August to resist temptation, bind Satan, get to my prophethood, see the future and God protect me. The last one month seemed to have really nailed things in the coffin. I don’t think they can do anything anymore to prevent my prophethood. On another note, it looks like the “pizza delivery boy” is causing $500B in damage and suffering to millions of people for his free will being taken for 17 days and being humiliated. If you look at Jennifer Gates’s instagram, recently is appears that her brother Rory Gates broke his left leg. I believe that has to do with my free will being taken. There were people repaving the roads by surprise around my house. The main car had Rory Gate’s Date of birth and some interesting numbers it showed “1152313″. 11 for the letters of Jesus Christ, 523 for Rory Gates’s date of birth and 13 for Satanic bloodlines.

Anyways, my free will isn’t in danger anymore. I think 4 hurricanes(2 being super hurricanes so far that appear to be 1 in 1000 years) along with Satanists being cursed has them scared them off. My prophethood is being delayed. I am still maintaining October 22, 2018 as the date. Nothing can stop it, nothing can prevent it. I have my birth certificate and enough money to run quickly get a new one issued within 2 days and get out of country with a sizable amount of on hand cash. Me being in a Muslim country they would be able to pick up the fact I have the strongest spirit in the World. It appears the Hurricane Irma is headed to Atlanta for Ronit’s 30th birthday on September 11, 2017. The other hurricanes will also attack. Ahmadinejad calls the USA “Big Satan” and Israel “Little Satan”. Honestly, we can see “Little Satan” attacked by Team Crescent and God any damn day. We can see 40 day earthquakes in Israel like 1033. Although the reason God doesn’t do this I presume is because 20% of the people in Israel are Muslim and God wants to keep Muslim deaths to a minimum by his actions. Look, what the aliens want more than ever is to be worshiped. My story will be the perfect story to get people to worship them. Someone fighting off the ultimate temptation money, sex, threats and black magic with one hundred millionth of the resources(and no access to unlimited credit) of the Satanic bloodlines and winning in the end. Why would they give their most beloved person ever on this planet out of 100 billion people born to the filthiest, dirtiest, most unethical group of people that absolutely reject God. The Muslims actually worship them and me.

Satanism is sick minded in the end. Killing, enslaving and deceiving innocent people all just for personal gain. All the Satanists care about is being worshiped. They don’t care about the greater good for humanity. The Satanists are being deceived very much. They think they can prevent my prophethood with their stupid tactics. They don’t seem to realize God is running the situation and tricking them into situation where I have maximum hatred for Jews and Satanists when my prophethood starts. Why is that? Because the Muslims are praying for Satanists and Jews to be exterminated. I received some funny texts from Justin Le Blanc the other day. He was trying to deny the existence of God. Which was funny because that is the Satanists number one thing to do, to lie about the lack of existence of God. Look if Satan exists then God exists. Also, he was threatening just like Ronit Mukerji saying I would suffer a very painful death. Then he was trying to reduce me to absolute trash. Look for christ sakes for the last few years this guy has been quoting scriptures and Bible to me and saying he is a “Man of God.” What a joke is this. The guy is an utter joke. For christ sakes the high-frequency algorithm methods he was working on back when he was 38 and I first met him can only produce maximum $5M a year. Since the age of 18 I have only focused on longer-term trades because I am only interested in making multibillion amounts a year. And then he says so many false things. When I met him back at the end of 2014 he was saying that he would be worth $5-10B within a year, the S&P was going to crash 50% and there would be no internet on the West Coast USA by March 2015. Then he says things like… “I am always correct”. Then there is the thing with him laughing at my EUR/USD short call on October 15, 2014 when I showed the best trade in years on a large executable size(selling into a buying climax).

Cowardly Coward-Dancing Illuminati Filth still maintaining 100% backfire rate on everything

So basically we have seen the Illuminati do things with a 100% backfire rate over the last 5-6 years over hundreds of things they do. This is an utter joke. On August 19, 2017 I turned 9815 days old(August 15th is Melinda Gates’s date of birth). The semi-golden ratio also came to Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday and Israel founding date. My parents were filled with demonic possession and irritating the shit out of me with black magic. I decided you know what, it was time for me to flee to the Muslims nations through route of Qatar and I requested my passport from my mother who conveniently took it from my possession secretly and hid it in our bank safe. I was going to hold out in the Muslim nations and then later come back for my family after my prophethood. I didn’t feel that things were constructive being at home with my family with them irritating the shit out of me. Particularly my father. Anyways, when I requested the passport from my mother, she started beating me up and refused to give it. My dad was saying some demeaning things. I am an adult of legal age and have a right to have my passport in my possession. I decided to call the police to request my passport and report that I was assaulted by my mother. My parents started fabricating things and referring to my fabricated mental illnesses from 5 years as a result of my behavior and I was put on a mental health hold for from August 19th to September 5th. This mental health hold was this long because I refused medication for the first week. The doctor they chose this time was Pakistani and the state was fabricating things like I was gravely disabled, danger to others and danger to myself. Anyways, this shit didn’t work in Summer 2012 as how they had a Afghani psychiatrist fabricate mental illnesses and put me on risperidal.

