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The ultimate revenge, end of Satanism

Look ever since I came to Bill Gates’s attention in June 2011 he has been planning to ENSLAVE me. He has been trying to extort me out of my bloodline using numerous psychological games, threats of force, actual use of force, taking my free will, turning everyone against me and using black magic on people I know. The thing is, he started with extortion, not me. My bloodline is worth more than quadrillion times his money. I think it’s justified that I extort him out of everything he has and the Satanic bloodlines too. I remember talking to him on his daughter’s 16th birthday and he was asking whether I “respect people”. What kind of a joke is this? Because of his actions at least 200 million have died who shouldn’t have, 500 million people injured, people living under abject poverty, suffering, tyranny and oppression. The global economy is at least 1 trillionth the size it is supposed to be right now. I am attaching the conversation with Bill Gates where he was posing as a “Gitanjali Verma”. He can’t even talk to me under his real name. This is utmost disrespect for people and humanity. To try to prevent my prophethood and take my bloodline. I am sickened by Satanism to the core. The Bible and Quran say he is figure of concentrated of evil, that is very deceptive and a lawless man. That is exactly he is.

Bill Gates conversation

The trigger point for my potential prophethood was the Love Our Prophet Day in Pakistan on September 21, 2012. The Muslims picked up my distress call what happened on September 3, 2012 and they reacted accordingly along with God showing signs. However, the reason my prophethood didn’t start was because I chose to stay back. I remember any moment after Love Our Prophet Day I felt like I was going to rise up, but my dad kept saying “stay back, stay back, I don’t want you to go up”. Back then I was still very Satanic, using 666 on everything, playing the lottery and enslaved by IRBL, still thought Rothschild was a good person and I didn’t pray. I was still heavily under the influence of Satan. Those issues are completely gone right now. So far it’s 2007 days into the attempted enslavement and everything have done has backfired tremendously. Look my full story over the last 6 years will be known. Practically everything is saved in my subconscious memory and I will have total recall when my prophethood starts. Also, I will be able to retrieve all the Facebook newsfeed posts, skype conversations, emails and phone calls with regards to the Illuminati. Everyone will have super intelligence and know the full story in an instant. But not just what was done to me, but this whole World over the last 300 years. Why is Team Crescent winning? Because they pray the most by far and don’t reject God like Satanists and Jews.

Let me show you some screenshots of Rothschild’s Facebook profile. He added me exactly when I was 7666 days old on October 1, 2011. I just won the Dukascopy Contest with a massive outlier record 6623 pips and 1,650,986.36 equity and had a total of 13368 pips. The probability of all these Satanic numbers coming up is 1 in trillion. The unleveraged pip points return is a massive outlier and in the 99.999th percentile of all trading contest months. He must have been looking through my Google account history and know about my previous past and interest in aliens and knew about Satanic bloodlines. He made this absolutely godly call on American Airlines just after its bankruptcy from the bottom. Over the next few years American Airlines rose 5000%+ due to the restructuring of Rothschild. But this trade call was before it was known publicly that Rothschilds were involved in restructuring AMR. The day after it was revealed that Rothschild was restructuring AMR he had Jennifer Gates pose with a photo of an iPhone in Australia.

Rothschild profile

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 12.02.06 PM

The elimination of Jewry and Satanism

I have made a little bit changes to my plan with regards to the Illuminati. Look, I would love to CRUCIFY these Satanic bastards just to flaunt my power. But to be honest, it doesn’t mean much because they will still suffer a million times more in Hell. Also CRUCIFIXIONS sometimes can take a very long time and really a very brutal method of execution. I think the best option is to start the hanging on November 5, 2018. We go 11 people at a time, naked. We can get 5 rounds done an hour. That means 1320 in a day. I want to broaden it to over 8 days, that should get just about 10,500 people of the most powerful in the Illuminati executed. Before we execute them, their memories will be saved and be open for the public to review. After the execution, there will of course be a museum to parade their frozen naked bodies forever. This will all be done in Meccah, that is where the trial, execution and museum will be built. However I am intending on making Kolkata the capitol of the World.

