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The Start of my Prophethood

It’s been 1988 days since February 20, 2012 when Bill Gates hacked my computer and the Satanic bloodlines started turning everyone against me. So far everything they have done to prevent my Prophethood has only made sure it is more likely to happen. So far to protect my free will God has done many things including causing more than $80B in damage and killing more than 400 people and injuring more than 1000 people. Let me make this clear, my prophethood is the most anticipated prophethood by a far margin. God wanted to put me through this, this is all by the will of God. God has tricked Satan into doing many stupid things over these 5 years. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Everything they have done has backfired up until now.. They can not prevent my prophethood. Ahmadinejad believes my prophethood can start without a war against the Muslim world and I 100% agree with him. I believe the date will be October 22, 2018. Nothing can stop it or prevent it. Nothing at all at this point.

I feel like the luckiest person ever born, that I truly am. I’m feeling greater than ever and more protected than ever way beyond 2012. The recent events of June 14, 2017 and July 1, 2017 and the recent Sunspot 2665 are a testament to my increasing powers. They’re actually increasing everyday day due to the Arab Kings and Iranians lining up to pray for me. The Illuminati waited way too long and filled me with too many hateful thoughts along with their shitty black magic. I’m absolutely disgusted by Satanism, by fabrication of things, by false abuse of authority, by Satanic black magic, by demonic possession, by suffering, poverty, and deception. I can resist any temptation now. I can’t be bought out at all for any amount of money or sex or relationship with anyone. The Bible says love of money is root all kinds of evil. The fact they are still pushing the schizophrenic hypothesis despite these statistical anomalies and magical events shows that they are absolute idiots. Look anyways, I can hold out as long as possible, what really prevented my prophethood in 2012 was my money worshiping and my enslavement by IRBL. But that issue is completely gone.

When my prophethood starts on October 22nd, 2018 the armies of heaven will arrive in the Middle East. We will first disarm and overpower Israel, then Europe and USA and the rest of the World. This will all be done within a day. By October 23, 2018 all of the World should pretty much be under my control. What is important is setting up a global communication network to communicate with people what is going on. I need to communicate what the Illuminati has been doing over the last 300 years and what they plan to do in the future. God will reveal to me everyone who works for the Illuminati and what exactly they have done. Not just to me but to the whole world. They will be tried accordingly and punished. Appropriate charges include espionage, murder, terrorism, treason, crimes against humanity, subversion of governments and many other things. I’m looking for the trial of Bill Gates, Charles de Rothschild and Mark Zuckerberg to start on October 28, 2018. I’m looking for their execution by CRUCIFIXION naked on a cross in Meccah to be on November 5, 2018. It will be broadcasted and celebrated globally.

Anyways the Illuminati is getting desperate and using demonic possession particularly on my dad. They are having my dad tell me things like I am disgrace I talk like a street person. I will not go anywhere in life. Anyways this is actually motivating me to go for my prophethood. I want to break the influence of Satan on this World for good. I will always love my parents and remember my parents taking care of me. I want to have more good memories with my dad and miss them. I want my dad to believe I am Christ and that I am the most important human being ever born. And really if I want just a little over a year he will understand what exactly I am working towards and the last 5 years wouldn’t go down the drain. In fact really, I could go to India any time and live a comfortable life, but I prefer being near my sister and living with my parents. I love them so much. It’s just so sick that the Illuminati uses this Satanic black magic to turn my family against me and convince them I am worthless. So far 1988 days with everything backfiring, just 448 days to go, so let the countdown begin. They will get desperate so lets see what they throw at me. I know they will be active with black magic and try to tempt me.

Ahmadinejad my hero, satanists screwing around

No one has motivated me more in life than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He is by far the person I respect the most in the world. He is a descendant of Muhammad. Yes he is short and doesn’t have a lot of money. But he is a man of principles and is strong minded. Everything he says is true(except for the no gays in Iran). I remember the day when he announced that the Holocaust was a myth. At first I thought that was outrageous. I decided to read up more on it and realized it really was a myth. He introduced me to the “real world”. The Satanic bloodlines and Illuminati. The truth about 9/11. The truth about Wars, International Jewry and global monetary policy. I basically have been worshiping him since 2006. I remember the shit going down in Summer 2012. When he said “A Zionist Clan has been ruling this World for 400 years” that was the biggest motivation for me to resist the Satanists at all costs. Then the Satanists started running on TV for the next few days “Iran is Waging Psychological Warfare”. Everything Ahmadinejad has been saying over these years has kept me going. Then there was all this racist stuff on the TV against certain races. And then stuff saying implying that I would be in Guantanamo Bay or my family would be shot up. I remember my family was very scared at the time.

