Monthly Archives: May 2017

Suffering, future, new developments

I keep thinking about my dad’s incident of breaking his knee twice in 2000. He went through a lot more suffering than what I did in 2012. He went through a lot of physical pain during the incidents. I remember, I was there when it happened(the first time, the second time was when he was in Ohio 6 months later) and will always remember. He had to be in a hospital for 6 weeks. Had to go through three surgeries(the first one was botched). Over a year he had a lot of pain and couldn’t sleep and his castes caused a lot of itching. He had to go through over a year of physical therapy. He couldn’t drive for a long time. He missed out on $100,000 in income and medical expenses(when money had a lot more value). He couldn’t run for the rest of his life. After the incident he always had fear of walking fast or walking in watery conditions. He has to have a wire in his knee for the rest of his life which causes pain. This came despite the fact that he had to raise 2 kids  and manage a household along with bills to pay. If I were to make a fair judgement, he suffered a hell lot more than I did. The thing is, despite going through that. He looks past it and doesn’t expect anything out of anyone. He lives a perfectly happy life and doesn’t think about it at all.

Anyways, looking over history. Billions of people have suffered more than what I have in my current life. They have through war, famine, slavery, disease, natural disasters and poverty. I feel like my bitching and hatred over what the Satanists have done to me since 2012 is denying the suffering of others. For christ sakes, I’m the savior of humanity. I should be able to take more suffering than anyone. I think part of the reason I feel so angry is because God sacrificed so many lives for me and did so many magical things. But that was more to protect me and get the Satanists to back off. Now that I think of it, I don’t feel angry about the past at all. It made me stronger and I don’t fear the Satanists at all anymore. Anyways, from here on, I’m not looking back anymore. I’m just going to focus on my work and look to the future. In the future, there will be absolutely no suffering ever. That is my goal. Everyone will live forever, be happy and there will be peace. I have to free my mind of hateful thoughts, I need to do everything I can to make sure my family lives forever. Maybe we can live 1000 years or million years or billion years.

The last 3 months have been really really magical. I’m more excited for the future than ever. To be honest, I think it is a piece of cake turning $1K into $50M in a year fully automated. The key is scaling to size. I believe I can build systems and strategies that are far better risk-adjusted and more scalable than the Medallion Fund. I think it is conceivable to earn 50% a month on $4B with minimal drawdowns assuming $5T daily FX liquidity with short-term FX strategies trading 1% of FX spot volume. Anyways, I don’t need any investors at all. Even if someone invested $1B unleveraged with me today, it would just put me at most 6 months ahead. Assuming Kretella pays management fees, at most they will put me 1 month ahead. A very negligible impact. I feel like I’m a far better trader than ever. And it’s only going to get much better from here.