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Magical things, God’s genius, fund performance

I’m being exposed to more numbers than ever. Credit card transactions, trading accounts, PnL’s. Anyways, a lot of magical numbers have been coming up. They always have been coming up. Anyways, I have been number crunching on my number fibonacci model recently. Some interesting things have come up. I have been looking back particularly to the January 13th, 2016 date when the FBI Coward Agents visited my house. Honestly, it was the stupidest thing they could have done. It totally proved my astrological models. It totally implicates Bill and Melinda Gates. There were once in lifetime fibonacci crosses for them and their kids on that day. Not to mention the outlier record lottery jackpot that had Melinda Gates’s date of birth in it. The FBI visit was exactly 1336 days after May 17, 2012(Facebook IPO day) when they sent the LAPD to fabricate a mental illness. The chances of things working this way is less than 1 in a trillion. Anyways, they angered me a bunch. I’m going to focus more on blackmailing them for this.

I’ve lately been thinking about God’s genius. God is over a billion times more intelligent than any Satanist. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. God has left me in a pretty fucking sweet situation. I feel like I have won 10,000 lottery jackpots with the situation God has put me in. I have a story I can use to blackmail Bill Coward Gates. I can also blackmail the Rothschilds out of the central banks. God wants me to engage in blackmailing. By the way, it is also making use of God’s protection. I’m not going to budge, my minimum demand from the Rothschilds will be the central banks. Anyways, I have to take the central banks from the Rothschilds. Without them I will only be 3 times richer than Bill Coward Gates. The way things are working out, I will be at the top and they will be pieces of meat NAILED to crosses.

The Kretella Fund will be doing a lot better. I am projecting that it will reach $200M by the end of 2018 without any additional deposit. I am also projecting that by September 12, 2018 the annualized return on myfxbook will be above 70%. To do this the returns would have to be 8% a month from here on. In order to achieve this I would need a success rate of at least 68%. I believe I can do this.



Things are perfectly fine

I’m starting to realize I have a much stronger emotional balance than practically everyone. I can tolerate 50%+ drawdowns with absolutely no stress. I am having absolutely no issue with my recent drawdowns. I’ll be honest, I think traders who can’t handle 20% drawdowns are shit traders. The ones that can handle large drawdowns are capable of producing the most alpha. Larger strategies require longer holding periods and open you to more volatility. Allowing larger drawdowns allows running larger strategies that can generate alpha. For one thing, we expect 401K account holders to easily tolerate 50% drawdowns during bear market cycles. And they just aim for 8% a year and aren’t professionals. Certainly professionals should be able to handle such drawdown.

Since I have been focusing on this new strategy in early June I have gotten 12% unleveraged. That rate is 18% unleveraged annualized. 18% unleveraged annualized is strongly within the 99th percentile(my estimates somewhere in the 99.5th+ percentile). On 10:1 I am experiencing 8% a month beta decay which is eating away most of the returns. Since June my success rate has been 58% before spreads and commissions assuming 1:1 risk:reward ratio. This comes despite horrific conditions on the market. The VIX has averaged 13 since June (which is by the way the lowest 8 month average in 10 years) when it’s long-term average is about 20.5. Furthermore, I have been making massive improvements to my model. I believe with VIX close to the long-term average I should be able to average 30%+ a year unleveraged which should equate to 400%+ a year. I believe over the long-term I will be able to average 62%+ success rate assuming 1:1 risk:reward ratio.

On the issue of the Kretella Fund that I am managing that is about $36M currently. The actual return is supposed to be -12% with 20% drawdown. There was some issues with the 8% weekly equity stop in early December that led us to being taken out of a EURUSD short at the top. By the way, they never told me about this 8% weekly equity stop until I hit it. Anyways, I am using a trade copier from my main account. Despite the larger size, the unleveraged returns are exactly the same. Anyways, I am projecting that the myfxbook should show a 40%+ annualized return within 3 years. The goal is to beat the S&P under lower drawdowns for this fund. I’m also projecting that within 5 years the portfolio will generate at least 400% alpha relative to the S&P.