Monthly Archives: April 2017

Happy with the way things turned out

I have been feeling really happy lately. I have made massive improvements to my models. Particularly on low executable size systems where the holding period is small. I can maintain triple digit monthly returns for amounts below $25M on fully automated strategies with drawdowns below 20%. This is a very big leap because it basically means I can make 7 figures from $1000 safely within a year. Anyways, I’m more confident than ever that I will be the youngest self-made billionaire from trading by the age of 30. I’m looking to make at least $20M over the next year. Anyways, the last 2 months have been very magical. I feel like me and my partner are Larry Page and Sergey Brin and we just discovered Google. I’m excited about what is coming my way in the future. I’m still focusing research on larger executable size systems.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the last 5 years has gone. I feel like it has been the best learning experience and by the Will of God. If God wanted me to be discovered by the Muslims or Christians back in 2012, he would have made sure it happened. I’m actually happy I didn’t accept any money or girls from the Satanists in the last 5 years. I’m happy they mistreated me and treated me like shit. God wanted to put me through that. It puts me on his 2000 year plan for me crushing them and defeating evil for good. What the Satanists have done over the last 5 years is an absolute outrage. They think they could enslave the Son of God. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Anyways, everything all backfired on them. I don’t fear them at all. I know if they take away my free will again who gets cursed next. I was right about the last 2 times. I will be right about this time. I’m not scared at all.

One thing I want to make clear Satanism will be at an end forever by the middle of this century. The Satanists have to accept soon that their time is over. By the middle of this century humans will be over a billion times more intelligent. They will realize the enslavement of central banking and taxation. The fabrication of the Holocaust myth to enslave all of Christianity. The fact International Jewry is behind 9/11. There will be a great revolt against Satanism and International Jewry by the middle of this century. I will be at the center of it. We will soon be entering into the Kingdom of God. There will be no suffering, no deception and global peace. There will be abundance in resources and no poverty. People will live forever. The future looks better than ever.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do to the Satanists. Most likely just ask them to take cyanide pills and then distribute their money globally. I honestly would prefer if the Satanists have absolutely no money and power and really didn’t exist. It is just far too dangerous having them on the planet. I will show some mercy and restraint and not do too harsh things. After all, I will admit the Satanists didn’t do too harsh things to me. What irritates me the most is that they turned my family against me for sometime. They knew I was a 1 in a 100 billion person and convinced them for sometime that I was a bottom 1% schizophrenic trash. I will admit though that when it comes to physical suffering in 2012, I didn’t go through that much. I went through less suffering than what my dad went through when he broke his knee twice. I just feel very humiliated though about what happened. I think of myself as very highly and feel irritated to be treated like that.