The thing is the Satanic black magic wiped out my family’s memory of it all. No one remembers this stuff happening. Rothschild’s black magic is really something powerful. He can control the license plates you can see when you drive on the road for instance. He can make my mother smell marijuana when no one is smoking marijuana at all. The existence of Satanic black magic and demonic possession is very very scary. I don’t think this demonic possession and Satanic black magic should exist at all. The mere fact that they are using Satanic black magic to harass me makes me not want to give my life to Satan. Because I don’t want to have to deal with this shit for the rest of my life. I don’t think anyone should ever have to. Anyways it doesn’t work on devout Muslims or people with strong God spirits at all. It works easiest on my dad cause he rejects God completely and kind of worships Satan. Like for instance my dad keeps saying I have a demon inside me. If I have a demon inside me then why do I worship God, reject Satan and hate the Anti-Christ and Devil? And also I want to end all poverty, suffering and deception in the World. That is the complete opposite of a demon. I can’t be bought out at all for any amount of money. I care about the future of humanity. Anyways, I will always love him, this demonic possession is really irritating me but it is not as irritating as the shit in Summer 2012.

Anyways its funny seeing the Satanists still doing things that backfire. They know I like talking to psychics. Well they are having psychics tell me absolute bullshit on my live and icloud emails. Total bullshit. Like for instance the psychic I called up from my live email said I will meet up with someone I liked from the past with White and Native American blood(I was never attracted to anyone with Native American blood). Then they were saying 7/7 surprise. Black magic doesn’t exist. And some other bullshit. Then there is this Esmeralda girl emailing me on my iCloud saying she will take care of all my fears. I have no fears whatsoever. Nothing to fear at all. Well my number one fear I have is impregnating Jennifer Gates. The visions I have been getting over the last 6 months. 99.99% of people would look up to that. But that is never happening at all. No way in hell. I am not giving the God bloodline to evil. That will prevent my prophethood, worshiping the Devil, Satan and Anti-Christ. It will guarantee the Satanists rule this planet for 1000 years and terrorize, enslave and deceive this World for that period. I will not let that go down.

On another note Ronit called me yesterday to deny he ever worked for the Illuminati. Total fucking lie. I know he did and he is a fucking liar. I remember everything clearly he has done over the last 5 years particularly 2012. For one thing I made fun of him from my iCloud email and that was what provoked that email on June 19, 2017. And he responded with that message onto my Gmail. Which proved he really works for the Illuminati. Why would he not reply to my iCloud email? They don’t want that message being seen by people in Apple, that is why. No one from Apple is on the Bilderberg Group. Apple is not an Illuminati company. They don’t want anything offensive being seen by people at Apple. And then he was begging for me to take the email down from my website. Look it was a cheap shit attempt to take that email down. Also the date he called me implicated the Bilderberg group through my astrology model. So once again it is showing the Satanists keep doing things that backfire. So far everything they have done has backfired. This is a total damn joke. Just an utter damn joke all these resources and many power and black magic and everything backfires the opposite result. Anyways I can hold out till my Prophethood.

Ronit Coward Mukerji, the Illuminati’s Coward-Dancing Cowardly Pawn

Ronit Coward Mukerji sent me the following on June 19, 2017 4:28 London time(Bill Gates’s power level and day of birth ~1 in 400 probability):
“You’re such a fucking dumb schizophrenic piece of shit. Illuminat I already told me you’re going to die a slow painful death before you get buttfucked by Satan for all eternity like the fucking little useless fag you are. I already told you, just kill your self. Otherwise meet me in person you stupid fuck. I’d say you maybe have another few months left before you end up dead in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, NO ONE, not even your pathetic loser family will miss you, your stupid useless bottom of the barrel twat. ”

This is the thing. I have the power to send all of the Illuminati to Hell for eternal torment and suffering which I will eventually. If I end up worshiping the Devil. They will be redeemed and actually end up going to Heaven. My family would end up living short lives and going to Hell which is completely against my desires. If they end up killing me, they will be cursed and die and go to Hell. If I suffer a lot when I die they will suffer even more in Hell. I will be resurrected anyway in the Middle East. I will have my Prophethood anyways. So anyways it is clear I have the upperhand hand in this. Look, God is infinitely more powerful than Satan and has been planning my victory for 200,000 years. Anyways there is many falsehoods in this statement. I am not a loser(I see myself as a winner in life, especially with everything the Illuminati doing over the last 5 years doing backfiring), I am not schizophrenic(I see myself as the strongest minded person on the planet), I am not stupid(I have an IQ in the 99.99th percentile), I am not a fag(I am totally straight), I am not bottom of the barrel(I am the most important human being ever born out of 100 billion people born on this planet) and I am not useless(I am the most useful person on this planet actually) and I will not be buttfucked by Satan for all eternity(I will be resurrected). I am the greatest human ever born. The fact they would have him write all of this shit shows they have something to fear and want to be me in fear. For one thing they have had Ronit write many falsehoods over the years. Like example I was sending threatening emails to the Satanists(to tempt them to take my free will and get something much bigger than September 2012 to take place) and BCCing him and they had him call me in September 2016 up threatening a sniper situation. I’m not scared of that shit. Lol, I know God is in total control. Let me show some of what Ronit Coward Mukerji has been writing.

