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Everything worked out in the end, big improvements

I keep thinking about life. From the age of 9 is when I had an interest in markets. I remember one day waking up when I was 9 and thinking about compounding interest. I decided to take out a notebook and calculate how long it would take to get from $1M to $1T at 30% interest. I didn’t know about exponents at the time so I calculated each number  by multiplying by 1.3 in a calculator. I wrote down all the results in a table. Anyways, I was amazed at how quickly I would be able to do the feat. Anyways, during my college years in my teens(13-17) I kept on looking into markets but decided they should be a side thing while I’m a lawyer or doctor. I always kept a calculator on me during my college years in my pocket and everyday made compounding interest calculations of the future. But also, I know I entertained the idea of being a billionaire from a young age. During sixth grade we had to write a section on what we wanted to do in life. I remember my teacher’s reaction when it was like… “By the age of 50 I will have $100B and take over the World.” The thing is, I was 100% serious about it too. Anyways, now that I look at it, by the age of 50 I will have at least $500B.

There are several lucky events that happened to me. I remember I used to care about what my GPA and test scores were. I thought when I wanted to go to medical school that I had to go to Harvard Medical School. But my GPA during college was mediocre and my MCATs were just slightly above average for HMS. If I would have gotten into Harvard Medical School I would have gone at the time. But I didn’t and I thought my life was ruined. I decided instead for law school. I thought to myself, I have to get a perfect LSAT score to get into Harvard Law School and then get a position at Wachtell(highest paying law firm). I didn’t get a perfect LSAT score and didn’t get into HLS. I thought my life was ruined. If I would have gone to medical or law school I wouldn’t have come into this amazing life track that I am in now. I am also lucky that I choose Biochemistry as a major. There really aren’t any six figure jobs available for Biochemistry bachelors graduates. If I would have for instance chosen Computer Science. I would have been able to get a high paying job after graduating and wouldn’t have bothered getting into trading full time.

So all in all. I feel like everything played out perfectly. I’m now going to be living a life far better than I thought I would during my childhood and college years. Honestly, I have absolutely no regrets. I am happy I followed my instinct and always will.

On another note, the last 2 months have a been renaissance. I have made massive improvement to my models. I can now make higher returns taking less risk on much lower leverage. Before I was looking to make 200% a year on 30:1, now I am looking to make 400%+ a year on 10:1. I have figured out the logistics too. Anyways, under current market liquidity I can maintain 400%+ a year returns on up to $500M. I can maintain 100%+ a year on up to $5B. I can maintain 50%+ a year on up to $50B. I can maintain 18%+ a year on up to $1T.

These are my FX systems. The first 3 systems are based on the same method(against sentiment) but different holding periods. The last method is a long-term mean reversion method.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.06.27 AM


Below is a projection of how the next 35 years should look. I’m pretty confident my systems have what it takes to make me the first trillionaire in the World.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 2.10.42 AM


Illuminati underestimating me and God

I’m going to be honest. The Illuminati has been underestimating me and God the whole step of the way.

Recently back on January 13th, 2016 they sent the FBI to fabricate a mental illness to my parents and turn them against me. It was interesting how it was on the day when there was the first and only lottery jackpot above $1B. I believe they chose this day because that is the day where Satan worshipers pray to Satan the most(according to my astrological research Satan determines who wins the lottery). But they also choose that day because it has 13 in it. 13 is a big number for the Illuminati, they consider it lucky for Satanists. There are 13 Satanic bloodlines. But also, I was first arrested on my 13th birthday and had a ten felony indictment. I was arrested for a second time on April 13th, 2009 that was 13 days before Jennifer Gates turned 13. The room they initially threatened to torture me in the hospital on May 18, 2012 was room number 13. Rothschild’s dog died on Friday April 13th, 2012 which was also a Good Friday.

Anyways, Rothschild sending the FBI totally backfired. My parents realized that Rothschild was a REAL Rothschild and that all these elements back in 2012 were done by him. They were keen to note that the FBI was trying to fabricate a mental illness. They now believe I am Christ and Rothschild is the Devil. So in trying to convince my family I am mentally ill they convinced them of the absolute opposite. Anyways, not only did their goals go the opposite but they did something that aroused a lot of hatred in me. I’m expressing that hatred towards Bill Gates’s kids and they are aging faster and much more likely to suffer a terminal illness. Not to mention they were trying to make me scared of the Illuminati. The fact of the matter is I now see the only thing they can do now is fabricate mental illnesses. Oh wow, that is so SCARY. LOL. Anyways, I am a lot less scared of them now. Clearly if they have to resort to this option they are running out of options.

But this isn’t the first time what they have done has backfired.

Back in 2014 they sent this character Justin Le Blanc. Anyways, he adds me on LinkedIn and wants to meet up and know about my trading. First off, the guy acted like a know it all(which isn’t bad necessarily by the way because I act like that too). He boasted about how he trades $20B a month, has an IQ in 99.999th+ percentile, went to Stanford and did calculus during middle school. Anyways, I saw his charts. They were piece of shit 1 minute charts based on stochastic crossovers. None of his methods have executable size. His methods are just scalping one minute charts. By the way, he is 14 years older than me. Anyways, I quickly realized that I was 1000 times better trader than him.

Anyways, they had him try his best to discourage and insult me as much as possible. Telling me I am going nowhere in life. That he is the best trader in the World. Then he started contacting my family members and saying I was mentally ill. Anyways, it was a total joke. So they were trying to discourage me yet in the end I was encouraged more than ever and more certain that I would be the richest in all of human history. I realized this from seeing how much of a fool and how close minded Justin was. He was well below me.

Then there goes what they did in 2012. It all backfired on them. They couldn’t see the dogs suffering and dying. They couldn’t see the entrance of the Muslims in September 2012. They thought they could convince me their agents who were discouraging me don’t work for them.