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Trading=the number one skill

I was recently talking to an old friend a few weeks back. Anywho, I’ll give the background. He was my bestfriend during elementary school and we didn’t keep in touch afterwards, just Facebook from his college years. So he basically had/has no idea of my current lifestyle. Right now he’s in a top medical school and wants to be a heart surgeon. Anywho, I told him I was a currency trader. The first thing he asked me was… “Can you make enough money from that to not work another job?” I found that to be a really ridiculous statement. By the time he’s a practicing heart surgeon, I’ll be making over 10,000+ times him.

In my opinion the profit potential for a single trader can go above $100B a year. There are at least 500 traders richer than Bill Gates. There are at least 300 traders that make at least $10B a year. The thing is, most people don’t seem to understand or comprehend the potential of trading. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, the 500 richest people off trading all keep their wealth a secret. They don’t hold their money in public assets that can be verified by Bloomberg and Forbes. People are very misled about the real net worth of the best traders out there. They think of George Soros and Buffet as being the top, but there are actually many more richer and better traders than them that keep their wealth a secret.

I find trading to be the most underestimated skill in the public. Not many people understand compounding interest. I find like 99% of the people in the public fall in this category. They all think linearly. You make $200K this year, next year you make a little more like $210K. Not many people seem to realize that you can turn $1,000 into $8.6T compounding at 10% monthly over 20 years. Anywho, I have been calculating compounding interest since the age of 9. I remember one day I woke up when I was 9 and decided to compute how long it would take to turn $1M into $1T at 30% interest yearly. I used a calculator and put down all the numbers, year by year in the notebook. I was amazed at how quickly you could get to a trillion. I told myself someday I’ll do it. Now I’m more sure than ever in my life that I’m going to be the world’s first trillionaire.

Another huge reason why trading is underestimated is because 99% of people who get into trading don’t get anywhere with it. Finding a highly successful trader is far more rare than finding an attorney or doctor. People just think of all the people they know who tried trading and didn’t get anywhere. For some reason a lot of people get the idea that people go into trading because they fail at everything else. Thats far from the case. I think trading is the hardest skill out there. Not many people appreciate the skill it takes to achieve above market returns. Its the most competitive game in the world.

Anyways, to sum it up. Trading is the number one skill by a far margin. No other career comes anywhere close to it. Programming, medicine and law don’t come anywhere close. I’ve recently seen a lot of buzz going around about how programming is the number one skill. Lol, what BS.

Technological Progress

I’m very excited for the technological progress in humanity. Both recently and for the future. I think we will solve virtually all of humanity’s problems this century. Here are some things I am looking up to:


1. Artificial Intelligence: With Moore’s Law on semiconductors we are seeing a doubling of computing power every 12-18 months. At this rate, within 20-30 years the average computer will have the processing power of a human brain. We are rapidly approaching technological singularity. The point where AI can replace humans. Practically all jobs can be replaced by AI that will be a fraction of the cost. When we reach this point, I expect GDP growth will just keep accelerating. Imagine where instead of paying a worker $50,000, you spend $5,000 on a robot that does the same job. We’ll see productivity shoot through the moon. We will soon be in the era of abundance. There will be no poverty globally.

2. Synthetic Meat: I believe that we will be able to get all of our meat products by culturing the tissue cells in labs. We will not have to kill any animals at all to get our lovely meat products. This will significantly reduce the suffering of living life on this planet. It will also significantly reduce the energy requirements to produce meat. We’ll even be able to produce leather and fur without having to kill animals.

3. Energy: I believe we are approaching a point where energy will be close to free if not free. There are advancements going on in solar energy for instance. Soon solar energy will be cheaper(and in some areas of the market already are) cheaper than coal. But also from e=mc^2, mass energy equivalency, there is tons of energy around us. We will likely see the first fusion reactor within 20 years. I should note, that there are also other exotic energy production methods. I believe Tesla may have been working on this and his work was covered up by the government so that it doesn’t crush the modern energy industry.

4. Cars: I am amazed by the car-marker Tesla. I think virtually all cars will be electric within 30 years. Electrical cars are much more efficient at use of energy to provide work power.

5. Enzymes and Microbiology: I think we’ll see rapid improvements in this area. In particular, computers will soon approach the power where we can calculate the intramolecular interactions of atoms. Enzymes only speed up a reaction. However, they do not change the equilibrium. We will also be able to synthesize proteins and genetically produce bacteria that can meet our needs. We can use the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to produce food, fuel, make carbon composites. We will also be able to clean up waste.  Whats at issue is being able to reduce and oxidize carbon compounds. All thanks to enzymes and microbiology.

6.  Medicine: I think we will find the cure to cancer, HIV and all diseases this century. One thing I am also interested in is that we will have the technology to live forever soon. In that our aging can be frozen at the age of 25(when we are at the peak) forever. This will likely happen within 10-15 years.

7. Materials: I think we’re on the edge of radical breakthroughs in plastics and metals. We’ll likely see much stronger and lighters ones. This will make planes and cars much more efficient. Carbyne is a good example.