On the issue of Jews, I want to round up all of the 15 million Jews. Their minds will all be read by me and I will judge this: a) executed, b) sterilized and slave, c) slave, d) normal life. By slave I mean them paying a 99% tax rate for a good amount years like say 66 years. I would like to save most of my hatred for particularly Israeli Jews and Jews that were sympathetic to the Zionist/Rothschild movement. Some people that I would love to target particularly include IDF soldiers. Everyone that was involved in terrorist attacks and in harassing me, they will pay a 99% tax rate for 66 years. But anyways, the first priority will be in executing the core 10,500 people of the Illuminati. But that should be done within 2-3 weeks after my prophethood. Then I will focus on the Jewish problem. Also I want to have Ahmadinejad by the way be an important judge in what happens to the Jews and Satanists. Maybe he may influence me to show mercy. Or maybe he may influence me to be ruthless. We’ll see about it. But anyways I trust his judgement.

On another note I have been going through calculations and it appears this World can easily have 25 trillion people with the technological advances of my prophethood. I will particularly be promoting population growth of the Bengali Hindu race, my own race. It will probably take several centuries for us to reach this level. We will be able to make towers at least 4 miles high, possibly much higher with anti-gravity things. This calculation is based on the fact that right now there are molecules with strength 400 times stronger than steel like graphene. And the thing is we can still discover even stronger molecules. We will be able to synthetically produces meats, vegetables and fruits without the need for plants or animals. We will have computers far more powerful than today and humans with super intelligence. Also I believe my army will be at least trillion quadrillion times stronger than the Anti-Christ’s army(USA and Western armies and Israeli army). This will be a very easy battle, they will quickly be overpowered. I mean come on, God is infinitely more powerful than Satan.

Look so basically it has been 2006 days that the Illuminati has been trying to make me give up my belief in God and worship Satan. Everything they have done has backfired up until now and they still keep doing things that backfire. I don’t think they can prevent my Prophethood at all and they are showing that they are utterly stupid. The recent demonic possession on my dad has totally backfired. I have been praying and seeing results. I have been reminded of creatine and letrozole. Two chemicals that will help me kill libido and gain muscle and lose fat along with increase my intelligence and memory. Also my vision of Hell and the fact that they are getting my dad to piss me off shows that they have something to fear. Also it shows that they want my dad to definitely go to Hell and live a short life. Look, I’m building resentment against Bill Gates for this, not my dad. It’s the opposite result. This is just pushing me to go for my prophethood. Honestly they’re destined to lose. God is in total control of the situation.

The end of the Illuminati

I recently have got a vision of Hell. To my knowledge, the amount of suffering that some people will go through in Hell is the equivalent of experiencing a million CRUCIFIXIONS. At least that is what the Illuminati will experience when they go to Hell, particularly Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Charles de Rothschild. Eternal torment and suffering is in store for them complements of God. You guys think it’s brutal when ISIS burns people in cages for 10 minutes? How about being burned for 100,000 years all over your body. Anyways, let me make this clear, this sick minded shit that has gone down in the last 5 year has really been taken to some limits. I wanted a life quadrillion trillion times better for my family. Where we live forever, rule the planet, choose who we love and are worshiped by everyone. Where I can resurrect anyone I choose to just by seeing their photographs or touching their remains or knowing about their spirit. A life quadrillion times or more better for the whole World. A World where there is no poverty, suffering, deception and oppression. Everyone having super intelligence. The Satanists did everything they can do to prevent this. They made it look like I had some “mental breakdowns” in 2012 and kept onto the schizophrenic hypothesis for years despite all the magical things that went down. The fact that they have violated my free will gravely and used so much black magic on my family means they will suffer even more in Hell.

