Monthly Archives: January 2017

Everything is following God’s plan

The Satanists will be defeated within 40 years. I am absolutely sure of that. Satanism is basically a big bubble over the past 300 years. They don’t see their end and they believe Satan will guide them to victory. For one thing, God is INFINITELY more powerful than Satan. God is also over a billion times more intelligent than any Satanist. God has been planning for 2000+ years for the loss of Satanism. The rise and fall of Satanism is predicted in the Bible and Quran. Along with all major religions predicting the victory of good over evil.

I’m realizing I am in position of strength compared to the Satanists. God is getting USA embassies burned down and Ambassadors killed for me. What are the Satanists doing? Sending Coward-Dancing Cowardly FBI Coward Agents to fabricate mental illnesses and turn my parents against me. Sending Coward Le Blanc, the one minute unleveraged pussy scalper to discourage me in trading and once again turn my parents against me. There have been many things the Satanists have been doing over the years that show they are massively underestimating me and God. The Satanists have done many things that have backfired. I am so happy God brought in the Muslims in September 2012. They came in by total surprise and at the perfect time.

Anyways, the last 6 months I have had some troubles in trading. But I’m not fazed at all. I think this period is a great test. I am holding up very well psychologically despite a huge drawdown. I am more creative when in bad circumstances.  I have made big research breakthroughs over the past month and have realized what I am doing wrong. Seven months ago my best system unleveraged targeted 7% a year. Now my best system unleveraged targets over 25% a year. I have made massive improvements in risk control. Now I don’t use more than 10:1 leverage. The primary driver of my losses in trading is beta slippage. I have been using too high leverage for many years.  I have also made progress in making highly scalable systems that can earn billions a year. Anyways, my goals for now are to be a cash billionaire by the age of 35 and be the richest on Forbes by the age of 55.

I have recently been putting a lot of thought to technological singularity. I read Ray Kurzweil’s book Singularity is Near and am more convinced than ever that we will see singularity around the middle of this century. The biggest hurdle to technological singularity is if Moore’s Law can continue into the sixth paradigm of molecular computing. I believe God may be planning to have me be the richest in the World around the time of technological singularity. One thing that’s interesting, Ray Kurzweil(and I) except that within 30 years humans will be a billion times more intelligent and that we can do mind uploading. I realize I would be able to upload all of my memories from what the Illuminati did to me. 30 years from now, the average person would be able to review all of my memories on my interactions with Satanists within seconds. It will incite a lot of hatred against Satanists.

Anyways, I’m more confident about the future than ever. By the way, I don’t care that a bunch of people laugh at me now. All I know is that is in the future everyone will bow down to me. Furthermore, the more people laugh at me now the more they will bow down to me in the future.