Monthly Archives: February 2016

Robot economy, future deflation, falling behind

I keep thinking about how the economy will look over the next 50 years. Within 50 years, I expect that most of the jobs of today would be taken over by robots. Robots and artificial intelligence are without a doubt the industry sector that will see the largest growth in the economy over the next several decades. There will be the robot makers that will make tons of money. But on top of that, there will be companies that will exist which buy robots and use/sell their labor. Training the robots will be a big sector too in the economy.

I suspect as we approach technological singularity we will see deflation. Labor prices will start obeying Moore’s Law once we have robots that are as intelligent as humans and cheap. Energy prices will also be deflated because of alternatives. I believe some of the pressure on oil is the fact that now solar power is nearly as cheap(or even cheaper in some markets) than oil. Why would people use fossil fuels if they can get the energy for the same price(or cheaper) from the sun? Energy prices will follow Moore’s law eventually.

A lot has been happening this past month. I believe the mistakes of using too much leverage have put me behind by a year. At least I learned a lot and the chances of failing in the future will be a lot lower.

Oil is headed to $20, drawdown woes, FBI, website hits

I see massive weakness in oil. See it heading to around $20. I have been bearish on oil for the past year and continue to be. There was heavy selling in the upbars in the dead cat bounce. Look at the chart below.

Oil selling

Over the past 3 weeks I have been going through massive drawdown on all my accounts. I’m fully aware of the situation and have it under control. I was running my model on way too high leverage. Unleveraged I’m just about breakeven. But with the leverage decay of 70% over the past 2.5 months the account is down 70%. Planning to cut down leverage. Overall, I think this is the last time in my life I will see a drawdown this big. I have done more modeling of leverage decay and have taken that into account. I still maintain that my performance unleveraged is better than 95%+ of the hedge funds during the period.

The FBI recently visited me several weeks ago. It was more of an intimidation. They were sent by Rothschild. Anywho, out of spite hatred I have decided to keep my experience of 2012 online. It’s so sad and pathetic how Rothschild had to bring the FBI into this. The agents were completely clueless by the way. They had no idea about his dogs. They were trying to get me to visit a psychiatrist. LOL. Fuck them. Anyways, they’re going to SUFFER from cancer. They have no clue what the hell they got themselves involved in. Anyways, I am keeping the story up because I know it troubles the Rothschilds. Anyone with ties to powerful Muslims can blackmail the Rothschilds and Bill Gates with my story.

On another note, my website has been getting MANY hits lately. Friday was the record at 259 hits. It’s amazing how I am getting so much more attention when I am losing compared to when I am winning. People love to see others blow up. There are so many jealous haters. The forums are full of nothing but losing jealous haters. I don’t discourage other people. But tons of people try to discourage me. Below is the hits I have gotten on my website in the past 12 months. It’s really taken off after mid January.

Website hits