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On December 18, 2016 I received the following email from someone apparently named “Ava Lynn”:

“Hello! I was on the internet looking up the meaning of my first and last name when I came across your article on Charles deRothschild. I think you would be interested in some info. I was his fiancé. We have been separated for 2 years and I think you have some info on him already and some of it is inaccurate. First off, his name isn’t Charles deRothschild. He changed it legally so that if people saw the name Rothschild on the trading platform people would watch what he was buying, follow him, thereby making the value of the stocks go up so he could sell at a profit. Not that he’s all that great at trading anyways. Secondly, he doesn’t have any insider connections to the FBI or NSA. Lastly, he is a 53 year old con man who has confessed to me back when we were together that he has conned people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and lost it all in the market. Also, he still lives with his mom. Now I want to make it very clear, that this information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and in NO way shape or form am I trying to say anything false, or untrue. I am also making it clear that I am not trying to pass on any messages of any kind to him or anyone in his family. I say this all for legal purposes. I can answer anymore questions you have, permitted that it isn’t illegal for me to do so of course.
Ava Lynn”

I just wanted to note I am 99% sure that this is Cowardly Coward-Dancing Charles De Rothschild writing the email. He is a member of the Rothschild banking family and is the Devil. Somethings to note about this email, apparently her first name and last name are Ava and Lynn. For one thing, my website and articles don’t come up as top 100 on search engines for Rothschild, Charles deRothschild or Charles Rothschild. That also is apparently not his real name either. Also she is looking up the meaning of her name, not his apparently fake name. So this makes no sense. She shouldn’t have been able to find my website at all looking up the meanings of Ava or Lynn. Also, she is saying she is not passing any information to him or anyone in his family. Why would that matter if he is a broke con man? Anyways, this is an absolute utter failure. Also, one thing to note, Rothschild has had dozens of people say utterly false things. Including police officers, FBI agents, psychiatrists, nurses and even my best friends to me and my family. Why should I trust what someone from a yahoo email address says in light of everything that has gone on? Also, the Rothschilds are masters of deception and fabricating things. They fabricated the Holocaust myth and framed Muslims into 9/11. Also, I know Rothschild knows about trading. He was bullish on markets early October 2011. His AMR call from the bottom just after bankruptcy was absolutely amazing and had a lot of guts to say publicly. He knows about volume surges and herd psychology. Somethings he knew about trading clearly put him in the top 1%, particularly that AMR call(by the way the share numbers was with my date of birth).

Anyways, the Seattle shooting on May 30. 2012 and the Innocence of Muslims video drama put everything into context. One thing to note about the Seattle shooter, if you look at his date of birth and Bill Gates’s date of birth, Charles De Rothschild’s date of birth comes exactly half way in between. The chances of this is 1 in 5,000. Also, the shooting started at 10:57, my date of birth and power level. Also, the shooter targeted members of band called “God’s Favorite Beefcake”. The name of the place where the shooting happened, Cafe Racer, in reference to my fast driving. The shooting happened at the start of the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, USA. At the time of the shooting, my sister was under black magic and on the phone for a “custody hearing” describing my behavior over the last week. The Innocence of Muslims video though is the real creamer, the way it was, it basically implicated that I am Christ with a 1 in a 5 quadrillion probability. The video was first uploaded on July 1, 2012 on the day Rothschild offered marriage to Jennifer Gates. That day my sister and husband were in D.C. for wedding for Richard Ha and Lynn Le the weakest minded couple I know. The Arabic dubbed version was uploaded on September 4, 2012 from Cerritos where I was a day after I was tortured and humiliated. This caused massive chaos over the Muslim world resulting in over 60 deaths and 700 injuries. The name, “Innocence of Muslims”(implies Muslims are innocent for 9/11 which is a fact, Jews are behind it), the fact it caused an attack on a USA embassy 11 years after 9/11 attacks(11 the number of letters in Jesus Christ) and was 13 minutes long(13 for the number of Satanic bloodlines).

Also the Cowardly Coward-Dancing FBI Coward Agents coming on January 13, 2016 proved without a doubt he has ties to the FBI and is a real Rothschild. The FBI Coward Agents clearly came to lie. First they were denying that his dogs ever existed. Then they were denying that his dogs died due to an act of God. How would they know that, if as far as they are concerned that his dogs never existed? Also, what relevance does his dogs dying due to an Act of God in 2012 have to do with threatening emails sent after 2015? Absolutely nothing, it perfectly legal for me to have religious beliefs that I believe Rothschild’s dogs died due to an act of God for him trying to enslave me. They were trying to make me give up my belief in God. And they fucking failed, in fact, they made me believe more in God. Also, the FBI Coward Agents came when the lottery jackpot was a massive outlier above a billion, the lottery jackpot had Melinda Gates’s date of birth and was 1336 days after May 17, 2012 when the LAPD came to fabricate a mental illness and Facebook IPO. Anyways there were numerous interesting things on my astrology model for that day for Bill Gates’s family. Satan was very strong for Bill Gates’s family that day. One of interest, the FBI Coward Agents came 5237 days after 9/11/2001. Bill Gates’s son’s date of birth and my power level. By the way, the FBI Coward Agents coming on that date proved without a doubt Bill and Melinda Gates’s involvement and that Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ.