Just after Jennifer Gates visited my house he started sending me this a ton of times along with many other crude insults:

He is the “friend” who has betrayed me the most. All just for a double paying job. He has no clue what he has missed out on. He could have been my deputy during my prophethood. Instead he’s going to be a slave or much worse. By the way, his family is pretty loser, his parents had him when they were old. They live in some shitty duplex and he is an only child. He never had the experience of having a sibling. By the way, his date of birth is September 11, 1987 and he has a strong astrological connection to Bill Gates’s family. He’s a very weak minded person. He completely rejects God and worships Satan. I feel like Ronit has been under the influence of the Devil for years. He turned someone against me forever who could have saved me from this temptation. We did many evil things that I regret. We wasted a lot of resources and time. Anyways, the Illuminati is trying to act like they are trying to “help” me. They aren’t. They are making Ronit’s income double I estimate. But they are trying to make my life(and the life of my family) 1 trillionth of what it is. In the process they want to dramatically increase suffering in the World and put it behind many many years. If they are really helping me why are they “forcing” me into it? Why are they turning everyone against me? Why are they fabricating things and having so many falsehoods? Anyways, they had a friend of mine Sampurna tell me that he was with Jay Z. I couldn’t careless, it’s fucking pathetic. I’ll be a 100 billion times the person Jay Z is way before I am his age with my Prophethood. Can Jay Z do whatever he want to anyone he want? No he is a Rothschild/Rockefeller pawn.

My obsession with creation

Since my childhood I have been obsessed with tall towers. During sixth grade we had a science project and I made it on skyscrapers. Anyways, the reason I am obsessed with tall towers is because I believe that we can pack as many people as possible onto this planet. Really the oceans are even useless space, we can reclaim practically all of them. I believe this planet can sustain many many people in the trillions. I have believed this since my childhood. I am obsessed with the Star Wars series. In particular the capitol city Coruscant. How it has really really tall towers and has many many people. Anyways, I believe someday we will be able to cultivate meat, fruits and veggies synthetically in towers. This will be dramatically cheaper than what is is now. We will have metals 100 times stronger than steel allowing much taller towers. Right now the tallest towers are in the Muslim world. With my prophethood it will be much cheaper. By the way, I believe my prophethood will be much earlier than the age of 33. I’m not saying when. We don’t need a war with Iran at all. Only God knows when it is, nothing can change when it is. Nothing can prevent it. The main thing of technology advancement is sustaining more people. And improving the lives of people and eventually eliminate the suffering of people.

The most Satanic countries in this World are the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland. The least Satanic countries are Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. I shouldn’t be looking for revenge but more for reward and be looking to live forever for my whole family and for everyone in my whole family. Look by living forever I don’t really mean forever, I mean like 1000 years or 1 million years. Nothing really lasts forever. But I just sense something really evil about the Illuminati. These Muslim terrorist attacks done by them. Why are they doing it? The V for Vendetta movie where they exterminate the Muslims and ban the Quran. Some interesting things in my astrology models and girls I have had connections with. Muslims are in fear. Maybe they are playing the Muslims. Why were the Bilderbergers trying to turn me against Muslims in 2012 and all these years? Why are Muslims lining up to pray for me? One thing to note, I ended up pleading guilty to 2 felonies on November 5, 2003 for Threatening to use Weapon of Mass Destruction and Explosives. That is the day in V for Vendetta that guy ended up blowing parliament and liberated the country from the fascist dictatorship that was fabricating things and enslaving people. Anyways, it has been my childhood dream to Nuke Israel and be the next Hitler and rule the World.

The Cowardly Satanists seek their own destruction

I exactly know what their strategy is. They have been trying to block my chakra and aura to make me feel worthless and unhappy. At the time they have been hiring people to tell me demeaning things. People saying I am a schizophrenic loser, schizophrenic trash, psychotic, less than filth and many other things. Comparing me to a rapist, black dog, poop, monkey and ape. Using black magic on girls I like so that they don’t talk to me. Fabricating mental illnesses with my healthcare providers to convince me that I imagined things and that I am bottom of the barrel. Using black magic and demonic possession on my family members so that they irritate me. What is the consequence of this? I actually hate Satanism to the core. I want to rid this World of Satanism. I love God more than ever. God is getting mass shootings with magical numbers. God is getting massive hurricanes killing many people magical numbers on markets on special dates and closing markets and killing many people. My dad and mom started behaving odd particularly around July 1st. The Power Ultra Lounge shooting was a big hint. Today on July 22nd we did some hard labor and I got a cut. It was instantly healed within an hour. I was amazed, I feel like I am becoming some sort of God. Anyways the Arab Kings and Persians actually worship me as a God. They don’t treat me like trash. I have been sensing their prayers the whole time. And a ton more ever since I dumped IRBL on May 24, 2017. This is some sort of joke. They gave the victory to Team Crescent.