Hurricane Sandy was God’s punishment to the United Satan States of America for delaying my prophethood and also for the Anti-Christ Bill Coward Gates coming to the Middle East and smooching with Muslim leaders after the events of September 2012. My prophethood could have started in late September or early October 2012. The solar flare on July 14, 2017 released more energy than has ever been generated in humanity and more energy than all the wealth on this planet. My calculations is that it released at least $300 trillion worth of energy. I am getting more powerful and protected each damn day along with being better able to resist temptation. I honestly believe I am 100 times more protected than 2012, at least. I now realize exactly what the Illuminati wanted to do. They wanted to take my bloodline and prevent my prophethood. They wanted the power of God. Yes, the aliens will come back someday, they always planned to for the last 200,000 years and enforce the rule of someone from my bloodline. The value of my bloodline is absolutely tremendous. Way beyond all the money on this planet. It means ruling this planet for 1000 years and having direct connection to technology millions of years ahead of us. I now realize why I resisted so much and held so much resentment against the Satanists. The thing about this, they wanted my family to live short lives and go to Hell. Along with the Muslims that were lining up to pray for me this whole time. They wanted to be on the side of God and Christ. Well God and Christ isn’t on their side they’re on the side of Team Crescent.

The people who have hurt the Illuminati the most are Ion Pairelli, Justin Le Blanc, FBI Coward Agents John Bauman and Jess Cugno, Melinda Martinez and Ronit Mukerji. These were their coward pawns used to put me down. Look just because someone is nice to you doesn’t mean they want what is good for. Rothschild was very nice to me for the first 4 months I knew him. The FBI Coward Agents that came on January 13, 2016 they acted like “friends” trying to “help”. They weren’t try to help. I’m actually happy they came cause they showed that Rothschild wanted me to give up my belief in God and that he is a real Rothschild. They showed that the Illuminati has fear in my belief in God. Ronit Mukerji was my best friend for years. I remember our days smoking marijuana and fooling around all over LA. He has treated me like utter trash these last 5 years ever since I was uncooperative with the Illuminati. The thing is, I know Rothschild is the primary opponent of God and that I am the Son of God. I need to do the opposite of what he wants me to do. If he wants me to give up my belief in God, then I believe in God more. If he wants me to smoke marijuana, then I don’t smoke marijuana. If he wants me to visit a psychiatrist, then I don’t visit a psychiatrist. If he wants me to marry Jennifer Gates, then I don’t marry Jennifer Gates. If he wants me to play the lottery, then I don’t play the lottery. Simple as that. The person who alerted me about the Rothschilds’ plans was someone from inside the French Rothschilds. There are some allies of Christ in the Illuminati. Anyways, I will find who helped me out and will spare their life. Obviously, who ever it was that helped me out would be in a god damn lot of trouble. But it was by the Will of God.

The end of Moore’s law, Satanists want people stupid, Illuminati screwing around

I actually underestimated how far Moore’s Law can go based on some interpretations of Ray Kurzweil’s book. That number billion trillion times is what is beyond what we need for technological singularity. It can actually go way beyond billion trillion times where we are at now. Much further than that actually. Aliens have definitely hit this long ago and even if(I am 99% sure the government has found a downed UFO) we found a downed UFO we would be nowhere close to comprehending their technology. At most we can just use a UFO, but we will come nowhere close to understanding how their processors and propulsion systems work. Ray Kurzweil’s calculations for a 2 pound hot computer come out to 10^50 calculations per second. For a cold computer that would be 10^42 calculations per second. Right now the calculating power of the whole human race is 10^26 cps. The average human brain can calculate at 10^16 cps(upper end range). What does this mean? Eventually we will be able to get human beings 10^26 times smarter assuming we go by cold computing. To put that into perspective that is 100 trillion trillion times smarter than the average human being. And this even underestimates the fact that computers are much more efficient at utilizing their cps than human brains currently. So this will be my intelligence just after my prophethood starts. Then my family members. Then Muslims. Then eventually the whole World. I’m not sure how rapid the progression will be, maybe within a year after my prophethood or much sooner everyone can have super intelligence. But I am keeping the priority of having it for my family first, then the Muslims(particularly Saudi Royal Family and top members of Iranian government), then later the whole World.

