Monthly Archives: July 2016

Eurodollar above $1.50

I am seeing massive strength in eurodollar over the past year. I’m looking for a move initially on the euro to above $1.50. Whats important to note is this July is the lowest volume on euro futures since December 2007. There is massive volume divergence. July was a giant no supply. The last year range-bound structure is accumulation. The last time we had an accumulation structure like this in the euro was 2001. Look at what happened afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2.0+ on EURUSD within a decade. A massive long has been built into the market over the past year. Supply is being absorbed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 6.47.02 AM

Oil is headed to below $15, S&P headed higher

I have been reading into massive weakness in oil over the past few months. I see a drop below $15 within the next year. It’s going to be vicious and brutal.

S&P is headed higher for months. We are at least 6 months away from a top. Sentiment is way too bearish. We’re going higher from here.

Brexit, new system, comparing me to Buffett

So Brexit happened back on June 24th. It was a pretty fun day. I was able to call the results of the vote to be “leave” 6 hours before it was known publicly. I was able to do this by reading retail sentiment. I noticed that retailers were adding longs on GBP the whole week. Anyways, I made about 25% off Brexit. In my opinion, Brexit is nothing but just a big shakeout. GBPUSD is probably heading back to 1.50. EURUSD is headed to 1.20. S&P is headed to higher levels. So is the FTSE.

I made a new system lately that works on lower executable size. The max it works up to is $20M. But it can safely get 400%+ a year returns on 10:1 leverage. This system is a big breakthrough and there is a chance it can perform 1000%+ a year.

Anyways, I wanted to compare myself to Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett got to being so rich by realizing the power of compounding. He has averaged 20%+ a year for over 50 years. The thing is, Warren Buffett performed better during the start of his career when he had smaller amounts. Ever since Berkshire Hathaway has gotten to the $100B+ market cap he has been struggling to beat the market. But anyways, Warren Buffett says he can earn 50% a year on $1M but not $100M. I can earn 400% a year on up to $20M. After that I can earn 100% a year on up to $3B. After that I can earn 20%+ a year on up to $1T. So basically, I expect to be a 1000 times richer than Warren Buffett.

Anyways, not much is going on in life.