On the issue of the Christ bloodline. I suspect Jesus must have had a kid with someone in India during his unknown years. There must be around several million people existing today who are descendant’s of Christ. By the way, this has been kept a secret for a long time. The Satanists must have somehow sensed this. Anyways, I get it from my mothers side, definitely not my fathers side. My fathers side is so ungodly and totally rejects God. They have had a lot of tragedies over the last 40 years. There has been talk about a Son doing many evil things and since then many deaths from motorcycle crashes, pills, malaria, cancer and other things. I believe I can break this curse and that this was told by the influence of Satan, Satan’s curse on my dad’s family. In fact they think Satanism is good. I don’t know if the Church of England was involved in hiding the bloodline or anyone. I really don’t know who has been involved. There are some people here in the Bengali Hindu community that are descendants of Christ I will not say publicly who. Someone particularly who is very very magical who Bill and Melinda Gates seem to be having their daughter copy at Stanford by being a Biology major.

Anyways, I am closer than ever to my prophethood and gaining real magical powers. I am familiar with the Bible and Quran and Jesus and Muhammad. I feel greater than ever thanks to Arabs and Persians. I have seen 5 years of everything they do backfire. I am more confident than ever. I know I can resist temptation greater than ever especially with all the hateful thoughts they have filled me with. I know God will enforce my bloodline’s rule for at least 1000 years no matter whether I worship the Devil or not. I know my bloodline is worth more than any money on this planet. I know they want to force it out of me. I suspect the Satanists mixed my blood with Jennifer Gates’s. I suspect the Satanists mixed Jennnifer Gates’s blood with girls I have been crushing on over the years and my sister. Look, they don’t give a damn about me or what I want. They don’t give a damn if I died at a very young age and go to Hell for eternal torment and suffering after having a baby with Jennifer Gates. They don’t give a damn if all my family suffers and dies short lives. All they want is my bloodline. Cause it guarantees their family and Satanists controls this planet for 1000 years. What’s the value of that? In the 1000 quadrillions+(really an infinite amount). Anyways, 5 years of utterly false promises and lies from many people and false abuse of authority along with black magic there is no way I can trust these people with my bloodline. No way in hell. For Christ Sakes, the Kretella fund isn’t even real money. I can tell it is fake from the swaps, commissions and slippage. And I know it is Bill Gates behind it I can tell from the numbers in the account.

I know exactly why the email was named “Ava Lynn”. There is a girl named “Ava Ava” on my Facebook profile. She is a light-skinned African. Anyways. Let me show the photo. The start of the photo ID is my sisters date of birth and the end is 939 niv’s lucky number(she was the girl I liked the most in my life ever). When the VIX made its first all time low on December 15, 2006 it was 9.39. That was the day I got into my first relationship with a girl called Nilom Kundu(date of birth December 7, 1990-Pearl Harbor attack). uploaded my first Facebook photo. If you look at the end of Facebook photo ID it shows 426, Jennifer Gates’s date of birth. That was also the day I ended my first term at UCLA. That was also the day of my sister’s husband birthday. That was also the day I got my first car a Black Audi. From what I am aware Jennifer Gates’s first car is a Black Audi from looking at her instagram. Anyways, the Ava Ava made a post on January 11, 2016 from Bangladesh, Dhaka. Anyways, Nilom Kundu’s dad succumbed to cancer on September 3, 2012 the day I was tortured and humiliated in Los Angeles, CA. I held a lot of resentment against Nilom Kundu for years. Her dad was born in Bangladesh, Dhaka and had the date of birth July 8, 1950. The same date of birth as John D. Rockefeller. I suspect the Rockefellers are behind the shit that went down on September 3, 2012, as they are involved in the US medical system.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 2.03.05 PM
Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 7.04.12 PM

