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Greece/Turkey trip, Coward Satanists, Overpowering the Rothschilds

I’m right now in Mykonos, Greece. It’s a nice place. For the past few days I have been traveling throughout Turkey and Greece. To be honest, I’m not surprised Greece is in a debt crisis from visiting the country. The people just seem lazy and unprofessional. Anyways, I love traveling. I have been to over 30 countries. This is my first time in Turkey and Greece though.

The Satanists are big cowards. Particularly Bill Gates is. It’s so funny seeing the Satanists run away like cowards when God involves the Muslims. I’m happy God stepped in to protect me. The psychic predicted that God would step in to protect my free will. God stepped in at least 3 times to protect my free will. The psychic also predicted I eventually overpower the Rothschilds. The psychic also correctly predicted that the Rothschilds would turn everyone against me. There were some other things the psychic said which I prefer to keep to myself.

Anyways, with the way things are going, I am confident with assistance from God and a popular uprising that I will be able to overpower the Rothschilds by 2060. By then I will be the World’s first trillionaire and be an outlier on the Forbes list. Not to mention I will have published my book about 2012 by then and the Muslims would be ENRAGED(bare in mind Muslims will be the majority in UK and France in a few decades… the Rothschilds will be toast on their own home turf). There is a high chance when overpowering the Rothschilds that a World War may break out. Some countries will side with the Satanists, others with me. My first goal in overpowering them is controlling the central banks.

But assuming that God doesn’t give assistance and I can’t get a popular uprising… how do I overpower the Rothschilds? Through getting more money than them. Assuming the Rothschilds maintain a 7% ROI into the end of the century they should have around $30 quadrillion. I’m confident I can end this century with my bloodline having at least $1 quadrillion. This is just based on the current systems I have and growth of liquidity on the markets. This is a baseline scenario for me, $1 quadrillion in 2100. From there, assuming I can maintain 10% ROI and Rothschilds maintain 7% ROI we should overtake them in wealth by 2250. It all really depends on how good of traders my progeny are. I will train them from day one to be traders. My goal for now is to produce systems that can make at least 15% per year on a large executable size. By large, I mean like $5T+ under current market liquidity. Currently with my systems, I know I can make 20% a year on at least $2T(under current market liquidity). Anyways, we may be able to overtake the Rothschilds in money as early as 2150 if things work out really well.

Anyways. the Bible and Quran say I win. God is more powerful thanĀ Satan. Good prevails over evil. Christ defeats the Anti-Christ. So I’m on the winning side. That’s that.


Calculating the net worth of the Rothschilds

The Rothschilds are the ruling Satanic bloodline. I estimate that today the Rothschilds are worth at around $100 trillion+. Global wealth is above $200 trillion. They control about half of the money in the World. For one thing, markets over the long run average 8% per year after reinvesting dividends. In 1817, Nathaniel Rothschild had 50M GBP. Lets assume that he had a third of the wealth of the Rothschilds at that time. So they had total 150M GBP. During theĀ first 17 years of his career Nathaniel Rothschild’s returns averaged 81.4% per annum. During 1812-1868 Jacob Rothschild averaged 14% per annum. Assuming they grew 150M GBP at 7% ROI from 1817 to 2015 it would today be 99T GBP. The Rothschilds already have a history of at least performing at market or higher returns.


Nathaniel Rothschild net worth 1817: 50M GBP

Total House of Rothschild net worth in 1817: 150M+ GBP(estimated)

Nathaniel Rothschild annualized return during first 17 years of career: 81.4% per annum

Jacob Rothschild annualized return between 1812-1868: 14% per annum

Dividends reinvested growth of equities during last 2 centuries: 8% per annum

150M GBP compounded at 7% per annum from 1817-2015: 99T GBP = 130T+ USD