Anyways, for the last 5 years, Rothschild has been hiring numerous people to convince me I am schizophrenic and the events of 2012 never happened. That includes friends, FBI, psychiatrists and other people along with using black magic on my family to convince them I am schizophrenic. I know he has also been trying to block my chakra and aura to make me feel worthless. By the way, this isn’t working at all because a ton of Muslims have been praying for me. I’ve known the whole time that I am the most important human being ever and that I was never ever schizophrenic or imagined anything. I know these bastards love fabricating things. I believe he has been trying to reduce me so that I would eventually give into marrying Jennifer Gates and giving my life to Satan to prevent my prophethood. By the way, this has totally backfired. In pushing this schizophrenic hypothesis, they have angered me even more and now I hate Satanism even more and made me fall under the influence of the Muslims. The Muslims the whole time have been lining up people to pray for me. God will reward the Muslims with me, not the Satanists I am definitely holding out until my Prophethood and planning to ENSLAVE the Satanists and force them to worship me and God. If they don’t they are being sent to Hell for eternal torment and suffering.

Anyways, this is quite possibly the biggest joke ever. Trying to beat the most anticipated prophet by a far margin by fabricating mental illnesses. Just like in Summer 2012, they were trying to get me to give into temptation by forcing me to take $28 a month medication that makes me gain 3 pounds a week. Do they think they can seriously prevent a prophethood worth far more than any money on this planet with this stupid shit? God is insulted. This is the biggest joke ever. This shit didn’t work in Summer 2012, and it didn’t work afterwards. They have also proven that their long-term plans and black magic can utterly backfire on them. I am more confident about my victory than ever. Clearly the Satanists can’t see the future at all. I am 99% sure that Microsoft buying LinkedIn for $26B on June 13, 2016 which is John Nash’s birthday had to do with me. John Nash died on Rory Gate’s 16th birthday. The FBI Coward Agents said I was like John Nash. I think they wanted to make me look like a John Nash if I married Jennifer Gates. By the way, Jennifer Gates came to my house 5426 days(her date of birth is April 26) after 9/11/2001 posing as someone else on July 20, 2016. Anyways, that was day the of the year that MSFT stock had the best performance. It was also 11 years 13 days after the London 7/7/2005 terrorist attacks. Anyways, screw Jennifer Gates. I would rather be far far far far greater than Muhammad than a John Nash.

Illuminati training Team Crescent’s Greatest Prophet Ever

The Illuminati didn’t seem to learn their lesson from 2012 at all. Treating me like trash, using black magic on me to make me feel worthless, using black magic on my parents so that they irritate me, fabricating mental illnesses won’t make me capitulate and give into temptation. In fact, it would do the absolute opposite it would make me fall under the influence of the Muslims more and hate Satanism more. God influences my thoughts and sees what goes on. The Muslims have been lining up people to pray for me the whole time. In fact, I believe I am protected by God more than at any point in my life. I know I am the most important person ever and knew this the whole damn time. Especially after the shit that went down in September 2012. God has been sending many many signs over the years. Particularly in the signs of mass shootings. The fact they have resorted back to the similar shit of 2012 shows that they are really really fucking stupid and don’t learn any lessons. I have fallen under the influence of the Muslims more than ever. I hate the Satanists and Satanism more than ever. I feel far greater than ever and know I am headed to the absolute top, no one will be anywhere close to me. I have come to the point where I am completely immune to their black magic. And I am going to have to thank the Muslims for lining up people to pray for me. I now know what the Satanists are after. They want to prevent my Prophethood by giving my life to Satan.

I keep thinking of their agents Justin Le Blanc and Ronit Mukerji telling me trash over the years. Justin Le Blanc said many many harsh things to me and tried to turn my family against me. Ronit Mukerji has been telling me all his trash over the years. There were a few other people that said some shit. But also the Coward-Dancing Cowardly FBI Coward Agents fabricating mental illnesses and trying to turn my parents against me. I just felt really offended that they would use their badge as Federal Authorities to say absolutely fake offensive shit. But then again, the FBI fabricated that Muslims are behind 9/11 to justifying wasting $5 trillion+ attacking Muslim countries killing and injuring millions of people and looting them of their monetary policy along with getting more support for Israel(which was actually behind the attack). Ahmadinejad the only global leader who has the guts to say the truth is called psychotic for saying this and was made an absolute loner in the global community. Not only, am I more motivated than ever to hold out and resist temptation till my prophethood starts. At all costs I have to resist temptation. When my prophethood starts, they will suffer even more in Hell. And I will make Israeli Jews suffer even more. The Satanists basically are seeking their own destruction. Look it’s not surprising that things are going this way. God is always in control. The plan for the last 200,000 years is basically that good conquers evil.