Anyways, on January 11, 2016 Jennifer Gates posted on her Facebook what if she won the Powerball. Then on January 13, 2016 the FBI Coward Agents visited me to deny what happened in 2012. The lady they had call from the Department of Mental Health was named Melinda Martinez. The winners of the lottery in California were from Chino Hills. If you look up their phone number, it has Jennifer Gates’s date of birth. They didn’t reveal themselves until 5426 days after 9/11/2001 on July 20, 2016. When Jennifer Gates came to my house posing as someone else. And the total jackpot for the lottery was $1,586.4, Melinda Gates’s date of birth Rothschild’s Power Level and Gates’s Power Level and the individual winnings were $529M Bilderberg meeting first date. Anyways the outlier lottery jackpot was really something it’s like 50 standard deviations above the next record. There was a ton of Satanic energy. I believe the main reason the lottery exists is for Satan worshiping. Honestly, the lottery is totally rigged. And the FBI Coward agents were lying out of their asses. Anyways, I noticed just afterwards in February that the lottery machine had 102855 Bill Gates’s date of birth and the sushi store next door had the eat24ID 66514 Mark Zuckerberg’s date of birth and the mark of Satan. The chances of this is 1 in a billion. I realized the reason they did this was because they wanted me to play the lottery. Anyways, around April 2016 I decided that I should stop playing the lottery forever as it was ungodly and Satan worshiping. Just after I did, I started sensing Muslims prayers more than ever.

Innocence of Muslims Probabilities implying I am Christ

On September 3, 2012 I was tortured and humiliated in Los Angeles in Kaiser Permanente for a mental health hold and then sent to a mental asylum in Cerritos under the note “Claims to have a Christ bloodline. Says there is conspiracy between Muslims and Jews”

I’ll give the background to this. I refused to take Jennifer Gates’s virginity and worship Charles De Rothschild(The Devil) and Bill Gates(Anti-Christ) and Satan. Over the last week I was having visions of Muslims getting angry all over the World.

I wanted to go through the probabilities of certain things.

Innocence of Muslims Video:

1. Rothschild offered marriage with Jennifer Gates on July 1, 2012 the same day my sister and her boyfriend were in Washington D.C. for Richard Ha and Lynn Le’s wedding. This was the first day Innocence of Muslims video was uploaded(English version).
At the time I was 7940 days old.
So lets assume 1/7940 probability.

2. The Arabic dubbed version was uploaded on September 4, 2012, this was the one that caused chaos over the Muslim world and within a day after I was tortured and humiliated in Los Angeles.
At the time I was 8005 days old.
So lets assume 1/8005 probability.

3. The video was uploaded from Cerritos on September 4, 2012. Cerritos has a population of 50,000. The United States population is 300,000,000. I was in Cerritos on September 4, 2012.
So lets assume 1/6000 probability.

4. The video was 13 minutes long, there are 13 Satanic bloodlines.
So lets assume 1/13 probability.

5. The video triggered an attack destroying the US embassy in Benghazi 11 years after 9/11/2001. There are 11 letters in Jesus Christ. The attack was 4018 days days exactly after 9/11/2001(to note Ambassador Stevens date of birth is April 18th)
So lets assume 1/4018 probability.

6. The name Innocence of Muslims implies the Muslims weren’t behind the 9/11 attacks(they weren’t, the Rothschilds were and they framed Muslims)
So lets assume 1/100 probability.

7. In July I won Dukascopy Trader Contest for the Second time in a row with maximum on equity and pips. This was the only time ever on the contest out of 14,000 people that someone has done that. This was the month that casting for the Innocence of Muslims started. That month my pips was 1956, the year of birth for Ahmadinejad. By the way the Date of Birth for Ahmadinejad is October 28 and he is a descendant of Muhammad. Anyways his date of birth is the same as Bill Gates.
Anyways the probability of this is 1 in 2 million.

What probability do we come up with when we multiply all of these together?

1 in 3.5 septillion(10^25)

By the way, I personally believe that the Rothschilds have the 9/11 attack along with many other terrorist attacks as an opening for exterminating Muslims. Muslims are the most anti-Satanic religion out there. I believe Rothschild wants me to worship him so he can exterminate the Muslims. An attack on Iran and/or Saudi Arabia would immediately start my prophethood. One thing to note, the initial Innocence of Muslims video was 13:03 long. When I was 13 years 3 days old(October 8, 2003) was when Charles Rothschild turned 40 years old and when I lost custody from my parents and became a ward of the State of California for 6 years 4 months (Rothschild’s power level and Bill Gates’s power level). That was the date of my first court hearing ever. Also I was arraigned for 10 felonies on that date for denying the USA is under God. The USA is actually under Satan(as Ahmadinejad says). By the way, I have been worshiping Ahmadinejad since 2006. He is the person I respect the most in the World. One thing to note, I am quite possibly the only person in the United States to have been arraigned for 10 felonies by the age of 13 and graduated from a top 20 college by the age of 17. I am very unique.