I believe the Satanists, particularly the Rothschilds and Rockefellers fear the coming of technological singularity. They want to keep people as stupid as possible. They have been manipulating the economic and stock market cycles to make people believe that socialism is good. A lot of people have a high view of Barack Obama’s economic performance due to the fact that the stock market did very well. But there is also other things like terrorist attacks Satanists are behind(such as 9/11, 7/7) and the Holocaust myth. The last thing the Satanists want is people being 100 trillion trillion times smarter than they are today or anywhere near close to that. Assuming aliens don’t come back over the next 100 years(I’m 100% sure they will come back in this timeframe and enforce the rule of someone from my bloodline) we would rapidly get to the end of Moore’s Law by the end of this century assuming Satanists don’t attempt to slow down technological development. That means people would quickly be able to see through the deception. They would instantly be able to read through the literature discrediting the Holocaust myth or that Muslims are behind 9/11 and this would incite a lot of hatred against Jewry and Satanism. They would understand the manipulations done by the Satanic bloodlines. The Satanists want to do everything to prevent technological singularity. Bill Gates with his idea of a robot tax is absolutely fucking stupid by the way and if such a plan were implemented it would severely limit AI and robotics development.

Just because Illuminati companies such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook look up to AI development and technological singularity doesn’t mean we should trust their company visions. Google’s motto “Don’t be Evil” is a total joke. Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt are false prophets and worship Satan. Hence why they use 666 in their share sales of Google. They provide all of people’s information used on Google products to the Satanic bloodlines and Illuminati. This is an absolute violation of people’s trust in using their products. This goes with the rest of the Illuminati companies. Even the statement for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “all lives have equal value” is an utter joke. Zuckerberg and Gates are really the biggest fake philanthropists in the World. This bullshit that they want to give away practically of their wealth and respect people. They don’t respect humanity if they tried everything they can to prevent my prophethood. They are servants of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. I’m at least quadrillion times the person they are. They are the Sons of Satan and I am the Son of God. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Everything that they wanted to accomplish with their philanthropic organizations could have been done 5 years ago along with a lot more. We could have seen a global economy far far far far larger than what it is now, everyone living lifestyles a trillion times better or more.

On the issue of the Illuminati they are still irritating me. They are sending on my Gmail tons of emails about dating seniors, Asians, Brazilians and Russians. They know I am not interested in any of these racial groups. They know my number one preference is marrying a Bengali Hindu by far. They also are sending these fuck buddy and quick sex date emails. They know I just want to have sex with only one girl(my wife in the future) for the rest of my life forever and am not interested in quick and easy sexual relationships. They are still sending ugly old women with front money scams or that work at Islamic banks. I know exactly why they are doing this. It’s all a psychological game, they want me to think I can’t get better and look up to being with Jennifer Gates. Look if God wanted me to get married soon, he would make that happen. But he doesn’t because that is just about the only thing that can prevent my Prophethood. I’ll admit, me getting married and getting a wife pregnant would make me happier than any money could at this point. But anyways, these psychological games are really irritating me and resulting in the opposite consequence. I see that they fear my prophethood and are desperate to get me with Jennifer Gates or any Satanist. On the issue, God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Any fucking second God can suddenly decide to give me the power to turn water into wine or many other powers to prove what I really am. Why else would he only reveal me to the people that hate me and want to prevent my prophethood? So that I am sickened by Satanism and reject it eventually resulting in me completing God’s plans of defeating Satanism and evil for good.

