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$100T by the age of 100

I want to make $100T by the age of 100. That’s the ultimate goal for now. But beyond that, I want to make $100B by the age of 40 and $5T by the age of 60.

Below is the returns I would need to get to the goals.

$100B by the age of 40(2030): 170% ROI from 2016-2030

$5T by the age of 60(2050): 22% ROI from 2030-2050

$100T by the age of 100(2090): 8% ROI from 2050-2090


I also keep a compounding table to track my progress over the years. Below is how it looks. In fact, I am actually ahead of the projections. I believe I can deliver a higher return than stated above. The above are just conservative goals. The HF part includes income assuming I join a hedge fund. In the long run, it doesn’t matter much if I join a hedge fund. It just means I would get to my goals 1-2 years earlier.



Year in review

I’m going to have to say that this has been the best year in my life so far. I’ve been so productive this year on the research end. At the start of this year, my highest yielding system worked on up to $100M and  had returns of 10% per month. Now, my highest yielding system works on up to $2B and has returns of 20% per month. I’ve also developed a system with what I call a “really large” executable size. At the start of this year, based on $5T daily FX liquidity, my systems were capable of making $25B+ a year. Now my systems are capable of making $250B+ a year with the same liquidity on FX markets. I have backtested my systems very thoroughly. In some cases up to a decade.

I am absolutely confident that I came out of 2012 as the winner. By a far margin also. I’m starting to see everything fall into place and it makes me very happy. I have my self-respect. After the events of 2012(you may read more about it here), I was uncertain for 2 years if I made the correct decisions back in 2012. I’m starting to see God’s plan for me and am happy I kept my faith in God. Initially after the events of 2012, I showed resentment towards God for putting me into that situation. I was thinking… Why didn’t he do more to back me up? Why did he have to curse Rothschild’s dogs? Why didn’t he just let Dante get off the nervous system disorder in June 2012? Why didn’t he give me powers to prove what I am? Why didn’t he get someone to alert the Christians and Muslims to what was happening to me? It turns out that God’s action and inaction during certain situations was for my own good. I now trust God more than ever.

I’m more certain than ever that I will be the richest person in all of humanity. In fact, starting from scratch has been the best thing to happen to me. The thing is, I wouldn’t have made all these discoveries lately if I weren’t struggling. When I am struggling I am very creative and tend to discover new things. I have full confidence that I will be able to make at least $100T this century and that my bloodline will eventually overtake the Rothschilds. By the time we get to 2050, my systems will be able to make $2T+ a year and I will be running them at full size.

I’m starting to see the Illuminati and Satanists as a bunch of suckers. Everything they have done since 2012 is backfiring on them. The thing is, with the events of 2012, I have clearly established myself as ABOVE the Illuminati. I can blackmail the Rothschilds out of the central banks. I could blackmail Bill Coward Gates out of everything he has. I’m not afraid of anything at all. God is protecting me. Anyways, I will enjoy CRUSHING the Illuminati and Satanists. The Satanists are fucking COWARDS. If they are so powerful, why do they have to operate through DECEPTION? Huh. It’s because they know they are doomed to lose.


Feel so fucking lucky…

I feel like the luckiest person ever. I was chosen to be the richest in all of human history before I was even born. That is what has been planned for thousands of years. It’s so funny seeing the Satanists try and go against God’s will. God’s will along with the writings of the Quran and Bible. Everything they have done has just backfired. It seems to amaze me that if all of Rothschilds’ goals end up the opposite with regards to me… what happens with their plan for keeping the World ruled by Satanists? The funny thing is that the Satanists think they are on the winning side. Their vision of the future is clouded by God.

I am proud to be on the winning side. I am proud to lead the good side of the war between good and evil. Good will prevail.

Anyways, I was born with the perfect circumstances to become the richest in the planet. My family wasn’t too rich so that I would be spoiled and not care to earn my way. My family wasn’t too poor so that I wouldn’t have the education and start up capital for trading. On another note, I believe that people starting from a small amount or challenging circumstances are stronger and more likely to succeed over the long run.

I have made massive improvements these past 6 months. These past 6 months have been a renaissance in my research in trading. I have much better risk models. But I have also been planning for the long run. At this point I am fine tuning the systems I currently use. However, I also have been making really large executable size systems which I won’t use for 20 years.

I have been thinking lately about my relationship with God. During my teen years I was an atheist. But this all changed in late 2010. I started becoming spiritual. I started noticing the connection between number, times and places. There is this magic in the Universe which I find very hard to explain but know it is definitely there. Then I created by fibonacci time model in mid 2011 and this further convinced me of this magic in the Universe. Then there was 2012. My friends were having visions about me in the future. Then Rothschild tried enslaving me. God stepped in to protect me numerous times. It is because of God’s intervention I look at 2012 as a total victory. The middle of 2012 is when I would say I truly started believing in God.