The future of the Coward-Dancing Cowardly Satanists

I believe that God has been planning for the last 200,000 years that the Coward-Dancing Cowardly Illuminati Satanists are either slaves or sent to Hell for eternal torment or suffering. By the way God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. I’m not sure what I’ll do to them when my prophethood starts. Chances are, they may just die when my prophethood starts and then sent to Hell over for eternal torment and suffering. Or when my prophethood starts, God will reveal to me everything that happened and I will tell the Muslims what happened and they will hunt, torture and kill them for what they have done not only to me but to this World over the last 300 years. There is a chance that I may decide to protect them and make them my fucking bitch slaves and have them on really high tax rates. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers like tax free money? Okay how about suck up a 99.9999% tax rate. Then they will be treated like utter trash and lick the feet my families feet. Maybe they can also lick the feet of the Iranian leadership(particularly Ahmadinejad) and the Saudi Royal Family. Maybe they can also drink our piss and eat our excrement.

I have identified the two main Anti-Christs as being Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates’s power level is 4. Mark Zuckerberg’s power level is 5. Bill Gates’s Microsoft products all have backdoors in them which allow the Satanic bloodlines to monitor what people are doing. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook allows the Satanic bloodlines to see everyone’s personal information and messages. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were a blood ritual to Satan for Bill Gates. The March 11, 2001 earthquake in Japan was a blood ritual to Satan for Bill Gates. These people are evil to the core. There are numerous false prophets including Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt. Although, I will admit, I don’t hold any resentment against the Google guys because of shit that went down in September 2012. That really saved my ass. Also, Google has been my number one resource to learn information since basically 2004. Also, Google is the company that puts the most money into research for living forever. Also Google hired Ray Kurzweil a visionary who I respect a lot. Honestly, Google is the only Illuminati company I like.

I’m a little bit confused as to who is behind what. I know the Devil has powerful black magic as I have witnessed over the years. The fact that it can work on my sister, mom and dad is really a testament to it. Obviously it doesn’t work on Ahmadinejad and some members of the Saudi Royal Family who have been lining up people to pray for me. I don’t understand if Bill and Melinda Gates are really behind this shit over the last 5 years. But one thing is for sure, I know it is for God’s will that Gates and Zuckerberg to be the most hated people ever. What these people have done to humanity is absolutely an insult. They are false messiahs. They act as if they are helping humanity, they are not, they are hurting humanity. Anyways one thing is for sure, they have trained me exactly to how Ahmadinejad described me. I hate Zionism and Satanism to the core. I love God more than ever. Their black magic has utterly backfired. What kind of joke is this. Fabricating mental illnesses to beat the greatest prophet ever? I am absolutely sickened by this abuse of authority. I am sickened by this use of satanic black magic. I will never allow this to go down on this planet ever. Anyways, it is quite clear that the Cowardly Coward-Dancing Illuminati Satanists seek their own destruction with 5 years of everything backfiring on them.

I find Satanism to be absolutely sick minded to the core. It is built on enslaving, terrorizing and deceiving people. I believe the Satanists discovered me in June 2011. That is when they must have been monitoring my computer and phone. Then in July 2011 someone warned me that the Rothschilds will turn everyone against me eventually and God will step in to protect my free will as long as I follow my own thoughts. I keep thinking that as the greatest advice I have ever had my in my life ever. I believe that this Giulio Frigo and Kjetil Solberg guy were sent by the Satanists. Anyways, they bought out all my best friends. They used black magic on all my family members. I believe in January 2012 the Bilderberg Steering Committee had a meeting about me where they would enslave me and get me to worship Rothschild and Satan by setting me up with Jennifer Gates. At that point in time they had Richard Ha and Lynn Le setup for the marriage. Anyways Richard Ha and Lynn Le were quite possibly the worst couple to use. I don’t know why they had to use the weakest minded couple I knew. By the way, down the road Richard Ha and Lynn Le can’t produce kids the normal way they need that surrogate bullshit.

Honestly, what really set me off was the Seattle shooting on May 30, 2012. I wondered why would God get people killed for me like that at the start of the Bilderberg meeting? Why would they want to disconnect my video as I was watching the shooting taking place? Why would my sister be saying things to turn me against Muslims(particularly Pakistanis) after the call with them? What exactly is going on? Why did Rothschild’s first dog die on Good Friday? I was questioning a bigger purpose. Something just didn’t seem right. I sensed something very evil and ungodly taking place. Also, what really pissed the shit out of me was when they made the Alpari UK account into negative -150M from after I earned 800% at the start of the Bilderberg meeting when I asked for $50K. That basically made me had a negative view of the Bilderbergers. I don’t know if the account was real or not or hedged on the real market. Also I noticed on the account that the fills were 426,666, Jennifer Gates’s date of birth and the mark of Satan. Anyways, these tactics made me realize that they definitely wanted to enslave me and I had to resist them at all costs.

