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How the Satanists are DOOMED

It’s interesting to note that both the Bible and Quran talk of the rise of Satanism along with the Anti-Christ. We have seen this take place in recent history. But it should be noted that they also predict Satanism and the Anti-Christ to be crushed by the Second Coming of Christ. This will also play out. One central theme of the major religions is that God is more powerful than Satan and that Good will prevail over Evil.

Lets look back on the Rothschilds and see what they’ve accomplished with regards to me compared to what they wanted:

1. They wanted me be more charitable: I went from deciding to give away a majority of my earnings in my lifetime to zero percent.

2. They wanted me to be on a taxed system: I went from being willing to trade on a taxed system for my life to definitely not trading on a taxed system.

3. They wanted me to not be religious: I was not religious and have actually become religious from the events.

4. They wanted to turn me against Muslims: I now look at Muslims as allies.

5. They wanted me to quit trading: I was on the edge of quitting trading but because of the events that took place I decided that I should be a trader forever.

6. They thought I wouldn’t find out who their agents are: I know each and everyone who has contacted me who is their agent. I’m smart enough to read through their shit.

7. They wanted me to support Israel: I hate Israel more than ever.

8. They thought they could control my family through black magic and voodoo dolls: We have figured out how to counteract this and are actually causing their spirits to waste away from such actions.

9. They wanted me to be enslaved to credit: I went from not being interested in controlling the central banks to having every desire to control the central banks.


So there you go. That is the success of the Rothschild’s in enslaving with me. Not to mention, throughout this whole time I have been reducing their lifespans and significantly increased their chance of suffering when they die. Pretty much everything they have done has completely backfired. The fact of the matter is that it was already WRITTEN IN STONE thousands of years ago that I would dominate.

They seriously have fucked up big time. Take September 3, 2012 for instance. I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish with this. Give Jennifer Gates a nervous system disorder? The whole point of that was to make me feel like a subhuman animal. But what happened? The Lord struck back sacrificing 60+ lives for me and injuring 700+ people. Not to mention we saw the greatest elevation of a Prophet of Islam ever.

Then there are their loser agents. They’re all trashy pawns. There was this guy that recently made contact with me, Justin Le Blanc. The guy was some institutional trader who kept boasting about how he had a Stanford degree, an IQ in the 99.999th percentile and took calculus during middle school. Anywho, he is 38 and makes $20M(I estimate from the details he told me about his volume and trading). But this is the thing, all of his methods are intraday and have a tiny executable size. My trading is 1000 times better than him and I’m 14 years younger. By the way, when I reach the age of 38 I’ll be making 1000+ times more than him. What was more important was the fact that I showed him some of my work and he thought it was trash. He was very closed-minded. Anywho, they sent Justin to discourage me. I walked away more convinced than ever that I’ll be the richest in all of humanity. Once again what they do backfires.

The fact of the matter is that I admit they could have achieved their goals in regards to me. But the way they played out their shit was just sloppy from the start. They couldn’t see what would happen to the dogs or the Innocence of Muslims video. I was always one step ahead of them.

I’m absolutely proud I didn’t fall for their trap. I am proud to not take any assistance from them. I am happy to go through the challenge of going from broke to the richest in all of humanity. That’s what GOD WANTS me to do. That’s the best way for me to truly prove what I am. I actually believe that because of the events in 2012 I will end up making much much more during my lifetime. Even if they gave me $100M back in 2012, I still ended up better being broke. I feel like the luckiest man ever.

What’s even more of a joke. I now have evidence that can get Bill Gates the death penalty in any Muslim country. Either that, or have his bloodline hunted by Muslims forever on this planet. Everything they did pushed the story of the Quran and Bible closer to truth.

I know I can see the future better than the Satanists do. Their miscalculations and blunders make it clear that they are on the losing side. They couldn’t see the dogs being cursed. They couldn’t see the Innocence of Muslims drama. They underestimated me on many elements. Every step of the way God made sure I was ahead of them.

