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Charles Rothschild threatening me with power

Recently I decided to give Charles Rothschild a little bit of a dose of what he gave me. I decided to harass him a bit(I would say a thousandth of what he did to me). Anywho, he operates a profile on fetlife where he gets “slaves” for his BSDM junk. Here is the link to it, He goes by the name Maison Valmont. I made these profiles named “crucifybibi666″ and “nukeisrael666″. I sent him messages like… “I WANT TO CRUCIFY YOU!!!!”, “NUKE ISRAEL!!! WIPE IT OFF THE MAP!!!! CRUCIFY NETANYAHU!!!! THE HOLOCAUST IS A MYTH!!!”, “I CURSED THE PATHETIC DOGS!!! I WANTED THEM TO SUFFER!!!”.

After about a month he decided to give me a phone call about this. Anywho, my phone was off at the time by chance. He left a voicemail. The voicemail was saying that if I continued he would call the NSA/FBI and fabricate that I am a terrorist and put me in jail. Here is the voicemail. By the way, I am not scared for a second from him. God is protecting me and so far everything he has done has backfired resulting in the opposite consequence. Charles Rothschild holds the 666 mark for the Rothschild bloodline. He is the Devil.

Back in 2012. Rothschild tried enslaving me. Check out this conversation me and him had during a tense time: Rothschild conversation

His FUCKING PATHETIC dogs died due to my spirit’s strength(as my astrologer told me) and by the WILL of God. The first dog was diagnosed with cancer just after he stole most of my money. The dog had to be euthanized on Good Friday April 13, 2012(exactly 3 years after I was arrested in April 13, 2009). The second dog got a nervous system disorder just after Rothschild imprisoned me. You may read more about the story over here.

Rothschild dog photo

Comparing me to the biggest, best hedge funds

I have been comparing my strategies to the biggest and best hedge funds and find that my strategies are immensely superior to most of them. Four hedge funds I want to look at: Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund ($10B 70% annualized returns), Bridgewater(Pure Alpha $80B 15% annualized returns), Citadel ($30B 25% annualized returns) and SAC Capital ($10B, 30% annualized returns). The hedge fund that is most impressive on this list is Medallion Fund due to the fact it has been up every quarter except for 1 in 20 years and produces about $6B in alpha a year along with a lack of correlation to markets(2008 was the best year for the fund). The second most impressive Bridgewater Pure Alpha due to the fact its size(it produces $5B a year in alpha), lack of correlation with markets(it was up in 2008) and good drawdown (below 20%). The second best hedge fund is SAC Capital due primarily to the stability of its returns(only one down year in 20+ years), but it produces only about $2B in alpha a year. The third best hedge fund is Citadel due to the fact it has such high returns with such massive amounts(it produces $5B a year in alpha, same as Bridgewater but on half the capital). However one drawback of Citadel is that they had a 75% drawdown in 2008.

Now when it comes to Medallion Fund, I’m going to have to admit I can get their returns of 70% on $10B but I can’t match their drawdowns or stability. I can produce 70% on $10B with 25% drawdowns. So I’ll admit they are better than me. What’s also amazing is that they are able to generate the most alpha per trader, they only have about 200 traders on the fund. The other 3 hedge funds by the way have over 1000 traders to get their returns. The thing is, for me to generate 70% on $10B, I would only need at maximum a dozen traders and possibly just one(just me) with improvements in trading technology(a platform that spreads positioning over hours and several portals). I know with the same amount of people I can also generate 15%+ returns with max 20% drawdown on $100B. Anyways, from looking at the hedge funds I am going to have to raise that Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund is truly in its own league. I hope someday to be on my own league like them but with a lot less people.