The end of Satanism and evil is near

I feel like I am in such an amazing situation. I am in a trillion times better situation than say a medical student that just graduated at the age of 26 and is going into neurosurgery residency. By the age of 33 I will be a billion times more powerful than Bill Gates. I will be able to overthrow any nation very easily. All the nations and people will bow down to me. I will be able to resurrect anyone I want to. My family will be able to live forever. All poverty, deception and suffering will be gone. The wicked people will either be forced to reject Satan and worship me and God or be sent to Hell. There is absolutely nothing they can do to prevent my prophethood at this point. The Arabs and Persians keep lining up people to pray for me and I am getting more and more powerful and protected every single day. Their chakra and aura blocking and black magic on me is utterly useless. I am so happy that God has given me such an amazing life. I intentionally remind myself of hateful thoughts to resist temptation and crave more power.

They are getting desperate and using Satanic black magic on my family to piss me off. You know what, I know these fucking tricks. They want me to hate my mom and dad so I’m willing to give my life to Satanism and have them live short lives. These tricks won’t work, it is just showing they are getting desperate and make me crave more power. It didn’t work in Summer 2012 and it’s not going to work now. By the way, it makes me hate Satanism and Satanic black magic even more. I am less likely to give into temptation, I don’t think there should ever be Satanism or Satanic black magic. I know I will be able to wipe these out when my prophethood starts. Satan will be absolutely binded and have no power. It troubles me that if I worship the Devil, Anti-Christ and Satan that I may make their powers greater than anything. I would give the God bloodline to evil and they can terrorize, deceive and enslave this World for 1000 years. Under absolutely no circumstances will I allow this burden to be put onto my family. I don’t want to be a fucking John Nash when I can be far far far far greater than Muhammad.

It is absolutely sick to convince my family that I had some sort of psychotic mental breakdown on September 3, 2012 when all I wanted was to make sure my family lives a life a trillion times better and that I have a billion times more power and make sure that all poverty, suffering and deception is gone FOREVER. I was following God’s will and I am absolutely proud to do that. This is what has been planned for me over the last 200,000 years by God. What I did on September 3, 2012 was stand up for humanity. I know it was Bill Gates and the Rockefellers that were behind that. That was not a psychotic mental breakdown. What was done to me was absolutely barbaric. The only ones that stood up for me were the Muslims and I will always remember that. I know the Saudi Royal Family called in the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 and ordered the brutal torture of Ambassador Stevens. I will always remember how Team Crescent stepped into the situation and stabilized everything in September 2012. Anyways, the fact that the Satanists are continuing on this falsehood is giving me more urge to race towards my prophethood.

Everything over the last 5 years shows that the Satanists are utterly stupid and serving Team Crescents interests. I can’t be a monetary threat to them for at least 100 years really. It’s showing that they fear something about me in the near-term. They can’t attack Iran at all without giving my life to Satan. That will trigger my prophethood. But I am not sensing it will start over the next month. One thing to note, there will be major signs to the World just before my prophethood starts. Only God knows when it will begin. I look back over the last 5 years, this has been an utter failure. Everything has gone the absolute opposite of their goals. I believe everything is going by God’s will. God has guided me every step of the way and I am absolutely thankful for that. I believe by the way that Team Crescent is tricking Satan into doing these things. Eventually Satan serves God’s goals and that is exactly how it appears. In trying to get me to reject God and worship Satan they have done the absolute opposite over the last 5 years. Look 5 years of everything backfiring on them I can continue another 6 years. I hate Satanism beyond any reasoning. I hate the Anti-Christ and Devil more than ever. I hate Zionism more than ever.

The case to race for my prophethood

Basically, since Feburary 20, 2012 when Bill Gates hacked my computer they have done everything to make me look crazy to my family and friends to make me give into temptation. They have been using black magic to make me feel worthless and unhappy. They have been using FBI, Department of Mental Health, police and my health providers to fabricate mental illnesesses. They have continued this shit up until now. Saying absolutely false things. Giving absolutely false promises. They want to make me and my family live a life of Satanism. A life 1 trillonth of what we are supposed to live. They have been hiding behind anonymous names. Backing off as broke con mans. Giving absolutely utterly false promises. The whole time, the Muslims have been lining up people praying for me and I’m actually getting more and more powerful. I’m more protected than ever. God is more infuriated than ever at the Satanic bloodlines. In trying to prevent God’s plans they have done everything to accelerate it. They have made me hate Satanism to the core and believe in God more than ever. The absolute opposite of their plans has happened over the last 5 years has happened. Let me tell you one thing, Bill Gates is man that is evil to the core. He hates humanity to the core. He doesn’t respect people at all. He is very deceptive. He worships Satan. Same with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bilderbergers.

