Monthly Archives: January 2015

My plans for the future

I guess I’ll talk a little bit about my plans for the future. Calculating compounding interest shows the potential from my trading is big. Whats most important is the fact that all my methods have a large executable size. Under current market liquidity I can make $30B a year easily if I have enough capital. That should increase to $60B a year by 2020(it is projected FX liquidity will double by then). But this is just from my two “core” trading methods. I can make much more than this(but at a lower rate of return) on other methods.

I intend on being a trader forever. I want my wife and progeny to be traders. I want to be more than just the richest on the planet. I want my bloodline to be the richest bloodline on the planet. Someday I want my bloodline to corner ALL the markets. To do that we’d need at least $50 trillion. It would take generations to get to the level of cornering all the markets. I want my bloodline to also control all the central banks. This is crucial in cornering all the markets. Currently all the markets are cornered(and all the central banks controlled) by the Rothschilds. They have over $100T and have been compounding their money tax free for 3 centuries.

Below is my projected net worth over the next 20 years. It takes into account me being able to manage other money. It also takes into account return decay for larger amounts.  I am sure about the first 15 years of it. I make the assumption that amounts beyond my core systems I can get returns of 50%. In actuality the returns beyond my core methods may be as low as 30% a year. But I do expect that over the long run returns will only go down as executable size is more important.

Life Plan 2

You guys might be asking. Why would I need this much money? For one, it would be fun being able to control all the markets. But also money is power. I want to be the most powerful human being ever. Someday I want my family to rule this planet. It will be the highlight of humanity. There will be no human suffering and peace. I also want to radically change the laws around the world. I want to remove all speed limits, remove all gun laws, remove all drug laws, remove all income taxes(taxes should be on consumption only), remove all laws against freedom of speech(such as Holocaust denial laws) and possibly some other things. I want to reduce the size of the public sector to an absolute bare minimum. Overall I want my libertarian ideology to be the core of the global political system. The free market and personal freedoms is important. I’m just so pissed with how this world is running.


Thoughts on SNB and CHF

Recently this last week the SNB removed the CHF peg. Personally, I believe the SNB was acting in favor of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds control all the central banks. They probably ordered the SNB to do the EUR/CHF peg to 1.20 in order to accumulate as much as CHF as possible at a lower rate. This is why retail positioning was significantly net long on EUR/CHF(98% net long at FXCM), because professional money was building a huge short position on EUR/CHF. When they were done accumulating CHF over the past 3 years, they ordered the SNB to take away the peg.  Professional money probably accumulated trillions of CHF during the peg. Anywho, I managed the CHF movements very well on Thursday. My model was short EUR/CHF, GBP/CHF and USD/CHF.