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Living forever

Since this “event” that happened during my childhood, one of my dreams has been to live forever. I remember in fourth grade when we were reading from the science magazine my teacher was mentioning how scientists were able to double the life of worms with some drugs. It amazed me thinking about the applications to human life. During my college years, in my teens, I learned a lot about aging and biology overall. I learned that aging is an evolutionary mechanism to create genetic diversity. I learned that aging is programmed and that our cells stop maintaining themselves after the mid-twenties. I would say since the age of 7 I have had the obsession with living forever. But this really developed during my college years. I have been a follower of Google’s Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil.

I believe his views of the future are pretty accurate. I believe that humans will see technological “singularity” in the coming decades. But on the issue of living forever, I agree with him that within a couple decades we will have the technology to live forever. I believe that we will be able to freeze aging such that our bodies don’t decay after they hit their maximum potential in the mid twenties. I have been a believer of this since my college years. I personally expect that I will live at least a thousand years. I personally believe that I will also visit the Moon and Mars at least during my life. Possibly much more. But anyways, back to the living forever. I personally believe that of the 7 billion+ people currently living on the planet at least 1 million will live to see 1000 years age.

We’re in for some really radical technological advancements. What worries me the most is my parents. I want them to live forever also. They(particularly my dad) are on the cusp. I want them to live forever with me. I am doing everything to stop the aging of my parents. Right now it is my number one priority as it is also my number one worry in my life. I’m so scared of living a very very very long time without my parents. It really scares me. I am focusing all my spiritual energy to slow down my parents’ aging. I am committing my life to Christ. I have rejected Satanism. I am even considering curtailing my retaliatory actions against people for fear that karma would strike back. I love them so much. I will always take care of them. I will always love them. I love them so much.

Thoughts: Discouraging people and drawdowns

Discouraging People

A lot of people have been discouraging me ever since I came to the spotlight in 2011. It’s not just since 2011, but even before, since I started FX trading. The World is a very discouraging place. I honestly don’t care much to be honest. I just laugh at it these days. I have traders that I am a thousand times better than thinking that my trading is shit and that I am going nowhere in life. I have people that I will make a million times more than in my lifetime saying that I am useless trash and that I should kill myself.

The truth is, I was chosen to be the richest person in all of humanity before I was even born. I have known this since my childhood. It’s not just stupid people that have been discouraging. It’s even smart people who are very closed-minded. I’m talking about people with IQ’s in the 99.999th+ percentile and degrees out of top universities. I think a lot of it has to do with jealousy. Those people have been working hard their whole lives and think they are on the top successful, when in reality they are nothing compared to me. Oh well, I’m going to the top and I feel like the luckiest person ever born. They’re just fucking jealous losers.


Recently I wanted to talk about drawdowns. I find practically everyone out there is pussies with regards to drawdowns. People for some reason can’t tolerate more than 20% drawdown. But I’m willing to tolerate up to 80% drawdowns. That’s because I am trained and have very strong blood for drawdowns. Let me take my model as an example.  Tolerating a 20% drawdown gives 100 fold return over a decade. But tolerating a 80% drawdown gives 10B fold return over a decade. So you take 4 times the initial risk but make 100M fold more. So the return to risk is 25M fold more over a decade.

The fact of the matter is that things that outperform tend to have high drawdowns over the long run. Take equity markets for instance. Every time the markets rise 100X there is a 80-90% drawdown(South Sea Bubble, Great Depression). Look at Apple’s stock over the past 15 years. It has gone up 100X yet seen 80% drawdown. It would be hard to argue that Apple is a bad investment.