Team Crescent beats Team Satan hands down

These last 6 years have quite possibly been the biggest joke ever. Every single step of the way everything has backfired on the Illuminati. It has been about 1999 days so far and they are still continuing with shit that backfires. They wanted to reduce me to less than filth, poop, monkey, dog, ape, rapist, psychotic money garbage, schizophrenic trash, schizophrenic loser and many things. Team Crescent this whole fucking time has been lining up people to pray for me. Every day that passes I am getting more powerful and more protected and better able to resist temptation. Look, God is rewarding Team Crescent with me not Team Satan. Team Satan is digging its hole ever deeper over these last 6 years of shit. The more black magic and demonic possession they use on my family, the more they will suffer in Hell after they die after my prophethood. The more they are pissing me off, giving me an inclination to shoot for my prophethood which has more power than anything along with causing magical signs by God in the form of mass shootings and other events. This demonic possession by my dad has pushed me into praying several hours a day. Praying is the number one weapon against Satan and the Devil. I am praying for God to help me get to my prophethood, to help me resist temptation, to show me the future, to bind Satan’s influence on my family and to bind Satan’s influence on the World.

Initially when the Bilderberg Steering Committee met about me in January 2012, they decided that they will make me the next Rockefeller by my 60′s. Someone from the Bilderberg Steering Committee, Rothschilds or Rockefellers alerted me to the plan of the Rothschilds to turn everyone against me and ENSLAVE me along with tempting me with a virgin pussy(Jennifer Gates). Then after seeing how uncooperative I was over the years they decided by January 2016 to make me the next fucking John Nash. That is what a life of Satanism is, me being controlled by black magic and making Satan stronger than ever. The aliens would still come back and enforce the rule of someone from my bloodline but at a much later date. But my family would live short lives and go to Hell for eternal torment and suffering. My desire is that my family lives as absolutely long as possible, over 1000 years and goes to Heaven after we die. My desire is that I become the greatest person ever, Team Crescent has a trillion times the power of Bill Coward Gates by the age of 29. I know that they have taken at least 20 vials of my blood back in 2012 and they probably have a way to clone blood(if we can clone animals it’s a no brainer that blood can be cloned and there are many theories that the Illuminati has the ability to clone humans). I believe they have mixed my blood with members of the Illuminati so that they are not cursed by my resentment.

They just had to send the Coward-Dancing Cowardly FBI Coward Agents on January 13, 2016. Honestly, it was on the worst possible date on the worst possible circumstances. They had a Jewish FBI Coward Agent John Bauman gravely insult me by saying I am John Nash and say many other insulting things. They thought I would see it as a compliment to be called a John Nash, I didn’t take it as a complement that is less than 1 quadrillionth of what Team Crescent has planned for me(and at a much earlier age). The golden ratios for Bill and Melinda Gates for September 3, 2012 and January 13, 2016 align to the same exact. The golden ratios for my date of birth and the Da Vinci Code movie aligns to January 13, 2016. It was 5237(Rory Gate’s date of birth and my power level) days after 9/11/2001 and 1336 days after 5/17/2012. Honestly, it implied that I was Christ and Bill Gates was the Anti-Christ with a less than 1 in quadrillion probability along with the fact that 9/11/2001 was a blood ritual to Satan for his family. The lottery that day blew off 50 standard deviations to Melinda Gates’s date of birth followed by Rothschild’s power level and Bill Gates’s power level. The person from the Department of Mental Health was named Melinda Martinez… she was asking whether I needed any “help”. What a joke. Then they had to cream it off by changing the lottery machine ID’s at the nearest place and the eat24 ID of the store next door to Bill Gates’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s date of birth. Further proving to me that they are the 2 Anti-Christs. What the fuck kind of a joke is this.

Then to top off things, they have to back off like Coward-Dancing Cowardly Illuminati Satanic Filth on December 18, 2016. Then to even top it off even more they sent Ankur Chugh(date of birth August 13, 1990) on Feburary 13, 2017 to say what was in the email was true. But this the thing, I saw Ankur Chugh after 13 years, he is born on the 13th day, he came 13 months after the FBI and I was meeting him on 13th day. The confluence of all those 13′s? 1 in 5,000,000. Not to mention my astrological models showing he has a strong Satanic connection to Charles de Rothschild and Bill Gates. When they noticed I was still uncooperative, they passed this masturbation bill 4260 in April 2017 by Jessica Farrar with a date of birth 11/26/1966. Anyways, it was to get me interested in Jen Gates, and they were sending virgins from Texas with the same date of birth as Jennifer Gates to get me interested in her. Then they sent Richard Ha and Lynn Le to Texas for a fertility clinic. When I asked them why they didn’t go to a fertility clinic in Maryland where they live they said it was because it was too racist there. That was an utter lie, Texas is a much more racist state than Maryland and that wouldn’t matter in modern day America. Anyways, Ronit was in Texas and I have a negative of Ronit as I do for Richard and Lynn. So this totally backfired. But also, this also brought to my attention that the Illuminati has been doing terrorist attacks in India and making it look like Muslims are behind it as they have been doing in the West. In particular the 2006 and 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks are definitely Illuminati.