Let me tell you tell me about Charles de Rothschild. He is the Devil. He is the Primary Opponent of God. He hates humanity and creation. He terrorizes humanity and loves deceiving people. I suspect all powerful Satanists are his slaves and controlled by his family’s black magic. His black magic seems to work on everyone except for me. His black magic works best on weak minded people and people that don’t believe in God. One thing that irritates him about me. Is that his black magic and threats doesn’t seem to be working at all on me. In trying to convince me I am completely worthless for 5 years, the Muslims have been lining up praying for me and I have known the whole time I am the most important person ever. God is protecting me more than ever. These people are very very very evil. Look, the punishment to the United States and Satanic bloodline so far is $80B in damage and 400 deaths. Including congressman shot up, ambassadors brutally tortured, Facebook COO’s husbands dying, Facebook founders not being able to have kids for 2 years and maybe many other things behind the doors to the Satanists. They are scared to take away my free will. Because every time they took away my free will God stepped in much more fiercely. I think God’s response in September 2012 was absolutely perfect.

Anyways, it is quite clear, Team Crescent is in full control of the situation. Look the Illuminati and all Satanists are absolute FILTH. Cowardly Coward-Dancing Satanists are pieces of FUCKING FILTH. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. I will not let this World down at all. I know I can save billions of lives. I know I can help create trillions of more lives. I know everyone can live forever. I know I can unite the human race with God. You know what, I’m actually happy the Illuminati pissed me off to this point. Now I’m racing for my prophethood and not giving my life to Satan. I’m happy they sent the fucking Coward-Dancing Cowardly FBI Coward Agents on January 13, 2016. It proved to me without a doubt that they wanted me to reject God and worship Satan. It proved Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ. It pissed the shit out of me beyond any reasoning. It showed that they are utterly stupid and can still do things that absolutely backfire on them. It got me interested in religion. Anyways, I also don’t think Team Crescent would like the fact that their prophet which will be far far far far greater than Muhammad has been compared to an ape, monkey, poop, black dog and called many horrific things by many people. Look I’m enslaving these bastards and binding Satan for eternity.

Bill Gates is the source of the black magic

On July 1st, 2017 there was a mass shooting at a club in Little Rock, Arkansas. What’s interesting is that the number of the club is 501-410-2879. Illuminati anniversary, Bill Gates’s power level and Bill Gates’s date of birth. The name of the place even Power Ultra Lounge. The shooting lasted for 11 seconds, the number of letters in Jesus Christ. And 28 people were injured, the day Bill Gates was born. The address 220, is for February 20, the date February 20th, 2012 when Bill Gates initially hacked my computer. Also the zip code 722, the date July 22, 2012 when there were some interesting things that happened to my family. We nearly died that day. Anyways, from July 1, 2017, my parents started behaving oddly as if they were under some black magic. My dad kept saying I was saying irrational things when I was saying perfectly correct things. I am happy that God suddenly showed a sign as to who this source of the black magic is. Because for years, Pakistani astrologers have been telling my mother that evil people have been using black magic on my family and trying to block my chakra and aura to make me feel unhappy and worthless. Anyways, its being blocked by Muslims lining up to pray for me.

I have been suspecting his involvement in using black magic because we keep seeing his family member’s date of birth on things. Look, Bill Gates is a very evil man. He is a man of war. He is the Anti-Christ. He is not a peaceful man. He is a very deceptive man. He worships Satan and rejects God. He has been trying to force me to worship Satan and the Devil and him. Treating the Son of God like absolute trash for 5 years when he knows I am the ideal man so he can give into temptation won’t work. In fact, I know when I reach my Prophethood I will be a billion times the person he is. Tell me, if he is so powerful, why does he have to hide behind anonymous names? These stupid tricks just means he and his fucking family will suffer even more in Hell if they don’t capitulate and worship me before my Prophethood. Same with the rest of the Illuminati. Anyways, I am sorry for the 28 people being shot up like this. But it is a testament to the fact that my powers are actually increasing everyday due to the Arab Kings and Iranians lining up people to pray for me. I’m more protected than ever, way beyond 2012. In fact the fact that God would do something like this shows that I still have a path to my prophethood if I resist temptation.

On the issue of him using black magic to have my parents piss me off. I know exactly why he would do that. He wants me to give into temptation and hate my parents. He knows I don’t want to give my life to Satan cause I am afraid my parents won’t live forever. By the way, he knows I have had an obsession with my family living forever and that is what is preventing me from giving my life to Satan. For one thing, this shit didn’t work back in Summer 2012. It just wanted me to have my prophethood so that I can break the influence of Satan forever and have them live forever. When I have my prophethood, I will have the power to make anyone live forever and resurrect anyone. Also when I am pissed off, I crave more power. So again it shows that they never learn lessons. And also, the fact that I am being forced into something shows that they have something to fear. So again it is showing that they are desperate and doing things that are backfiring. Look for christ sakes I can hold out as long as possible. I am not going to fucking be the next John Nash when I can be a million times greater than Muhammad.