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Extraterrestrial life

I always think about how big the Universe is and life out there. Lets think. There are over 10^11 galaxies out there in the visible universe. Each galaxy has on average around 10^11 stars. That means there are at least 10^22 stars out there. If even just 1 in a million stars out there had advanced civilizations that would mean there are over 10^16 advanced civilizations out there. To be honest, I think much more than 1 in a million stars out there have advanced civilizations.

But I personally believe(and KNOW) that we are currently being visited by other civilizations. Humans were engineered by extraterrestrials through intervention by genetic engineering. That is why we have traits like language and critical thinking that no other animals on this planet have. The aliens created the Satanic and Jesus bloodlines. They wrote the Bible and Quran along with creating all the major religions.

I should note the ultimate plan of the aliens is to put the human race through spiritual development by introducing Satan and God. They put a lot of importance into the Second Coming of Christ. Christ will beat the Anti-Christ along with the Satanic bloodlines. They want Christ to rule this planet and introduce human civilization to aliens. Whether it be sacrificing the lives of American ambassadors or Rothschilds’ dogs, they will do anything and everything to make sure Christ reigns this planet.

The victory of Christ over the Anti-Christ and Satanic Bloodlines is GUARANTEED. There is nothing the Satanic bloodlines can do about it. Good prevails over evil. God is more powerful than Satan.


If someone for instance scored perfect on the SAT’s… What would your reaction be? 1 in 10,000 SAT test takers get a perfect score. Imagine if that person was completely ignored and thought of just being very lucky that they got a good score. Now imagine someone takes the SAT’s ten times in a row and scores perfect every time. There is a 1 in 10^40 chance that they could score perfect on all ten times. Imagine that people keep saying the person is just lucky and is really no more intelligent than the average person.

Sounds outrageous doesn’t it? That’s exactly the situation I am in when it comes to my Dukascopy contest results. I have gotten so much shit from people telling me I am “not better than average people”, just a “very lucky person”.

I recently was going through the calculations on the top 200 traders on the Dukascopy contest. I come out at the top in PnL, 4.65 standard deviations(1 in 300,000 probability) above the average. But what’s most impressive is that compounding returns on 20:1 leverage gives me 950 fold returns, which puts me clearly at the top. This is 13.3 standard deviations(1 in 10^40 probability) above the average. What’s also very impressive about this is also the fact that no one comes within 9 standard deviations of me.

The probability of seeing a performance like mine in the Dukascopy contest is the equivalent of scoring perfect on the SAT’s ten times in a row. But if someone scored perfect on the SAT’s even once, they would be considered a genius and get admitted to pretty much any top college. Let me show you the figures I have developed.

This is the stats for the top 30 traders:

dukascopy leaders

This is a bar chart showing the compounded(20:1 leverage) returns on the Dukascopy contest of the top 200 traders. I’m the outlier all the way at the bottom(#1):

dukascopy top 200 20X