Then they had to send the “offer” on June 13, 2017 to have Jennifer Gates come to my house for 3 months starting on July 26, 2017. Anyways, June 13, 2017 was the worst date to choose because that is John Nash’s birthday and July 26 was the worst day to start because that is the day the FBI was founded(the Federal institution I hate the most because it fabricates things to justify the extermination of Muslims). I wasn’t interested and showed interest in a girl that has the main female bloodline of Christ. So early June 14, 2017 they were threatening me by removing everything on my Facebook feed except pictures of razors. What followed immediately were 2 mass shootings. One in San Fransisco where all the people were treated at Zuckerberg’s Hospital. Then the one in D.C. where some socialist ended up shooting a bunch of Republicans. Of the Republicans that were shot up the main one was Steve Scalise who is born on October 6, 1965, his date of birth is within a day of mine by date(ignoring year). His wife’s name is Jennifer Scalise. They were from Louisiana which was the state they sent Ronit too after the Innocence of Muslims drama. The probability of this is about 1 in a million. There were some interesting things coming up on my astrology model showing heavy fibonacci connections between me and shooters. They were sent by God to scare off the Illuminati from doing anything to me. They were scared off and my Facebook was returned to normal. Then to top it off, they started heavy demonic possession on my family members on July 1, 2017 and that totally backfired because I now know the source is definitely Bill Gates(I was suspecting it this whole time) and he is with power level 6 the whole time to prevent my prophethood.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.02.14 AM

The Binding of Satan for Eternity

One of the things that I am looking up to the most during my prophethood is super intelligence for people. I should have intelligence billion trillion times beyond what an average computer pretty much has today, possibly much higher. Way beyond what an average human being has today. But not just for me, but for others. The Muslims will have this. My family will have this. Then eventually the rest of the population will have this. One thing that will be important for the trial that will start on October 28, 2018 is mind reading technology. We will be able to read all of the Illuminati’s minds very very quickly. We would be able to know who was behind what in regards to me and the whole World. What they have done in the past and what they were planning in the future. Some minds that I would like to particularly like to read is Bill and Melinda Gates, Charles de Rothschild, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the Bilderberg Steering Committee. Everything that they ever did including what was saved in their conscious and subconscious memory will be reviewed and saved for the public to know. The Illuminati will run and hide but we will find them and bring them to justice for what they have done to this World over the last 300 years and what they were planning to do in the future.

On the issue of somethings. I plan on after executing the Illuminati by hanging to make a museum to parade their naked frozen bodies. The museum will be located in Meccah. Kolkata will be made capitol of the World. I do not plan on marrying or even having sex with a girl until after my prophethood. The risks are way too high and I can be forced into worshiping the Devil/Satan/Anti-Christ. The solar flare on July 14, 2017 from Sunspot 2665 gave an idea as to who. The solar flare was tremendous, the biggest this year so far and it produced over $100T in energy and coincided with the Al-Aqsa Mosque attack at 7 AM. Anyways I am only marrying a Bengali Hindu preferably someone who is a descendant of Christ. My family is really going to hate the Illuminati for the shit they have pulled off since 2012. My dad is in denial particularly and under heavy demonic possession. Look the fact that I am being forced into something through these sick tactics means they have something to fear. Anyways, I am actually in a much much better situation than 2012. I have more money than then, I am in better shape physically and mentally and I know much more about markets. Also I am more religious, just worship God and have rejected Satan. I know more about Jesus, Muhammad, the Bible and Quran. Money worshiping and playing the lottery is Satanism to the core.

