Monthly Archives: March 2017

Aiming to break a world record

I have recently been looking into the youngest self-made billionare from trading. It appears that is Ken Griffin at the age of 35. Right now he is 48 and worth $8B. Anyways he had a pretty early start with lots of money to manage. I believe I can become a self-made billionaire from trading around the age of 31-32 without any investor money. If the Kretella people pay me management fees starting in about 6 months I expect that will put me ahead a year assuming I invest half the management fees. Anyways, I have made massive improvements to my models over the last month. I can definitely maintain(on my own money, I can’t do this on Kretella’s money cause of their pussy risk management policies) 25% a month on up to $50M, 15% a month on up to $200M and 10% a month on up to $1B. At all times I would be using maximum 1:10 leverage and above $50M maximum 1:5 leverage. This should definitely be able to take my capital up to $1B within 6 years. This is assuming we see average volatility and there is a good chance I can overshoot these numbers particularly if we see the VIX shoot up. I believe we are on the verge of seeing higher volatility for the coming years. But this isn’t the best part, I know how to scale up to large sizes. I can do 50%+ a year on $20B+ with max 25% drawdown assuming $5T daily FX liquidity. After reaching $1B, I should definitely reach $50B within a decade and $500B within 2 decades assuming 8% annualized liquidity growth on FX markets.