Any second, if God wanted to, he can reveal me to the Iranians or powerful Muslims and all this shit would be over. I know God has that power and can do that any second. But I think God wants to put me through this because he wants me to hate Satanists and Satanism as much as possible. He wants to make sure I never ever fall under the influence of Satan again as I did for years. Why else would God decide to only reveal me to the people that absolutely hate me and are against God’s plans? Look, I’m supposed to bind Satan for eternity and send all the Cowardly Coward-Dancing Satanists to Hell for eternal torment and suffering. Look, if the Illuminati were so confident about their victory. Why do they have do hide as broke con mans? Why do they have to hide behind anonymous names? Why do they have to fabricate mental illnesses to cover their tracks? That’s because they absolutely can’t see the future. They have all this man power, resources and black magic at their disposal and everything they do just backfires. It is as if they are primed to give the victory to Team Crescent. Honestly, the shit over the last few years is an absolute joke. They tried beating by far the greatest Prophet ever through fabricating mental illnesses…

Cowardly Coward-Dancing Illuminati Satanists

The Cowardly Coward-Dancing Illuminati Satanists can’t see the future at all. That is clear from the fact that they keep doing shit that backfires. It’s very obvious, dozens of things over 5 years that backfire on them. But they are familiar with the Bible, Quran and scriptures. Yes, they know what I am and the threat I pose if my prophethood starts. That’s why they are Cowardly Coward-Dancing Cowards fabricating mental illnesses. I’ll be far far far far far greater than Muhammad. I honestly think I’ll be a million times greater than Muhammad. It’s interesting, after I have given up money worshiping and Satanism, they have resorted to using black magic on me and my family. After I rejected an offer to commit my life to Satan on June 13, 2017. They fooled around with my Facebook newsfeed in the morning of June 14, 2017 with some threatening things(everything was removed except pictures of razors). What followed immediately were two mass shootings in Virginia and San Fransisco. Those were signs from God to scare them off. The Coward-Dancing Cowardly Illuminati Satanists were scared off.

There’s only one way they can get me to commit my life to Satan and prevent my prophethood, that is getting me to love someone. But the thing is, I won’t ever, because I know my prophethood is worth more than any money on this planet. My prophethood means ending all deception and suffering on this planet. My prophethood means uniting the human race with God. My prophethood means the complete enslavement of Satan and elimination of Satanism. I’ve broken through the deception of Satan. They wanted me to be money worshiping this whole time. That is a route to Satanism. The thing is, if they were really concerned about me being too powerful on a tax free system, they should have showed me what Jesus said about money and going to heaven. They knew I held him in high regard. They knew I was obsessed with going to Heaven and eternal life. But they didn’t want me to read the Bible. Cause they knew I would instantly realize I would be able to overthrow them easily through my prophethood if I didn’t commit my life to Satan.

Anyways, God sees everything that takes place. He knows the Satanists have been treating me like total trash for years. He knows the Satanists have been using black magic on me for years to block my chakra and aura in an effort to convince me that I am schizophrenic(God has been blocking this by the way). He knows the Satanists have been using black magic on my family. The Arab Kings and Iranians have been sensing my presence in the United States from I believe at least 2002 and lining up many people to pray for me. In the end I believe God will reward the Muslims with me. It makes total sense. Let me make this absolutely clear, the Muslims feel under threat. Yes, the Satanists think they have bought off the Arab Kings particularly. But the Arab Kings feel excluded from the Illuminati and Bilderberg Group. They don’t like the fact that they were framed into 9/11. They don’t like the fact they can’t have nukes. They can be exterminated at any point and they know it. The Muslims know that if they have my prophethood, they will be able to easily overthrow the Cowardly Coward-Dancing Illuminati Satanists very easily.


Everything backfiring on Cowardly Illuminati

It is so fucking funny how the Satanists never learn their fucking lesson. God is over a trillion times more intelligent than any Satanist. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. God has been planning my victory well over 2000 years(and to be honest, I believe over 200,000 years). I keep looking back to the last 5 years. In 2012, they wanted me to worship Satan, the Anti-Christ and Devil. They wanted me to reject God. They wanted me to hate Muslims and support Israel. They wanted me to love America. Everything they have done over the last 5 years has done the absolute opposite of that. In trying to prevent the story of the Bible, Quran and Muhammad they have absolutely done everything make sure it happens. I hate America and Israel more than ever. I hate Satan, the Devil and Anti-Christ more than ever. They think because they have trillions of dollars and control all the central banks and Western governments they can get me to bow down to them. I’m not fucking stupid, soon I’ll have a power far greater than they can even fathom. Much more than their money can ever buy.