They’re having people tell me utter bullshit. Like this Akaash Beri kid born on September 12, 1990(12 years before Phoebe Gates). He has the strongest astrological connection with Charles de Rothschild through the date May 29(Bilderberg date). He’s been telling me shit like all of trading is due to jinns telling the future. No it isn’t it is due to supply and demand imbalances due to accumulation and distribution. Then he says shit like “I can be dog or cat and rule the world.” Then he is talking about Jesse Livermores failure and ignores the successes of others in trading. Anyways, if the Rothschilds had jinns which could accurately tell the future, this shit over the last 5 years wouldn’t have gone down with regards to me. Everything has totally backfired, especially the shit in September 2012 and sending the FBI Coward Agents in January 2016 and then to cream it off they back of as cowards in December 2016 and fail at it. He acts as if can accurately tell the future when he hasn’t once shown any excellence in telling the future at all in markets or future events.

Then they have this Roy Wiborg character talk down to me and say utterly false shit. Whether I have gone past algebra or taken logic in college. I took logic in Summer 2008 and got an A. I excelled way past algebra at a young age and went into multivariable calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and statistics. He was questioning my statistics calculations but didn’t say why exactly. By the way I got an A+ in my statistics course in early 2015. Then he was saying utterly false shit like I never offered to pay for gas or food when he drove me to school when my license was suspended 3 months, that was completely false I paid my fair share many times. He kept talking down to me. Then he was saying shit like I need to visit a psychiatrist and take meds. And I’m like… you’re a fucking loser for comparing yourself to someone 20 years younger than you. Anyways, Roy Wiborg’s most visited time on my website is 10:28(Bill Gates’s date of birth). Anyways it is good to see that the Satanists keep doing things that backfire on them. Also Roy Wiborg is a very very unethical person, I remember once we were at his place and he was like lets max out our credit cards and debit cards and then report they are stolen we will make thousands. I refused to go through with it. They keep trying lol.

Remember remember the fifth of November, arrival of aliens

I remember me and my former best friend Ronit Coward Mukerji kept saying remember remember the fifth of November in reference to V for Vendetta when we were doing pranks in 2008-2009. Anyways, we were under the influence of the Devil/Satan at that time and basically I ended turning all of the Bengali Hindu community of Southern California against me for what I did. But anyways, the Illuminati’s death curse is November 5, 2018. When my prophethood starts on October 22, 2018, Muslims will have the most advanced weaponry on the planet. I’m thinking that death by CRUCIFIXION might be too harsh and take too long. In fact maybe death penalty maybe too harsh. Maybe even killing people maybe too harsh. I will see how things go as time progresses. I have been considering that maybe I just hang them naked 7 at a time. I can get 300 of them executed a day in Meccah. It should take about 7 days to execute the 2000 most powerful people in the Illuminati. But I will evaluate this over time. I have to do what is right and what is ethical. But one thing to note, these people wanted to terrorize, enslave and deceive the World for 1000 years. They wanted to kill billions of people more. They wanted to prevent creating trillions of lives.

Ray Kurzweil calculates that Moore’s Law ends at billion trillion times where we are at now. By the way, God is basically aliens, they have control over “mind over matter”. They can read over all of our thoughts and control karma. They abducted me when I was kid when I was seven, I remember and feel the metal in the back of my head. They created God and Satan. They created the Jesus and Satanic bloodlines. They genetically engineered and created humans around 200,000 years ago. Their eventual goal is get us to worship them through me. They can see the future accurately better than anyone and can see the past. Their goal is to show that someone can fight the ultimate temptation, fight for what is right and stand up for free will and this will lead to them being worshiped beyond any reasoning. The fact that they are probably millions of years ahead of us, if not far more ahead of us, means that they have definitely hit the end of Moore’s law and have a very very massive population in their home planets and can send a massive amount of ships at their will(100 million+). They are waiting for the right time to reveal themselves to humanity. That is my prophethood.