They choose a Pakistani doctor because they believed I would hold resentment against Pakistanis and Muslims for this. He lied about the effects of medication. For instance, he prescribed 5 mg halperidol saying it causes absolutely no weight gain. I have just looked through the studies and it causes weight gain. During my mental health hold, I was beaten up(though not seriously) for calling a Jew male patient a “filthy Jew” and big fat Hispanic mail nurse responded by punching me and had my shirt ripped up. Afterwards I was forced to show him my dick. He later denied doing this. I was mocked and made fun of by a Filthy Jew Nurse. He was ugly and so unethical and claimed to me that my sister asked him for his number and wanted to date him, I knew straight up he was lying. And was treated like trash by some other patients at the hospital who seemed to be possessed. In particular, there was this one loser guy who was 50 years old, bald and had all white hair that was making fun of me. He lived such a pathetic life. Only has one kid which was by mistake and he seems to regret. And all he cares for having is dogs. He kept begging me to get a dog. Then he saying how I should be a pizza delivery boy. Then he was physically threatening. Then he was saying how he would get me a $2 cheap hooker with no teeth. What kind of a loser life is this. Anyways, I see the purpose of this mental health hold as a means to reduce me as much as possible and inflict suffering on me to make me lose my faith in God and eventually give into being forced into the Satanic bloodlines. This is seeming to be a pretty uneven war. And this is the thing it isn’t even over yet, I’m predicting that these events will continue until at least equinox day.

Anyways, this event totally backfired on them. The number one activity I did while I had my free will taken was pray. Praying is Satan’s number one enemy. This was my biggest praying campaign ever. I also managed to quit my alcohol addiction which is a sin in Islam and Christianity along with a major reason with why I wouldn’t want to move to an Arab nation. I used to be an active drinker, I don’t have any desire for alcohol at all. The anti-psychotics prescribed have removed any fears I had(which were little to start with) and killed my libido even more, which backfires on the Illuminati plans even more. But some events taking place like the Philadelphia train crash, Los Angeles wildfires and Hurricane Harvey have dramatically increased my faith in God and uplifted me. They show that God will strike back 10 million times harder on America if America inflicts suffering on me. I was nearly arrested in May 2009 for smoking a cigarette on a US Airways flight between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The police questioned me in Philadelphia and nearly arrested me but didn’t because they couldn’t prove I did anything illegal. This was the time I met Richard Ha we were on the way to moving my sister to her new apartment in Virginia for her education at Georgetown Law. The last person I talked to before the plane flight was Varun Iyer, someone the Illuminati has been trying to uplift compared to me which is an absolute joke cause I am way way way above him(million quadrillion quadrillion times the person he is). One thing to note the train crash happened at 12:15 AM the day of my first Facebook post that has Jennifer Gates’s date of birth and Josh Cain(my brother-in-law’s) date of birth.

The numbers for Hurricane Harvey are very interesting, in particular the fact it is a 1 in 1000 year flood event, it made land fall in Corpus Christi(Latin for Body of Christ) and the recent population estimates for the metropolitan area in 2000 and 2013. I am predicting Hurricane Irma will be even more powerful and the fury will strike back on September 11, 2017 mainly on Florida, where Justin Le Blanc mainly lives. Hurricane Harvey implicates me being Christ with a 1 in trillion or less probability. Absolutely perfect timing, location, numbers and names with everything. No Trump didn’t backstab Texans. It was that bitch lady who passed the 4260 masturbation bill. So anyways, the Illuminati has once again showed they can do things that backfire and that Team Crescent is in full control of the situation. What they don’t realize is that God is running the situation such that I have maximum hatred of Jews and Satanists when my prophethood starts. Look, in my First Coming I am a suffering servant in my Second Coming I am a conquering king. Big difference. I don’t necessarily have to be forgiving and love my enemies and pray for them. God has shown he will still have my back even when I show hatred for my enemies. On another note, my prophethood is being accelerated due to my freewill being taken and black magic being used. I believe it will start by December 21 of this year. October 22, 2018 at bare latest. My 27th birthday will be an interesting date. By the way, August 19th was the day the Powerball lottery jackpot was the highest since January 13, 2016 the day the FBI Coward Agents came to my house to fabricate a mental illness. The probability of this is 1 in 160. They pulled off this shit and were confident about it because Satan was relatively strong compared to how he usually was.