The future

I always think about the future. In particular, technological advancements and how the economy will operate. I am keen on getting an understanding of how society will operate when I rule this planet. I know we’re going to see technological singularity within a few decades. But what will happen to society when computers can rival and beat humans. For one thing, I think within 2 decades most jobs that we currently have in society can be replaced by computers. This development will initially be much faster in developed countries compared to developing countries.

One huge issue I keep thinking about is what will humans do when computers take over our work. Well, we have to some point seen how automation over the past few centuries has led humans to getting more specialized work. There wasn’t a total kill in jobs, but rather an increase in productivity by the average worker which has resulted in increased living standards for everyone. I think that we will see massive deflation as we hit technological singularity. Once computers reach a particular tipping point, which should be around 2 decades from now, wages for menial work at first will go down following Moore’s Law.

I actually am amazed by Moore’s Law. We are seeing applications of it to things other than semiconductors. For instance, solar energy is following Moore’s Law. I think solar energy is approaching a tipping point with where when it is the cheapest form of electricity, all electric prices will be following Moore’s Law and become dramatically cheaper. Another example is genome sequencing and protein synthesis. Over the last decade particularly we have been seeing these areas follow Moore’s Law. I am confident we will see Moore’s Law apply to everyday items and processes as machines take over.

To sum it up, the future is going to have lots of automation. Living standards will rocket due to the deflation caused by technological singularity. However, there may be some initial dislocation in the labor market from artificial intelligence. But I have full faith that the free market and capitalism will work out the issues. We will also value time completely differently when humans have the ability to live forever.

Really Large Executable Size

I recently made a system that has a really large executable size. It’s absolutely massive. I probably won’t use it for at least 20 years. But it can make $300B+ a year. 30% on $1T. It involves having a $10T+ position size on the markets split on 15 pairs. Sometimes to establish a position on a currency pair I would be executing over a whole month. By the way, with current platforms it would take 15 people to execute this system. But I imagine if there could be some improvements in platforms you would only need one person.

I have come to notice that all of my research in the last 5 years is only going to increase my income potential after I am 35. I’m pretty confident that I can get to $10T by the age of 60 with my systems. My goal is to average $2T a year by the age of 60. But my ultimate goal is to corner all the markets. I think to corner all the markets under current liquidity you would need about 100 people and $50T in capital. Cornering the markets really is long-term goal I have that I hope to accomplish by 2100. I’m confident that this century I should be able to make at least $100T.

After more volatility studies, I have come to accept that the best return I can get is 13% per month on amounts up to $2B. After $2B the returns drops to 8% per month for the next $25B. After that returns drop down to 2-3% per month for the next $1T. But this amount over the next 2 decades should grow around 6-8% per year along with FX liquidity.

I’m really after making as much as possible. I basically WORSHIP money. Money is power. I want the power to torture, kill and imprison anyone I want to. I want to make sure that House of Ghosh has more money than any other house out there including House of Rothschild. Come to think of it. There isn’t much of a difference between me and the Rothschilds. Except for the fact I worship God and they worship Satan.

The Satanic bloodlines

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the two ruling Satanic bloodlines. The Rothschilds have over $100T, the Rockefellers have over $10T. They control all the central banks and Western media. They created Israel. They also are behind 9/11, Lincoln/Kennedy Assassination and the Japan earthquake. There are several reasons they did 9/11. For one it caused a selling climax on markets which I estimate the Rothschilds made approximately $2T+ off of. Secondly, they wanted to grab the central banks in Muslim countries. Third, they want to get more support for Israel. Fourth, they want to turn Christians against Muslims.

I’ve personally dealt with the Rothschilds. They have zero ethics and are Satanic trash. I can confirm that. Basically, they want me CRUCIFIED and I want them CRUCIFIED. That’s our relations.

The reason the North Tower WTC collapsed at 10:28 AM was because it was detonated by the Illuminati at that time. The reason they choose 10:28 as the time is because it has Bill Gates’ date of birth in it(October 28th). Bill Gates by the way is the Anti-Christ written about in the Bible and Quran.