Anyways, it looks like the Illuminati is still pushing to piss me off. They are getting my dad on demonic possession comparing me to a dog. They are getting this guy Nagaraja Adiga comparing me to a dog. Anyways, I checked Nagaraja. I first contacted him on my Gmail on August 15th, 2011, Melinda Gates’s birthday. I first contacted him on Facebook on October 28, 2011, Bill Gates’s birthday. The chances of this is is about 1 in 130,000. He was trying to discourage me from looking up to being a prophet. Anyways he is quite possibly the worst person to seek advice from. For christ sakes on the Dukascopy contest my performance is 12 standard deviations above him. He is 1 standard deviation below the average, I am 11 standard deviations above the average on 3:1 leverage. So that is like someone with a 85 IQ giving advice to someone with a 265 IQ. To give you an idea this kind of difference is the equivalent of winning the Powerball 4 times in a row. This Nagaraja guy is so pathetic. Even worse he is 20 years older than me and ugly as hell. The fact that they are getting people to discourage me from looking up to being a prophet means that I should look up to being a prophet.

Team Crescent will liberate this World from Satanism and Jewry

Bill Coward Gates the Anti-Christ is the most hated person by God. The only reason he is even allowed to live is so that his naked body is nailed to a cross in Meccah on November 5, 2018. Along with the rest of the Cowardly Coward-Dancing Illuminati Satanists Filth. The work of the Illuminati and the United States in 2012 in delaying the prophethood of Second Coming of Christ by 6 years has caused immense suffering to the World. At least 200 million people died who shouldn’t have through disease, starvation, cancer and other things. Many people suffered and went through abject suffering and poverty and oppression when they shouldn’t have. At least 500 million extra lives were prevented from being created. Other people that are hated by God include Mark Zuckerberg and Charles de Rothschild. But particularly the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bilderbergers. Look God loves the Muslims more than ever for lining up people to pray for his son and actually worshiping him. Not using black magic on his son or trying to block his chakra and aura so that he feels worthless and unhappy. Not using demonic possession on his family. Anyways, Team Crescent has been winning so far and it looks like they are going for the victory.

While the Jews have been slightly important in scientific discoveries over the last several centuries. Accounting for about a quarter of the Nobel laureates. They have done everything they can over the last 6 years to prevent the most anticipated and most important prophet ever. There is a collective group of Jews, particularly Zionists, that love to enslave, terrorize and deceive others. They achieve this through fabricating things, bribery, sex, black magic, threats of force and sex. My prophethood is the greatest thing ever and to be honest it means setting this World way way ahead. It’s worth more than any money on this planet. I now realize my obsession with making India a super power and my desire to only marry a Bengali Hindu. I think everyone can live forever. We’re going to enter the era where people’s intelligence will be a trillion times or more. We’re going to enter a glorious era. Satanism is sick to the core and I will always hate it. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. These Satanists all they care about is keeping power and wealth for themselves. I’ll admit I like the idea of power, but that is because I want to set things straight. I want to end all wars, poverty, suffering and deception.

The ironic thing about this. Because they have delayed my prophethood causing immense suffering and deception to the people of the World and used so much black magic on my family. They will end up suffering even more in Hell when they die after my prophethood. Because they have pissed me off even more with their stupid psychological games, fabrication of things, false use of authority and black magic they are giving me even more impetus to hold out for my prophethood. Look for christ sakes, God is controlling Satan to do things that backfire. Isn’t it obvious at this point? If everything they do backfires and goes completely opposite of their goals after 1990 days then lets see how the next 446 days go. But one thing is for sure, I’m getting more and more powerful everyday. I will be able to resist temptation better. And also God will show even more signs to the World as we come close to my prophethood. They think having my dad irritate me on demonic possession is going to make me capitulate. No it isn’t, it is just giving me the impetus to hold out for my prophethood and making me hate Satanism more. I don’t care if they piss me off. Anyways, I will always love my family.