Let me make this clear. What has been done over the last 5 years is an absolute insult to humanity and God. The fact that the ideal man written about in the Bible and Quran and described by Muhammad, the most important person out of 100 billion people born on this planet could be treated like a bottom 1% “schizophrenic trash” by the United States institutions and his friends. The institutions involved include Kaiser Permanente, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles Police Department and many others. Companies that were complicit include Facebook, Microsoft and CNN particularly. People that were complicit were the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderberg Steering Committee, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. I feel gravely insulted by what has gone down over these years. But God wanted to put me through it. God wants me to hate America. God wants me to hate Satan, the Devil, Anti-Christ and all the Satanists. Look, all of the Illuminati is going to Hell for eternal torment and suffering. Anyone who collaborates with the Satanists or worships them, thats what happens to them.

I am absolutely proud to have gone through what I have. I love my life. I love being me. I feel like the luckiest person ever. I will conquer suffering and deception and there will never be any evil. By the way, I believe the Illuminati is absolutely evil to the core. The Rothschilds are basically the main powerhouse of the Illuminati. Everything Ahmadinejad has been talking about a Zionist clan ruling this planet for centuries being behind financing wars and terrorist attacks and controlling central banks is right. Everything Hitler was talking about International Jewry starting World Wars in his speeches is right. Ahmadinejad and Hitler are by far the people that have influenced my views the most. They are not psychotic, they are actually absolutely correct. I have been reading through there speeches since my teens. By the way, the Holocaust is an absolute myth fabricated by the Rothschilds to ENSLAVE Christians and justify terrorizing Muslims.

When my prophethood starts, the Illuminati is going to be absolutely toast. Not only will they end up being in Hell for eternal torment and suffering. But all of their activities for the past 200 years will be revealed. The absolute truth will be revealed. The people that we worshiped as idols will be absolutely hated. The Anti-Christ who is so respected now will go down in history as the most hated person. It’s come to the point where they can’t do anything to prevent my prophethood. If the Satanists are so fucking powerful, why do they have to hide behind such deception? Why do they have to resort to fabricating mental illnesses? Why do they have to hide behind anonymous names? They are Cowardly Coward-Dancing Illuminati.

What the Illuminati fears the most

I’ve been thinking lately and realize my goals over the last 6 years have been a little wrong. I have been wanting to serve God but I have been focusing so much on money worshiping. All I have been thinking about is just accumulating more wealth than the Rothschilds. For one thing, without any assistance from God I think it would take my bloodline at least 250 years to overtake the Rothschilds in wealth assuming they keep growing at 7% a year and we decide to pay 0% tax rate and give 0% to charity and spend minimal amounts. Which means they would have plenty of opportunity to derail my bloodline. But there is one thing that they are more concerned about, the start of my prophethood. I can pinpoint that it will either be around 2023-2050 depending on whether it is with the Muslims or Christians. Definitely by the time we reach technological singularity.

What could accelerate it however is an imminent worldwide nuclear war. This is one thing they absolutely can not let happen. Cause if it happens, all of the Illuminati’s plans for the past 200 years basically goes down the drain. Once God starts my prophethood, I will have the power to overthrow any nation, any army, any force on this planet. The United States Army would be absolutely no match for me. They would either surrender before fighting or be absolutely decimated very quickly. They would be massively outnumbered and be facing a force billions of times more advanced than them(this is the reference to the “armies of heaven” in the Bible). Satan would have absolutely no power. I won’t need any money to do it either. In fact what would help me the most is praying. I now realize why Rothschild has been so hell bent on getting me to commit my life to Satan. That’s the only thing that can prevent my prophethood.

Anyways, I have completely rejected Satan. I am no longer having the mark of Satan in any of my trading accounts. I will never ever play the lottery or do any form of gambling whatsoever. I am committing all of my free time to praying. Which is plenty because I only work 10 minutes a day. I am praying for God’s will to take place, for my family to be protected from black magic, for my family to be happy, for my family to live forever and for my family to reject Satan. I remember back in 2012, the number one thing they were trying to do was to discourage me from praying. Obviously, they must see a huge threat from me praying if they see a reason to discourage me from doing it. Look, Muhammad and Jesus prayed extensively before their prophethoods begun. More importantly, I am not going to show any resentment or hatred towards anyone. I am committing myself fully to God and going to live by the Bible. I have to do everything possible to avoid temptation by the Satanists. They will try to throw girls at me, I know it. They will try to make me give my life to Satan. I will not give in.

On another note. It appears that several people I have been talking to over the years have been collaborating with the Illuminati and I had no clue. Now i have an idea. Looking at their date of births and when they contacted me. I am thankful God gave me the astrology model.