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Technological singularity and aliens

One of my favorite courses during college was Psychology that I took during my freshman year of college. I was 14 at the time. Anyways, I first learned about technological singularity during that class. I remember my psychology professor talking about how with the continuation of Moore’s Law there would be rapid advancements in computing technology. My professor mentioned that by 2030 the average computer would have the processing power of the human brain. But what really amazed me was when he said by 2050 the average computer would have the processing¬†power of the whole human race. Anyways, this is assuming that Moore’s Law continues. Well, this was back in 2004 and now it is 2016 and Moore’s Law has continued so far in the 12 years. If we can just continue for 30 more years then humanity will enter a glorious era.

This was around the time I found out about Ray Kurzweil. That’s when I started reading his predictions. What intrigues me the most is computer brain implants.¬†When we can convert brain waves into computer data, we will be able to enhance our own intelligence through computers. Possibly by billions fold depending on how long Moore’s Law continues. Imagine an average kid being born after technological singularity having millions of times the intelligence as an average Nobel science laureate today. Teaching can also be vastly different. Rather than spending years for doctorates, all the data is just uploaded onto the student’s mind. Anyways, I expect the pace of technological development and research to sky rocket when we hit technological singularity.

I personally believe that aliens are waiting for us to go through technological singularity before they reveal themselves. For one thing, in our current state, aliens are probably billions of times more intelligent than the average human being. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have developed a means to read all human activity and assign karma. But I can certainly see them as not being interested in revealing themselves to us because we are so behind them technologically. It would be like humans making friends with ants.

Anyways, I have been waiting for the day of First Contact since my childhood. That is going to be the most important time for human history. I am confident that I will see it during my lifetime.

S&P is headed below 2000

I have confirmation that the structure on the S&P over the past 8 weeks is a distribution range. Wide spreads are being used to lock out traders from going short. I’m looking for sub-2000 on the S&P 500. This may be preparation for a terrorist attack. I still however see higher gains for the S&P in the future and drops over the next month will be very good buying opportunities. Sentiment at the top was too bearish for a long-term top. But the distribution is calling for a climactic selling event to happen on the S&P similar to August 2015.

S&P volatility, magical things

The last 6 weeks we have seen the lowest trading volatility on the S&P post financial crisis. Something is definitely going on. Anyways, I still see higher gains for the coming 6 months. I was considering that what was going on is distribution but people are overly bearish. The thing at issue is that shorts are basically at record highs. There is a high chance of a blow off soon.

Anyways, the last 3 months magical things have been happening. It all started with the UCLA shooting. It was a sign to me. The shooter went to IIT Karaghpur which my dad went to and then UCLA and Stanford. I punched the shooter’s date of birth and my date of birth in and the 261.8% fibonacci cross comes in at April 13, 2012(the day Rothschild’s dog died). I believe the shooter was under the influence of Satan.

Then things sped up after Microsoft bought LinkedIn. (When Microsoft bought Skype I joined the Dukascopy contest that same day in 2011 and had my best 6 month performance unleveraged ever). I’m performing better than ever. I can’t believe how far I have come these past 3 months. Back in September 2011 I set the record pip gains of 6623 on the Dukascopy Contest. What’s of interest is that this performance is in the 99.99th+ percentile because over 50,000 portfolios haven’t been able to beat this unleveraged gains. Anyways, I was able to maintain this unleveraged performance on a live account from early June to mid July. Which came out of the blue and was absolutely phenomenal. I now know I can beat my Dukascopy Trader Contest stats.

What’s even better is that I was able to do this with a fully systematic method spending only 5-10 minutes a day. The methods I used this time have larger executable size.

Also, if you check out my Portfolio. The best day of the year is $66,671 profits on July 14, 2016. That was the day of the Nice terrorist attack. I believe the attack was a blood ritual to Satan.

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